Monday, December 30, 2013

Status Quo Sunday, Born On A Monday


But since there was no podcast this week, Status Quo Sunday can pull double duty.

So, Christmas came and went, and I got some pretty good stuff, most relevant being the Rock Band 3 keyboard, which can be used as a MIDI keyboard in a pinch. Actually, it works out pretty well so I can sequence in all new instruments! Also, new gameplay in RB3 (three years too late)!

How do I find keys? It's odd to say the least. Normally on guitar my left hand is doing all the fingering, while the right handles rhythm, with keys, it's all in the right hand, so it's been hard adjusting my brain to do all these new things.

HOWEVER, I've found 5 Lane Keys A LOT easier than guitar, because I can assign a digit to a fret.

Pro keys is a lot harder, since I'm covering more ground with the same hand, and I don't get any aural feedback. Rock Band 3 provides a mode where you can "learn" the songs, so it's all good. Really, it seems to be the Rocksmith for the Keyboard.

Also got a Harmonica, which is a fun little thing to play around with, and I might be adding into another track from Status Quo Radio.

SPEAKING OF WHICH, wrote a new song for the album as well, and it's really starting to come together. You should see that sometime next week, since I'll be on Sands Of Anime business this weekend.

Right now, I'm writing this in between commercial breaks from RAW, which just featured a match between the Great Khali and Damien Sandow where I wish the announcement table would talk about twerk or how to download the WWE App.

Now, with setlist in hand for Sands of Anime, LET'S KICK THIS WEEK'S ASS!!!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Anime Cow Is Late For School, THE MASTER POST

Doing something a little different this week. ShadyVox was kind enough to grace us with his presence, and it was a lot of fun having him on, especially as a guest reader for "Anime Cow Is Late For School"

So, in honor of THE FINAL CHAPTER, here's the download links to all the episodes, AND a master post, collected, COMPLETELY UNALTERED!!!

PART 1: Episode 53 "Where The Guns At?"

PART 2: Episode 54 "I'm Already Pumping, So Pimp Me"

PART 3: Episode 58 "Bootleg Charlie Sheen"

PART 4: Episode 64: "No More Garbage"

PART 5: Episode 67 "I Hope Jared Leto Senpai Notices Me"


Monday, December 23, 2013


1225 REPOST E'RY DAY Time has been on the exact opposite of my side all week, but I am getting some writing, however little progress I am making. Right now it's the "prepare for Christmas" Season, and afterwards, it'll be "Prepare for Sands Of Anime" Season, where I'm debuting my new and improved look. It'll be awesome. Or "Moe" as the Anime Kids say these days. These days, I split my time between two computers: The one I'm typing on now, and the one I do all my recording on. On the one hand it's terribly inconvenient, but on the other. After that it's "Prepare for Two Standard Events" Season. Then "Get Status Quo Radio Recorded" Season. :) HEY RHYTHM BASTARD, WHAT GETS YOU IN THE CHRISTMAS SPIRIT? This playlist!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Echo Chamber Episode 66 Post Game


OK, now time for the good stuff:


Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede was one day in school on a rampage when Anime Cow came in, late for school and said "I came here to kick ass and eat toast....And I finished my toast!" and bread crumbs fell from his mouth like cherry blossoms during the festival in which on enjoys the cherry blossoms because I am like, half Japanese and I know that shit kawaii desu.

"I may be late for school. but you are late... to you're own funeral!" said Anime Cow, wield the katana he had the whole time. "You'll be dead like Kennedy!"

"Could it be...? The mystical power...?" said Arcanon. Then a light donk noise happened.

"Aw yeah, it's the Mystical Power! Time to kick some ass!" said Jeff. Then another light donk noise happened.

"Oh... I knew you could do it Cow! Believe in yourself, and defeat Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede once for all and send him back to hell- I mean the Home For Infinite Losers!" Doink.

"I guess this baka gaijin puta is good for something..." said Mystakin, being all Tsundere. Doink.

"I'M BATMAN" said Batman in a reverent tone.

"Consider this your final exam" said Alphonse Elric, who was Anime Cow's teacher and upset that e was late for school but glad that he made it anyway to defeat Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede. Doink noise.

"420 BLAZE IT BLAZE IT SMOKE WEEK ERY DAY MOFOS" said Piccillo, before doing some marijuana needles. He ate 4 pots. "DOINK NOISE BITCHES!"

Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede used his dark magician magic on Anime Cow but Anime Cow only flew threw like 3 walls.

Anime Cow held his hands up and went "CURSE...YE...HA...ME....HA!!!!!"

Nothing happened.

"That's how stupid you're going to look after I kick your ass!" and then Anime Cow unleased the Mystical Power and Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede died.

"FOOLS!" yelled Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede. "THIS ISN'T EVEN MY FINAL FORM!"

Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede rose from the ground and was even buffer and more wizard like then before, and threw Anime Cow onto the planet Namek.

"Everyone! I need your strength!" Then everyone raised their hands up into the sky and a large blue sphere appeared in the sky!

"NO! IT COULDN'T BE!!!" said Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede in a very scared voice. He was feeling scared because of the large blue sphere.

"I don't know what that is." said Anime Cow. He had never seen the large blue sphere before. It didn't matter or anything because he just stabbed Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede with his Super Katana infused with Jeff's Beard's Wolf Spirit which he did off screen, but you should know about anyway.

Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede fell to Earth with a loud thud and unleashed his final form. I'm not going to describe what it looks like. Fuck you.

Then Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede shot Alphonse Elric with a gun. A regular ass gun. "IF I'M DYING, I'M TAKING YOU ALL WITH ME"

"Bullets! My one weakness! How did you know?" said Alphonse Elric.

Then Anime Cow won the battle and everyone in school cheered, except they were sad about Alphonse Elric dying. But he really didn't die, he just because Goku's werewolf baby, which Mystakin had immediately imprinted himself and named Anime Cow Jr. and it grew up by the strongest warrior ever.

Anime Cow was revered as a hero, and was given the Honorary Perfect Attendance Award at the end of the year, even though he was late for school.

"This is so fucking stupid" said Super Nintendo Owen, as Nic Cage humped a cow beside him.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Gets Some Press Going

First and foremost, the biggest change is the Press Page, where I put up all the articles and interviews, where I hope it gets to be a lot bigger next year.

I was in Indianapolis for the 9-5 this week, and that put a damper on a lot, but I'm back here now, and can get back to work!

So, a list of some of the podcasts that I've listened to on the flight there and back:
CM Punk on WTFPod 
As noted on my Heel Turn appearances, I like to watch Wrestling (and I have TLC open in another window). Listening to CM Punk, who is known for turning things on his head and cutting this promo:

So it was interesting hearing his story behind all of that, and a little insight into the business. Defintely one of those WTFPods that really motivates me.

P.S. Randy Orton is the Undisputed Super Mega WWE Ultra Champion of The World Heavy Weight Champion X

Super Best Friends Cast: Episode 18 
These guys are always a blast, and it's a 2.5 hour cast with Giant Bomb.

The F-Plus
This site I found out via Something Awful. As the title implies "Awful Things Read With Enthusiasm", it highlights the worst from the internet. Mixing could use some work, but other than that, a lot of funny stuff on there. 

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 65

Sorry this took so long to put up. I was on a business trip and that put a damper on things. 


Lots of talk about card games in this one. Allow me to recap:
ME: I went to a Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Qualifier this past weekend, and everyone looked like Bray Wyatt. (pictured below)
ANIME COW: I play Magic and work for a card shop that has dubious labor practices.
ARCANON: I play Yu-Gi-Oh.
ARCANON: I unconcur.
ME: Who want's to talk about game theory you guys?

(Several days later)

-Hahaha Bray Wyatt's real name is Windham Rotunda. It's funny 'cause he's fat.

-I could write an essay on aforementioned difference between all of them, but the main thing I will say is that the major difference between the three is what happens when a creature attacks:
Magic: A creature becomes "tapped" and cannot block your attack (unless it has an attribute known as Vigilance). Knowing this, you can either block or take the damage.
Yu-Gi-Oh: You cannot attack the player directly. You have to get rid of all the creatures he controls first.
Pokemon: You need to have one creature available to send into battle. If not, you lose. Also, a creature can be worn down over time. If you defeat 6 of your opponents creatures (which can be healed or switched out), you win.
Vanguard: Kill yourself, because you're playing Vanguard.

-Finally, because FUCK YOU:

-Contrast that with the Japanese opening, which while still obnoxiously mall punky, you can at least skank to it:

-Fun fact, the Yu-Gi-Oh card game, was not initially the main focus of the series. The author had an idea for a fighting manga without the fighting and "game" was the first thing he came up with. It changed every issue or so where he'd compete against someone via a different game. Interesting take, now it's a children's card game that EVERYONE TAKES SUPER FUCKING SERIOUSLY

-So, I was reading the Bitcoin Thread on Someting Awful, and it reminded me of this one time a girl tried to pay me in YuGiOh cards. Granted, she only got some buttons that I found, and I gave said cards right to little brother, but I thought… Is this how the YuGiOh Anime started?

Lemme back up a little bit: Bitcoins, while an interesting experiment, still have a lot going against them, and I always joke how if there was no more electricity, or internet, YuGiOh/MtG cards would make a way better currency because you can at least still play the game.

WHAT IF that little by little, the cards to the game slowly started replacing real money, and that’s why everyone takes a children’s card game SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY. It even explains why they’re so surprised when they see common cards: they’ve never had to use them as money.

So, then that means that all the game store owners became the new 1%ers, since they’re sitting on such a vast reserve.

Pegasus wasn’t a genius, he just worked the counter at Toys R’ Us

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Seiges The Tower

NEW SONG: "Tower Seige"

Sorry it took so long, computer and hardware problems prolonged the process, but hey! I'm here with new tunes. Mix is a little rough, but when I send it out for the mailing list peeps, it'll be refurbished, and I'll update the Soundcloud accordingly.

Updates are going to be sparse this week, as I'm going to Indianapolis for business, but I'll try to have at least the podcast update ready before then.

Also, a new addition to the site will be "Press", where I'll be posting up all the news pieces and interviews I've done.

Short week for me this week, but I'll still be bullshitting on my emailFacebook, Twitter, and Tumblr while I freeze in Indiana!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 64


-Head's up: Episode 5 of the epic "Anime Cow is Late For School" will come out in time for not next week's, but the week after, since I'm heading to a conference for work.

-Sorry to hear about Jeff, though.
Rock Band Network!
His Website!
Cover of a Chiptune Song!

-Here's the Aziz Ansari bit on Conan!
I am that paranoid w/r/t messaging. Like I texted a friend for weekend plans, and he's like "I'm busy, how about Saturday or Sunday?" and I replied "Yeah, sure". Is that a dissappointed "yeah..." or a casual "Yeah, sure!" or a sarcastic "Yeah, SURE (I'd rather stick my dick in an anthill)" This was the same friend that was the reason I went to a Magic Tournament last weekend.

-Here's a link to my interview with Chimichanga Talk! Again!

Stella Women's Academy
Kill La Kill

-I don't know who I'm giving the Best Actor Award to really, but I'll probably give it to Owen for not being involved with this horrid affair, that will continue IN ITS OWN POST, DECEMBER 18TH, 2013.


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Becomes the New Post Thanksgiving Holiday

How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Eat Turkey? See family? Drove 3 hours only to go 3-5 at a Sealed PTQ, and have the I-95 backed up like a motherfucker at 11:30 PM on your way home?

OK, first, despite all the technical problems, a new song, titled "The Siege" will be released this Thursday. I finished crafting the lyrics yesterday, and finished the vocals just now, and I'm trying to find my way around REAPER so I can cut a good stem. After this song, the next two are related to Christmas things I'm working on.
Second, along with a download of "The Siege", I'm giving away a poster and CD to a random subscriber on the mailing list, so get it in now. I'm going to be sending it out/doing the drawing Monday night! 

Thirdly, Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track is PAY WHAT YOU WANT (just as its always been)!
Cyber Monday came a day early!

I ordered a new Audio Interface, so everything is back on track, FINGERS CROSSED!!!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Status Quo Survivor Sequence Of Events

Survivor Series is on in the other window, and REAPER is rendering out a test mix of a song known as "Tower Seige". HMMM....

-In other news, the rough frame work for the album has been established, and the story is all in line, as one of the things I'm thinking of doing was an accompanying limited series comic/graphic novel, expounding upon some of the story bits in the album. Once this song is finished, and I re-record the next one, (and replace my Audio Interface), I'll have a version ready to send to artists, mastering peeps, friends and pretty much anybody I need to help out with the back end stuff.

At work this week, I'll begin outlining all of that and take inventory for when I need to make a Kickstarter. 

Punk/Bryan face the Wyatts after John Cena won ANOTHER match against Alberto Del Rio.

Also Bray Wyatt is the only portly man with a beard man who doesn't look like a shithead in a fedora.

-In the works are two Christmas-related songs, one for the TF2 Secret Santa, and one for the Something Awful Christmas Album, so a lot of my songwriting time is going to be taken up by those.

-My first giveaway is coming soon, so be sure to make sure you're on the mailing list for that. It's also testing ground for sending out merch in the future, so if this goes well, then you might see posters and stuff on the Bandcamp page. 

But the giveaway does include Magic The Gathering Cards.

-The stream is active again, and I'll be streaming on opposite Tuesdays of Bonesaw Gaming. Since they're biweekly, I'll stream when they're not on, so you can watch an Echo Chamber member stream Tuesday Nights. This week I'll be streaming some Legendary, a game for the Xbox 360 that I have no clue about.Starts at 8 PM

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 63


This week, I was interviewed by the podcast Chimichanga Talk! Couple of cool guys and they were hella fun to talk to!



-Bands with songs named after themselves:

-If you want a bunch of Nancy Drew games LPs so you can save 80 Bucks.


Nice going, asshole. Not only did you waste $400, but the time of all the indentured university students that had to work at FoxConn for free or else they would never graduate.


This is normally the part where I try to find the clip, but you should really watch UHF. Seriously. Lotsa good stuff in there.

-Mega64 and GameTrailers combine to teach you the secret of MissingNo.




Sunday, November 17, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Is Up To 500 Posts

First the absolutely crushing news: My audio interface has been giving me some problems, so I have to send it back to Focusrite to get it fixed OR get a new one. This past paycheck was the one I use to pay all of my bills, so it'll be two weeks before I can afford another one.

Then the OK news: This doesn't affect anything I recorded, but I can't use Studio One. I can, however, import all the tracks I have recorded into Reaper so I can get a new song up in the meantime.

Finally, the best news: Since I don't have it ready today, the new song will be given to the mailing list people first, AND a free CD and poster will be given away to one lucky subscriber! Song goes out this Saturday at midnight, so be sure to sign up to get in on it.

Since this is a big posts, and people are idiots, here's a couple of my biggest milestones in what I feel to be the history of the site:

1. Releasing "Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track"
It was something I did for some of my best friends, for something I was proud to be a part of, and something I followed through with until the end. It was hard, but I learned a lot of lessons for "Status Quo Radio"

2. My first convention gig at I-Con, which led to my first bit of music being played in a podcast
Even though they do regular podcasts sparingly, I still loves me some Rag-Nerd-Rok.
Also, they're trying to reboot it, so donate via IndieGoGo!

3. Getting my music featured in a game

4. My first ever interview! (2:00)

5. The one time Complex Magazine pimped out my song, "Lord I Miss Deadly Premonition"

6. The one time the TF2 Subreddit loved the shit out of my song "Boston Boom Bringer"

7. The one time the Two Best Friends Play subreddit loved the shit out of my song "Fahrenhype" 

8. Being a part of the awesomest podcast evar!!!


Still many more to list, so if I forgot any, let me know in the comments section that's totally here.

Now, let's take a look back and what everyone who stumbled through on Google decided were my best posts:
10.  Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 52
I don't know what it is about this episode, but- Oh... the first episode of "Anime Cow Is Late For School"

9. Discussion Topic: Gradual vs. Tier
A brief write up I did of budgeting Rock Band Network royalties... Interesting...

The most recent State Of The Bastard Address. It's like Status Quo Sunday, only more WHOA! Because I have a whole year, you see...

7.  Status Quo Sunday Gets Back From OMFG at AFO and listens to AFI
What folloooows... Is a compilation of AFI's early releases and my impressions of the biggest convention I've been to so far (aside from PAX East)

6. My Greatest Moments In Rock Band
A few little vignettes about some good times I had playing on plastic instruments.

A.K.A. Random videos that had stuff I did in them intersperse with other stuff so I don't look like a braggart.

4. The Great Plastic Guitar Gig In The Sky
A post-mortem on the Guitar Hero series. I have one for my Tony Hawk feelz, but it didn't make the Top 10. SORRY.

3. Todd In The Shadows: Best Pop Songs of 2010
Something that I linked to that features someone who is constantly googled.

2. REPOST: Cee Lo Green Coming To Rock Band
Me trollin' people. Not doing to good at it. At least I got some hits?   

1. Guitar Hero Arcade Setlist
AKA My Speculations, Followed by Actual News. CERTAINLY NOT UNDERWHELMING AT ALL


So, what does the future hold?
-Album Number 2, "Status Quo Radio". I'm looking at my options for mastering it, and trying to get a budget together so I can put out a Kickstarter.

-More conventions and shows! Florida's equivalent of Williamsburg is only a 10 minute drive away, so if I can score some shows there, I will.

-I'm going to be streaming again! This Wednesday, 8 PM, either The Walking Dead: 400 Days or Fables: The Wolf Among Us.

See you all next week, hopefully with some better news.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Gets Mega-Hyped

Thanks to the Two Best Friends Zaibatsu, Fahrenhype has gotten over 300 plays on Soundcloud the first 24 hours of its release! Thanks to everyone who gave it a listen! MEGA HYPE!

All right, enough dilly dally, what do I have in store for this week?
-Work on Status Quo Radio has stalled a bit, but that's because this week was mostly promoting "Fahrenhype". But this week will be dedicated to finishing the next track and writing more songs. Once "Class 5" is done, I'll start work on getting the Project File in Studio One together. Hopefully the old girl can take it :)

-KICKSTARTER ALERT! OilCan Drive is a combination album/comic book, and once I get paid this week, I'll be sure to drop some money on it. The band itself lists its influences as Green Day and Iggy Pop, so it's almost an inevitably that I'll drop some cash on it. Best way to describe it? Garage Rock without the Garage. Cause they're a post apocalyptic rock band you see.

-Got "The Wolf Among Us: Ep 1" and "Arcadecraft" today, so at least I'll have something to do when everything's rendering.

-Speaking of video games, I finally  got a shelf for underneath my TV, and stored my N64 box in my desk, so all of that is neat and packed away, so I can waste time more efficiently.

-Also, if you're an artist looking to make a little something on commissions, I'm looking for someone to do some banner art for my YouTube and Facebook page. Send me an e-mail at if you're interested.

-Next week will be my 500th post. Hmm...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Recaps ALL The Podcasts!

 First and foremost, as promised, here's a new song "Fahrenhype"

Beat used: "Let It Crawl" by Society's Bag

Since Two Best Friends Play and Supergreatfriend both finished up their LPs of “Indigo Prophecy” at around the same time, I made this.

I got Indigo Prophecy the first week or so it came out. Like most people, I was pumped for the first few hours of game play, and it was really great because it was setting up this cool mystery, and then it absolutely went to shit. I'm kind of curious what the buildup would have been had they had proper time to finish up that project.

The initial premise, that you take on the role and the police, made for an interesting mechanic, but it's completely abandoned two scenes in to make room for the 100 other types of subplots they wanted to get in.

The characters are very broadly drawn, with their roles boiled down to things such as "The Hero", "The Love Interest", "The Black Guy", etc. and while appreciate the little details that are put into their lives (Lucas plays guitar and practices martial arts, Tyler has a girlfriend and plays video games, Carla's best friend), the characters themselves aren't very interesting. I don't have fond memories of anyone from that game like I did with Deadly Premonition and The Walking Dead.

Granted, I finished it, but only because there were so many dangling hooks, I had to be dragged along for the ride, and I was already halfway through before it became "Play Simon to advance".

At the end of the day, while I may find his games problematic, I appreciate what his doing, and am more than glad that a person like him can make the games that he does. Again, The Walking Dead came along and kicked the crap out of everything he did, but as far as making people think a little differently about games with a AAA budget, then it's OK... for now.


My segment starts right around the 2 hour mark. We talk about screwy video games, rock n' roll radio cliches, TWO FOR TUESDAY, and movies. I'd love to be back on there again sometime!


The RAW Episode after a Pay Per View is always an odd one. Hell in a Cell didn't resolve a lot, and Daniel Bryan got screwed out of the title again. It's getting old at this point, and none of the non-comedy plotlines interest me now that John Cena's back.


And I failed... again...


The good news is that I got a three song deep queue of stuff on the backburner, so I'm never not running out of material.

The bad news is that eventually I'm going to be moving some of the Dino Hunter MD songs off of Soundcloud, since they're on Bandcamp, and I'm running out of space on SoundCloud.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Has A Festival For All O Y'all


Hopefully there's one other spot I can get it to play first, but WE'LL SEE.
This past weekend I was at a little place called GeekFest, hosted by the fellows at Gonzo Radio. I wasn't performing, so I was pretty much just handing out business cards. Still a lot of fun things to do, like Magic The Gathering and Dance Central, and there were some wicked sweet costumes in the cosplay competition.

Speaking of Cosplay HOLY CRAP SO MANY DEADPOOLS. But they were giving out free chimichangas, courtesy of Grifter Cosplay Creations. Most cons gouge you for food, some are reasonable about it, but very few give it away for free. WOO! FREE LUNCH! It's like if Slave Leias or Harley Quinns were giving out (insert thematically appropriate food item here). Or Team Fortress 2 characters gave you free hats.

I got my first radio interview there! The Pow Wow Show talked to me for a little while, and it was hell of fun! My segment starts right around the 2 hour mark. Also managed to score an NES Advantage, Metroid, Metal Gear, and Tetris.

Later that day I went to Moonfest on Clematis St. Just being at a street fair took me back to NYC, and combine that with the actually kinda cool weather, and I was back :) But for however many Deadpools I saw at Geekfest, I saw at least twice as many Waldos.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Echo Chamber Episode 60 Post Game and Other Podcast


Since I'm not doing Echo Chamber this week, and I didn't have Pokemon X OR Y, lemme kill another bird with the other stone, also known as "Heel Turn: Fantasy Booking"!

OK, so this Sunday is Hell In A Cell in Miami, FL (that kinda rhymes), right? So here's what I think is going to happen:

Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton:
Hawlucha swoops in, just as Daniel Bryan is getting pinned, enabling Bryan to kick out. Hawlucha and Bryan team up to kick the shit out Randy Orton, and just as Triple H is about to come in and call interference, Shawn Michael's is all like, "Nah, it's cool," and give him the belt anyway. However, Bryan, realizing the bond he has with the Pokemon, leaves the WWE to become a Pokemon Trainer.

Alberto Del Rio vs. John Cena
It turns into a tag team match, after Ricardo Rodriguez finds a stray Hawlucha and get some revenge on his former partner in crime Alberto Del Rio. Hawlucha claws John Cena's face off and has to make a heel turn. Because he has no face, you see.

CM Punk vs. Ryback and Paul Heyman
Turns out Ryback really was a Pokemon the whole time. CM Punk then whips out his Hawlucha, and he and Heyman have a Pokemon Battle right there on the stage. It was awesome, you should have seen it. CM Punk wins and gets the Walrusbadge which lets his Pokemon use FLY outside of battle.

AJ Lee vs. Brie Bella
A solid wrestling match between two women whose athleticism impresses the crowd, and have an interesting plot buildup to this championship match. Through a long and arduous match, Jigglypuff sings and draws on everyone's face. Fuck yeah, Jugglypuff.

Rhodes Brothers vs The Sheild vs. The Usos
The Usos sound the most like a Pokemon, and The Sheild is a TV Show, but The Shield wins to keep the plotlines going. Stephanie McManon does something bossy, and I sit here cross-legged and said "You go, girl!" Also Stephanie McMahon is half lizard and half robot, and Triple H was the reanimated corpse of Hunter S. Thompson. They make out on stage and it's really gross.

Curtis Axel vs. Big E. Langston
Big E. Langston spreads so much chalk everywhere that everyone in the audience has a violent coughing fit.

Hawlucha used FLY! It was super effective (at cleaning up the chalk)! Hawlucha gets the title out of gratitude.

-Also, Film Crit Hulk crits the two Hulk films. Film Crit Hulk is so awesome.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Rides in On An R-5000


NEW SONG: "Protocols Ordering New Youth (P.O.N.Y.)"

Yet another song where I came up with the lyrical hook first before the rest of the song. It's pretty techno-y, very rock-y, and I'm going to be working on a live version for sure.

Also spent most of the weekend at Past Present Future Comics for their 30th Anniversary, either playing Magic or talking to awesome people. I liked the "Talking To Awesome People" part more :(. You can listen to the "Drive Back Home" podcast for more on that :(

I talked to Ciny Morgan, who some of you might remember from Caddyshack and Tron. She was a super nice lady, even though I never saw Tron.

 Though meeting up with some people in the independent comic scene such as Paperlab Studios, Resistance Entertainment and Kechal Comics is giving me ideas for other stuff I can do with the story in the album...

I just want to get the next song done first, and maybe make another con booking :)

Right now, I'm working on a very special rap song...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Prepares FOR SUPER GEEKERY

NEW SONG CONFIRMED: "Protocols Ordering the New Youth (P.O.N.Y.)"

If want to hear it this, let's say... Thursday... AND in tasty mp3 form, before I post it up for next week's Status Quo Sunday, sign up for the mailing list!

For a little taste, watch HotDiggedyDemon's PONY.MOV series:

Florida stopped being lame for one weekend and decided to have it self a SUPER GEEK WEEKEND

My weekend is going to be spent at the Past Present Future Comics in Lauderdale and West Palm Beach, between Friday Night Magic, the 30th Anniversary Party and Theros Game Day. So yeah, I'm going to need a sleeping bag, a new Magic Deck and more business cards. So while this week's Podcast Recap will be very light, considering Echo Chamber was a two-man cast this week and no Drive Back Home (I saw Anthony Jeselnik instead of going to FNM), you'll get two episodes of Drive Back Home.

Still, no matter how busy my schedule is, I remain ever the Taskmaster to bring you all sweet jams and the latest news. 

As for the album, more lyric penning, waiting to hear on feedback.

In other news, an alternative look at Man Of Steel for prosterity (a.k.a. cleaning up my archives)
On that note, I think Bizarro, while maybe not a good villain to carry a movie, could be a tragic and beautiful piece of plot for a Supes movie. Someone (maybe Luthor, yawn) attempts to clone a Superman they can control, or maybe reverse engineer Superman-like abilities with a few drops of his blood. They want to use it to discredit the original Supes and turn public opinion against him. Bizarro ends up breaking loose and rampaging.

Don't make him evil, make him really dishearteningly broken in the head. He just keeps trying to "help" and "do the right thing," but he gets it all wrong because he's mentally deficient. Think Lenny trying to pet the rabbits. The plot arc culminates in Superman realizing that no amount of interposing will ever stop Bizarro from trying to do the right thing, just as no amount of interference would ever stop Superman from trying to do the right thing. We see Superman crying as he has to beat the life out of Bizarro, who doesn't understand what he's done. Superman doesn't want to do it, but it's a burden he has to bear in order to make the world safer. Supes has a period of reflection on whether he's any different, or if he's getting in the way of humanity moving itself forward by coddling it so much. He decides that he has to follow Bizarro's example and keep trying to do right, no matter what, and goes to take on the big bad guy that was responsible for/controlling Bizarro with a new sense of anger and purpose.

Or something. Whatever. You get the idea.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Echo Chamber Episode 58 Recap


-According to the Bulbapedia, in the cartoon, the Pokedex Entry is "A flame burns on the tip of its tail from birth. It is said that a Charmander dies if its flame ever goes out." Basically, the rest of the entries are "if Charmander is healthy, it's flame will burn brightly", nothing about it's dying except for the one entry from Fire Red:
" From the time it is born, a flame burns at the tip of its tail. Its life would end if the flame were to go out."

-Also, according to Bulbapedia, Jeff was right, Lt. Surge does mention fighting in a war along his Pokemon. As speculated, he's from Unova (from Black and White), a region that's been torn apart by war. It also mentioned that he used Pokemon in the war. So this means one of two things:
--1. Pokemon are used in warfare
--2. Lt. Surge is a cheating dick, and used his Pokemon when everyone CLEARLY AGREED to use regular ass guns, which leads to two other speculations:
---A. Lt. Surge is still a cheating dick
---B. Pokemon, as a collective, are like that boy from the Twilight Zone episode with the psychic boy that would zap people to a cornfield.
-Ash's Coma Dream Theory of Pokemon. See also, The Rugrats Theory

-Ingrid Newkirk's Will, Section 2. Apparently, she is FUCKING METAL.

 -The phrase "Money Dollars" comes from this Penny Arcade comic.

-And now, THE WEATHER:

-And now, WAKE UP:

In other podcast news:

Also, the penultimate chapter of Anime Cow Is Late For School:
Anime Cow Is Late For School Part 4: What Has Tobe Done
As the school was being destroyed by Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede, and Batman, and Goku and Picillo and Alphonse Elric were fighting him, Anime Cow was still late for school. but at least he finished his toast.

Goku unleashed a Kamehamaea attack and Picillo was doing his special beam cannon, Alphonse Elric said "It's no use! He's too strong!"

"We need Anime Cow and his Mystical Power to help us!" said Goku.

"I'M BATMAN!" said Batman, throwing a batarang.

"You two! Come help us!" said Piccillo pointing at Arcanon and Jeff.

"Yeah, I mean John O' Hurley was good, but- Oh" said Arcanon. "C'mon, Jeff, if we use our Monster: The Dueling cards, we can stop him"

Then Principal Rhythm Bastard and his silky smooth voice came over the loudspeaker: "Just a reminder, even though Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede is attacking the school, Monsters: The Dueling cards are banned from school grounds as they promote gambling"

"Oh..." sighed Arcanon.

"Those damn Kindergarters ruin everything!" yelled Jeff. "I lost 20 bucks to those little bastards!"

Suddenly Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede grabbed Arcanon and Jeff and slammed them against the wall using magical restraining energy which he could totally do the whole time. At the last second, Arcanon took off his glasses, and threw them at the Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede. Unfortunately, Batman threw a batarang and knocked them out of the way.

"I'M BATMAN!!!" whispered Batman.

"I can't move!" said Arcanon who was stuck under the magical restaingt magic that Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede had the whole time. "Quick, use my glasses!"

Jeff then channeled the ancient 3000 year old wolf spirit that lived inside him, and his beard reached on to the ground where Arcanon's glasses laid on the floor. His beard picked them up and put them over Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede's eyes. Suddenly, Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede saw a hellish landscape that was so horrible, I could not be bothered to describe it. He recoiled in horror and dropped the two students on the ground.

Arcanon, because he was the smart one, picked up Jeff's bottle of Dewar's, put his tie in it, lit it on fire, and threw it at Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede. He was on fire and was reeling backwards and crashed through a chalkboard.

Just then, Mystakin, who was late to school, but not as late as Anime Cow, went right up to Dark Sephirothe Goku The Stampede's face said The Ultimate Tsundere Insult:

"Hey... You're a Baka Gaijin!"

"OH NO! NOW I AM EMOTIONALLY HURT AS WELL!" said Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede. Mystakin, Arcanon and Jeff high fived each other, but they heard a laugh. "FOOLS! YOU HAVE YET TO SEE MY FINAL FORM!!!"

Suddenly, Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede was 20 feet tall and was glowing green and yellow and blue and was a super buff wizard.

Suddenly, Super Indendent Owen's went on the loud speaker "Attention Students, I will taking over as princibal, as Rhythm Bastard not only lets his students be late to school, but also killed all the kindegarteners and has allowed Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede to reach his final form. ANIME COW WHY ARE YOU LATE FOR SCHOOL?!?"

 "Hey DORK Sephiroth Goku The Stampede" said Anime Cow, kicking down the classroom door. "I came here to kick ass and eat toast....

...And I finished my toast!"


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Battleground

OK, one half of The Real Americans is Antonio Cesaro, who's fluent in 5 languages. Zeb Colter, I find your behavior suspect.

-Not a whole lot to talk about since last week, trying to book a few last minute cons. I'm trying to squeeze one more in, to make it a nice round 5.

-NEW SONG!!! Finishing up a song, whose tentative title is now "Class 5 Hurricane" for Status Quo Radio. Heavy shit with a mosh-y breakdown. I might have to call in for backup on the drums, though.

-NEW SONG!!! Considering both Two Best Friends Play and SuperGreatFriend both finished up their Let's Plays of it recently, a rap song based off another game by an auteur game designer, Indigo Prophecy, a.k.a. Fahrenheit. I remember the game being good for the first half, but after a certain point, it clearly shits the bed, and you can tell where the designers went OH FUCK DEADLINE, and then it turns into a rushed mess where multiple factions and mythologies are fighting each other.

-Watching CM Punk beat Ryback, all while playing "Cult Of Personality" in RockSmith.

Speaking of which, I am BEYOND hype for Rocksmith 2014. Knights Of Cydonia, Bob Dylan, THE KINKS?

-NEW SONG!!! Similar to "From A Mile Away" and Pure Pwnage, another song based off another internet meme.

I'm trying to write/arrange stuff that would go better live, where it feels more natural playing it. This new batch of songs so far FEELS right, and they're going to be fun to work on, I just know it. Hopefully I'll have a convention to play them at, but in the meantime, I'll post them up to the mailing list peoples first. 

-Holy shit, Daniel Bryan got AIR. You now know how long it takes for me to write these things.

Anyway, I'm off to start to write this week's recap ahead of time, as my "Drive Back Home" is all set up and a certain feature from previous weeks will be returning :)


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Goes -.---.----.. And Then Shuts Down

Damn it America, I leave you for two days, and I find out the Republicans got all butthurt and shut down the government. ON TOP OF THAT, the hotel I was in didn't have RAW.
I was at a conference for work the past couple of days, so I couldn't do my usual Status Quo Sunday. It was a thing for work, and was boring as all get out. Since I arrived in YYZ airport, I give you this video:

Good news I used my idle boredom and starting working on new song concepts. With people literally throwing pens and pads at you, it was kind of hard not to write shit down.

I just discovered the Voice Recorder App on my phone, and I've been putting it to good use. Just the fact that I have a voice recorder I have ANYWHERE, makes up for the lack of a proper songwriting-on-the-go app.

So far I've only used it to record a podcast in the vein of Mark Rosewater's "Drive To Work" about my various adventures in Friday Night Magicing (don't worry, I'll use a separate site for it, since it is Magic related), but for little side things, it could come in handy. 

On the (long, ardouous) flights there and back, I took the time to read some of the independent books I bought stuff from at conventions. I was only able to make it through "Souled" and "Blackbird", and both have interesting premises that I look forward to seeing more of. 

Souled is sci-fi mystery about a transport ship that gets attacked and crash lands on a planet, and Blackbird is Native American mythos, mixed with Lovecraftian horror, where all I need to say is "Cthulu Hookers". This habit of mine started at New York City Comic Con, where I picked up this comic Twisted Dark, a short story anthology that I really liked. Honestly, the fact that such a scene exists, and me seeing it first hand continues to inspire me to do what I do.
For a song I'm tentatively titling "Class 5 Alpha", I had to redo it, but it only took me an hour or two to redo all the guitar work, so we're good. I should have it ready soon, and my mailing list peeps will get first listen before I post it up on SoundCloud.   

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Article On PalmCon Was A Sorta Depressing Thing

This article has been making its rounds on my Facebook lately.

Mike of Florida SuperCon does do a pretty good breakdown, and really hits the nail on the head.

To summarize, a journalist goes to PalmCon, and breaks it down, citing low attendence, and how horrible the costumes were, and etc. Basically, this is a grown woman acting like a child:
"I had sort-of high hopes for my first comic book convention -- not because I like comics (ew) but because I really love dumb hats and costumes... That said, some people there were having a lot of fun. I don't understand it -- but hey, I really wish stacks of old Duck Tales comics were enough to shake me from my jadedness and misery. "

PalmCon, along with a lot of the cons down here in Florida, aren't as big as SDCC or NYCC, true, but cons down here in Florida are experiences, treks, fun things to do for a day or over the weekend. You buy a ticket, hang out with like minded nerds, then walk off grounds to get a bite to eat at a local fast food joint or Starbucks, and come back for all the 18+ panels.

They're about FUN, something the author of the article refused to have, lest she ruin whatever cred working for a local news blog has.

I believe our friends Suburban Legends have some words of wisdom:

I'm reminded of a similar story, when a journalist from Gawker wrote up a story on dating a pro Magic: The Gathering player via OKCupid.

Reading back, it was nowhere near as cynical or hateful I remembered it being, but that caused a bit of a shitstorm in its day. The Gawker article could be interpreted as, "Hey, if you have a hobby that takes up a good chunk of time and money, let someone know, as it's important in a relationship", the PalmCon article was like "This is lame and boring, I don't care, hahaha"

What I'm saying is, don't be a hater (cuz haters are so nasty) and make any threats or call her out on her looks or anything like that.

Call her out for her terrible attitude, call out the publication for letting run, because that's the only way they'll get better.

Though, $4 almonds PalmCon? REALLY?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Makes Like E. Honda

Yesterday I stopped by PalmCon for a little bit, handed out some fliers, and got to catch up with a lot of people I've only chatted with online before.

Also, I played the Theros Pre-Release, and pulled the Hundered Handed One.
Me, Jeff, Dylan (AnimeCow) and two other guys did a podcast on our experience.

Hundered hands? Palm? GET IT YOU GUYS?

Not much in the way of new stuff in the works, but networking is always a step in the right direction.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Gets Ready To Ride The Lightning

As always, after a con, the next week is sending out e-mails and putting together videos and whatnot.


Again, big ups to Nat of S.S. Hanami for recording it all.

What did I accomplish this week?
-Getting a mailing list started up again. Just submit your e-mail at the sidebar!
Once I get a few more subscribers, I'll start giving away stuff.
-Writing some songs! It's a lot faster and a lot heavier than what I've been working on before.
Since I don't have any conventions for at least another couple weeks, I can put some time in. One is for the album, the other because fuck you I'm in artist I can do what I want.
-Watching WWE Night Of Champions. Rob Van Dam just won via DQ, but still lost the belt to Alberto Del Rio. For a guy in his 40s, RVD is surprisingly spry.
-Watching 2 Best Friends Play... Right now, I'm typing this to the sounds of them playing Eternal Darkness.
-Contacting more conventions, so I can squeeze one more in by the end of the year, otherwise, my next one is Sands of Anime in Cocoa Beach. There's a couple south of me in the next couple months.

What do I hope to get done this week?
-Land one of said conventions.
-See how all of tonight's events unfold on WWERaw tomorrow night.
-Theros PreRelease
-Finish one of said songs.
-Hit up PalmCon and Network.

That's this week's Status Quo! Now AMSCRAY. Daniel Bryan's facing Orton for the WWE Champeenship.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Goes U-Mi U-My


-To all of you I gave a card/CD to, WELCOME!!! Sorry about the mess...

I got there on Saturday a little after noon. It's about a 3 hour drive, but a straight shot down I-95. First thing I did was check in, and WOW the room was nice. I decided to stay there since it was only one night, and it was worth it, especially considering lugging my equipment is not something I've gotten down to something I can handle in one trip.

However, I did manage to pack up all my sound equipment in the box I got my USB Audio Interface in, and put that alongside all my merch in one box. I dubbed it the "Cardboard Roadie".

After I got my room all set up, I played some Magic in the Tabletop room, before settling into the Dealer's Room with S.S. Hanami before the show. I sold some CDs, and turned a couple people on to Dino Hunter MD.

S.S. Hanami BTW? Super nice guys, one of two reasons I have any live footage. The other reason? 16GB Micro SD Card.

Funny story: a girl tried to buy some stuff from me with Yu-Gi-Oh cards. She only wanted buttons, so I sold 2 for 2. It's no Voice Of Resurgence for all the merch I have, BUT I GUESS IT'S OK.

Another sidenote? Playing with the giveaway 30 card Magic Decks was a fun way to pass the time at the booth.

So, on to the show itself:
First up, The Cog Is Dead. While they do have more members, they had a skeleton crew of their guitarist/lead singer and drummer. Even stripped down, they had a fun jazzy sound to them, and it's a shame the hall wasn't more crowded, because it could have gotten the people dancing. The best way to describe them would be like a Steampunk The Black Keys.

Then ME! Sound was a bit off at times, since I couldn't hear the laptop, but I was suggested an in-ear monitor, and will be looking into that.

Then came S.S. Hanami. I probably already talked about their music in a previous recap, but they still put on a good show, and I even got to play the koto (the Japanese harp used in some of their songs) when we were at the booth on Sunday. I got live video of them which I'll have to sort through and torture my poor computer with the frightening task of "Making A Video Brighter".

 It was fun. but suffered the same fate as AFO: it was kind of out of the way. Granted, it was all in one direcection, so you would pass it by on the way to something else, but the sound couldn't reach beyond the immediate area.

Also, they commited what should be a cardinal sin of cons: NO SCHEDULES IN FRONT OF THE ROOMS. Instead, they had one chart by the registration desk.

Then I got booze, and hung out with two guys dressed as Aquabats, and I got pretty drunk. It didn't help that The Aquabros had a backpack loaded with beer... And the hotel gave me free drink tickets...

The big thing of the night was the Quinton Flynn 18+ Panel, where he joked around, did some impressions, and answered some questions. Then Todd Haberkorn and John Swayse showed up, and they all goofed around. It's good to see guys who probably do a lot of conventions have a good time together instead of looking like they're sick of it all.

Really that was it for me, Sunday I couldn't stay too long, since I had a three hour drive ahead of me. I managed to get a couple more games of Magic in, and get a good breakfast before heading back.

 Umicon, I would love to be back next year!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 54


-Thatcher x Reagan x Ayn Rand is my OT3 :) ;) ==D~

-But we all know who Thatcher's really into:

No lie, this is one catchy song, and just as applicable Stateside

-Here's the song "We've Got A Bigger Problem Now"

-Regarding the 2DS:
If it's more powerful than the regular DS and we could be getting better looking portable games, I'd be down. But the thing is, I used my old DS for a music player, and for gaming on the go. I know the rest of the Echo Crew doubted it, but a closed DSLite was among the things I'd leave the house with, along with my wallet/keys/watch combo.

On the toilet, (LET'S FACE IT , WE ALL DO IT), I use the speakers, but on the bus/train/car, I'd use headphones.

Though Jeff's "$130 Pokemon Machine" does hit the nail RIGHT on the head.

-Wow, we went from Wii U to talks about about Socialism. Why does everyone hate on Socialists? They would be a lot of fun at parties.

-To those of you even further behind, here's the SparkNotes for Animal Farm. This is a companion to our podcast as much as it is my ramblings.

As Goku and Piccilo fought Dark Sephrioth Goku the Stampede when they were going all Super Saiyan and stuff, thoughts clouded Arcanon's mind...

"This seems familiar... I remember... I remember it WITH MY BRAIN!!" he said as his swirly glasses swirled a lot and he remembered important things from last night...

AnimeCow, Arcanon and Jeff were hanging out at Arcanons house, watching game shows. It was Family Feud, and Steve Harvey was hosting. Somebody answered something really stupid and Steve Harvey wondered if it was too late to break from the contract that he signed.

"Man, are these people drunk?" asked Jeff. "I'd never drink EVER. TRUPUNX ARE STRAIGHTEDGE!!"

"You said it!" said Arcanon. "It would interfere with our studies! Which is the most important thing!"

"I thought it was developing the Mystical Power that we all conveniently have" said AnimeCow. "You know, the ones that help us defeat the Greatest Evil Known To Man?"

"No, all I have are these glasses that are swirling all the time" said Arcanon, taking off his swirly glasses. Unfortunately, he then saw a hellish landscape before him that was so horrifying I couldn't be bothered to write what it looked like. So then he put his glasses back on. "Ughh... Remind me to buy some weed from those kindgarteners tomorrow."

"Well, I have this wicked sweet beard!" said Jeff, who is 15, but has the beard because he is half 15, half 3000 year old wolf spirit.

Their attentions were turned back to the TV, where there was another episode of Family Feud on. but it was with Richard Karn, meaning it wasn't as good so they all played a round Monsters: The Dueling, the popular card game that is apparently the most important thing ever, and tried to forget that Home Improvement ever existed.

Meanwhile, Mystakin stood outside the house going "Baka Cow-chan...with his baka gameshows. NOT LIKE I WANTED TO WATCH THEM OR ANYTHING... HE WAS IN MY WAY"

Earlier that day...
"Hey, Stakin-sama! Want to watch game shows at Arcanon-senpai's house tonight?" asked Anime Cow.
"NO!" yelled Mystakin as he pushed AnimeCow into the lockers and stormed off.

Suddenly, a large buff wizard tapped Mystakin on the shoulder. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOUNG MAN?"

"Watching these gaijin watch their kawaii game shows desu! Baka Cow!"


"Only the biggest jerk that has the Mystical Power that can stop the greatest threat to mankind! Buttface"


"I... guess...?" said Mystakin, walking away. Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede laughed evilly as he hatched an evil plan.

After the game shows were over, the three friends went their separate ways. On his way out, Jeff found a bottle of Dewar's on the lawn outside. "Hey Arcanon! Is this yours?"

"No, I don't know who left it there! You can keep it!"

"Well, TRUPUNX ARE STRAIGHTEDGE, but I guess I'll take it home anyway!"

"I have to go get a good night's rest!" said AnimeCow. "I want to make sure I'm on time for school!"

However, when AnimeCow fell asleep that night, Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede snuck into his room, while he was completely unconcious and vulnerable, and adjusted his alarm clock so that AnimeCow would wake up later!

The next morning...
"Oh no! I'm late for school!" exclaimed AnimeCow as he put a piece of toast in his mouth.

And in the present, Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede was laying waste to the school, despite the best efforts of Goku, Piccillo, Alphonse Elric and Batman, who joined the battle while Arcanon was remembering stuff.



Monday, September 2, 2013

It's Still Status Quo Sunday Somewhere


Because A. I'm on the East Coast and B. I'm a little drunk right now.

However, most importantly is C. I'm working on a new song as I type.

It's one of those "This is an awesome riff! Let's make a song about it!" type deals. Right now, as it stands, it's heavy, it's groovy, but it's got no lyrics. But who knows, I've gotten ideas from video game loading screens and random YouTube videos.

The objective of this week is my set at UmiCon. The good news, there's some good guests and lots of Magic Drafts. The bad news? Only one half hour set, and I'm 3 hours away from Daytona Beach. Good news? It's a nice hotel with a beach view! Bad news? Can only afford to stay one night. But I will be staying all day Saturday and leaving relatively early on Sunday (like, midafternoon).

EDIT: One project I'm going to be working on today is "Con In A Box". I was looking for a decent sized box to hold my CDs and posters so I'm not carrying it around in a Staples bag. Then I thought, since in addition to that, I'm carrying around a box that also has all my sound stuff (most of which I really don't need), so why not try to put that in there as well?

So that, and fixing my streaming set up is going to be my Labor Day.

And of course preparing for UmiCon :)

Speaking of conventions, I did a write up for Florida Geek Scene, and they posted my videos!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 53


Better now that you have the Echo Chamber!

-The Persona series always interested since I saw AnimeCow and Mystakin played it. While normally I suck at Fighting Games (mainly because of not having much access to them), I kinda want to get Persona 4 Arena, because it's the only game available for the Xbox. I could buy a PS2 for a song, but the games are hard to find, and while I could buy the games for the PS3 my brother's a dick.


-First result for Stoned Firefighter:

-So, we talk a lot about DiveKick, but here's the Grand Finals from EVO 2013:

EVO 2013 - Divekick - Grand Final ( by luxium

-Ben Affleck is playing Batman.
Ehhh..? Maybe. He's always seemed too "nice" for Batman, and I doubt they'd go with a friendlier Batman (like the Adam West version), so he's going to have to seriously step up his game.

-Wow? Really?

-In the "Actors Changing Tones In The Most WTF Way Possible..."

Bryan Cranston, 3x Emmy Winner everybody.

-This is the dog picture me and Arcanon made a series out of.


I'm a hack... :(

Speaking of which...

-ANIMECOW IS LATE FOR SCHOOL PART 2 (Short, because it was up later in the week):

Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede was attacking the school and Teacher Alphonse Elric stood in the students way but Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede punched Al so hard he flew through the wall and killed some kindergarteners but it's OK because they were bad kindergarteners learning to be evil.

"You'll never get away this" said Al as he stood up. He looked around at the macabre horror that now surrounded him. Children, no older than 9, lay dead around him, their bright eyes full of optimisim and youth gone dark, from the horrors of the outside world. Al was already a prisoner, his soul forever trapped in a suit of armor, the only thing that connected him to our mortal world. Now he had to live trapped within the guilt of innocent lives dead at his hands.

Such potential, he thought, as he looked up at the chalkboard, a sea where ideas and young minds could flourish, rendered useless by the giant hole he put through it.

It simply read BUTTS.

"WHERE IS THE ANIMECOW?" asked Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede really loudly.

"AnimeCow-uke is late for school" said Mystakin, eating Pocky and being all Tsundere. "Not like I care about him or anything... he's so baka!!" and then blushed profusely.


Goku and Piccillo were in the next room and came into the class room and flew in to help save the day.

"What the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on here?" asked Goku, who didn't swear because he's a good guy.

"Yeah, we were buying weed from those kindgarteners!" said Piccillo.

"F--K OFF" said Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede, who said naughty words because he was a Bad Guy.

AnimeCow was stuck behind a fat lady on the sidewalk. 

Can the Z squad fight Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede?
Will AnimeCow ever get to school?


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Gets It Together

WHEW! So all (most) of the e-mails I had to send out from AFO were sent out, and I've got the drums for Status Quo Radio (more or less) working, so I can get back to album work.

Polished up "Let The Bombs Go Off Tonight". Nothing really to do, as all I had to do was copy the files over and redo the vocals. So this week is going to be recording the Heavy's track (remember this TF2 inspired concept album I've been doing? lol) and the week after that will be about getting ready for UmiCon.

With all the prep I did for AFO, the transition will be a lot smoother.

Good stuff this week? I saw Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz again. Didn't see The World's End though. THIS WEEKEND FOR SURE.

I forgot just how good those movies were. Shaun Of The Dead was overall tighter, and a more personally driven story, where as Hot Fuzz, I believe was funnier. Still, both early parts of the Cornetto Trilogy are worth seeing.

Also, I got to play Magic again, and got a Standard deck all set up.

Bad stuff this week? I owe a lot of money in taxes, (I used to work for a place that paid me in 1099), so that certainly knocked me off my high horse.

So if you can, the album is Pay What You Want, but paying me anything is greatly appreciated.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

THE TOP 5 VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE EVARRR!!!! (aka Anime Festival Orlando Live Vids)

NUMBER 5- "Status Quo Radio (Live)"

NUMBER 4- "Force Of Nature (Live)"

NUMBER 3- "Axe Punk (Live)"

NUMBER 2- "Hell Yeah (Live)"


Monday, August 19, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 52


-Mystakin hits the nail on the head: "It sounds totally unique even though they're all so generic"

-In the Something Awful post I put up for last week's, THE SINGLES ARE KEY. Dads have gone stupid from having your dumbass as a kid, so Clear Channel and classic rock have boiled down every band's discography to two or so songs so you

-Guys, anything with synthesizers will NOT be Dad Rock. At least for another 10 years. Not as long as we got Bon Jovi still kicking.


-This is the Anime Dog Harem Show that Cow was talking about, and listening to this now, it's getting weird...

This reminds me of some marco someone posted on the Something Awful forums, where it compared Black girls and Asian girls, and the "black girl" was Pam Grier all smokin' hot and shit, and it said black girls like smoking reefer, drinking 40s and playing Marvel vs. Campcom 3 and how Asian girls are polite and reserved and play League of Legends, and I'm like

"Duh, decision made! Dibs on Taskmaster"

One day, Goku was flying on Namek, smoking mad bluntz with Piccilo.
"Were so high," said Goku.
"Dis be some good weed" said Piccilo.
"No, baka-kun, our flying. We're flying so high, I can see all the way to Earth"
On Earth, a young man, who Goku saw but didn't stop to say high to because he was so high, was running to school, because he was late for school.
"I'm so baka! I'm late for school!" said the young boy who was named Anime Cow, and he had a piece toast in his mouth as he ran to the school which he was late for.
Suddenly, AnimeCow hit someone else on the sidewalk, which made him even more laterer for school. He rubbed his head all awkwardly and anime like, and let out a loud "Eee-yah!"

It was Mystakin-san, who never really liked AnimeCow "Damn Cow-Kun, you're such a baka, now you're going to be even more laterer for school!"
AnimeCow got up and bowed a lot "I'm so sorry Mystakin-kun, I'm late for school!"
"It's not like I like you or anything.... You were in my way!!! Baka!!!" said Mystakin being his usual tsundere self, and eating a Pocky Stick from the box.
Goku swooped down, thinking the Pocky was another phat blunt. He stole it from the confused Mystakin-chan, and Cow just stared, eating his toast and being that much more laterester for school.
"WHAT IS THIS WHACK ASS BULL POOP?" yelled Goku as he went Super Sayian and unleash a Kamehameha Blast on Mystakin-Senpai who didn't die, he only had Xs on his eyes since only bad guys die and Mystakin-seme was only a Tsudere, even though he did make AnimeCow late for school.

Meanwhile, at school, which AnimeCow was late for, Principal Rhythm Bastard read the morning announcements in his silky smooth voice, "...Babies can be substituted for PB&J sandwiches at lunch if you are allergic to peanuts. ALSO If you are late for school, then you will NOT BE IN SCHOOL ON TIME STARTING NOW"
Teacher Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemeist, said "If you come to school after right now YOU ARE LATE FOR SCHOOL!"
"If AnimeCow is late for school, his grades won't be as good as mine!" said Arcanon, who was AnimeCow's Nerdy Friend since had swirly glasses and the same dress shirt and tie as everyone else.

"Pssh.. whatever man" said Jeff who was AnimeCow's Slacker Friend because his shirt was unbuttoned, had a beard, and was pounding back Dewar's by the bottle.


"Oh no! Only AnimeCow can defeat him, but he is late for school!" said Arcanon, his glasses swirling like crazy.
Jeff was passed out from all the bourbon.
Piccillo was super high off his mad bluntz.
But AnimeCow was still late for school!!!


-This thread... This FUCKING thread.

-SuperGreatFriend gives you the Demo of "Papers Please":

Everything I've seen about this game wants my 10bux.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Gets Back From OMFG at AFO and Listens to AFI

HEEEEYYYY MISS MURDER CAN I? Please? No? That's cool... Yeah. no, I'm fine. Actually, I'm not that hungry anyways...

Right, so I just got back from Orlando where I played at Anime Festival Orlando and KILLED both sets. None were particularly full, but the venue was a bit out of the way, this was OMFG's first year, AND the sound system, while great in the venue itself, couldn't be heard beyond the hall.

But honestly? I've never felt more on top of my game as a performer.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, shout out to Emilio, the sound of OMFG, who caught both of my sets, as he was the sound guy, and who I also met at PAX East, running the MAGFest Jam Session.

I also took a crap ton of pictures, and will be doing one of my famous Con Recaps. There's going to be live video for sure, but I'll see what I have to got through.

SO, I'm going to do the Cool Dude (TM) thing and give y'all a brief rundown.

First, the bands!
-End Hibernate was actually the last of the groups I managed to see on this list, as their set was on Sunday. They were cool enough to give me a couple CDs, which are currently filed under "Give A Listen To On My Commute To and Possibly From Work"

A rap duo consisting of a rapper and keyboardist/DJ, they put on an energetic set, and the raps were faster than my commute home on the Florida Turnpike, which has another name that deserves its own bulletpoint. They were kind enough to give out lyric sheets with the chourses on them, which is good, due to aforementioned hot rhyme spitting.

-Final Weapon I caught the tail end of their set. They're all the way from Alabama (a 10 Hour Drive!) and they play video game composition inspired rock music. Defintely the kind of stuff you want to see live.

-HD Ninja is a nerdcore duo who dress in fine suits and/or straw hats. Split MC Chris in half, put them both in ninja outfits, and you're only halfway there. They even covered some old-school gangsta rap, which well appreciate in the quickly progressing techno-future we're all living in. During the song "Sarlacc Pit" the audience walked around in a circle (because we were digesting Boba Fett over 1000 years) and they joined in.

-Philonius Phunk went on right after me on Friday. A nerdcore trio, that uses all different kinds of beats, and, like me, appreciate the subtle genius of the "Super Mario Bros." movie, especially how boss a song "Walk The Dinosaur" is. They get bonus points for having inflatiable Ghostbusters gear.

-S.S. Hanami who I'm also going to be playing at with Umicon and Sands Of Anime, rock a koto, because the lead singer though it sounded awesome. AND they claim their songs are not music, but the soundtrack to their own anime, which is called S.S. Hanami, which is band that plays songs, except they're not songs, they're part of the soundtrack... TERMINATING TEMPORAL LOOP.

It's one of those sentences that make you say either "Ohhh...", followed up by a "Got it!". It's melancholy, it's intense, it's got a koto!

P.S. That would sound wicked good on a cover of something like "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Are We The Waiting", in which case I would like to volunteer myself as the Freddie Mercury and/or Billie Joe Armstrong

Now the other stuff!
-Divekick is the hypest game ever, and works really well when everyone takes it seriously. A fighting game with two buttons: dive (jump) and kick (kick).

-The Florida Turnpike is also named the "Ronald Reagan Turnpike". Fuck that guy, thinking this trickle-down bullshit would work.

-Reborn! is about a teenager that becomes a better hitman under the tutelage of a gun-toting infant.

-I went to this thing called the "Kanto Region Challenge". Basically, was the game of Pokemon stripped down, where you'd do battle with gym leaders, and Pokemon would battle using Rock, Paper, Scissors. Catching new Pokemon and evolving them cost money, which you earned by battling or playing Blackjack with Team Rocket. I lost at both.


-Also participated in a random Magic Draft (2014 Core Set). While one WOULD assume that I'd be satisfied for a good long time so I wouldn't have to spend my 15bux on FNM this week... NOPE! Maybe...
I don't know. Though I DID come to the conclusion that Simic would make a pretty sweet Commander/EDH Deck.

-Saw a couple people in Welcome To Night Vale cosplays. Between Slenderman and WTNV, Something Awful's been owning Popular Scary Internet Things.

So, you know the drill guys: Podcast post tomorrow/Tuesday, Minimum Wage Gaming stream on Tuesday. I'm editing together the highlights from the first episode of all my big fails/combos.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 51 WITH B-B-B-BONUS!!


-Of all the sports on TV to watch, Football would probably be the easiest to follow, because each team only plays once a week. Other than that, I only follow in the event of a championship or if I'm working on something else. Like WWE Raw...
-Listening to Jeff talk about puzzle games made me realize that all good games, even extended to shooters/action/etc., do one thing really well. Even a Call Of Duty (in theory), with all of its complicated control schemes, can use all of those buttons to serve the shooting, increasing the challenge by adding more enemies or changing the layout of the battlefield. BUT THEN THEY'RE ALL LIKE "HERE'S A GIMMICK LEVEL, OK BYE"
-For a quick Metroidvania fix, where you get that "A-HA!" every time you enter a new room or get a new letter, here's ASCIIVania

-Here are my 3 entries into the Jock Jam Pantheon (that are all remixes of Space Jam):
-Crowd Chant for the uninitiated:

-If we're contemplating "Stronger" for Jock Jam Status, then we can easily put on "20 Percent Cooler" by Ken Ashcorp.
-Echo Chamberites, if we're talking about Dadrock, HERE'S YOUR RESEARCH!
-Also this.
-My pick for this week, The Studio Killers. They're The Gorillaz but for the club crowd.

This week, I was also on Heel Turn, the Zone-Cast Wrestling Podcast. 

Not a lot to go over I think, so here's a word-for-word transcription of my notes from watching WWE Raw:
-First 5 seconds: THE BEARD IS HERE!!!
-Rob Van Damme is more acrobatic than one would expect.
-Albert Del Rio beat up his ring announcer, who is easily the best part of the show.
-Cody Rhodes is throwing a case in the river, which an intern had to get
-Ryback looks and sounds like a Pokemon
-I like how in all Diva promos they're all bunched together.
-John Cena is a face? What a coincidence, because I want to punch him in the face really badly.
-With sheep "We're here"
-Tag match resembles an average backwoods bar on a Saturday
-Victory skip lap (Re: Diva's Match)
-Cody Rhodes looks like Howard Stark from Captain America
-CM Punk is the bastard child of Lemmy and Wolverine
-Then Brock Lesnar comes in and it's the Wolverine vs. The Hulk
-The Sheild = Generic Bad Guy Team
-Daniel Bryan is a cool dude.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Misses Deadly Premonition

On this, the day that Two Best Friends finish their Let's Play of "Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut", I give you, the good people of the internet, my latest music video, "Lord I Miss Deadly Premonition":


Deadly Premonition, my 2010 Game Of The Year

It took a while, but I finally managed to finish it! The original song already got some coverage before, but now I made a music video of it, and maybe it'll get another go around.

BTDubs, thanks to SuperGreatFriend for his blessing on using his footage for the video, check out his LPs.

Obviously, that's what most of my efforts had gone to the past week, and next week is getting everything ready for Anime Festival Orlando, namely practicing, making travel arrangements, and getting stuff to sell.

Speaking of Anime Festival Orlando, my times for my shows have officially been announced!
I'm playing Friday Night at 10:30 PM, and Saturday Afternoon at 2:00 PM!
I'll have posters and download cards for sale for $5.