3/24/2022 - Aldora Britain Records
Issue #96 - Pass The Class, p. 27
"[Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock is] Weird and wonderful, brash and outlandish, unique and fresh. This 2022 release has certainly left a strong and lasting impression."
10/24/2022 - Taste Of Dragons
Special Guest Rhythm Bastard (feat. Chicken Panini Pizazz)
6/30/2022- Ongaku Overdrive
Nerd Music Meltdown #98: Rhythm BastardMania
6/21/2022- Dogpatch Press
Rhythm Bastard and his music: Support your local swole punk rock furry!

6/20/2021- South Afrifur Pawdcast
8/27/2019- Nerd Music Meltdown
NMM #32: Rhythm Bastard

3/18/2019- The Geek Tank
Geek Tank #3: Rhythm (Bastard) of the Night

2/12/2016- Fandomania Geek Music
Episode 44: Rhythm Bastard

11/21/2013- Chimichanga Talk
Episode 13: I’m never going to dance again, you Bastard! My two feet have got no Rhythm!

"[Rhythm Bastard is] the Trent Reznor of geeks"

10/26/2013- The Pow Wow Show
Geekfest 2013 (Segment starts at 2:00)

9/22/2013- Nirdy Birds
God answers prayers: There is now a music video for ‘Lord I Miss Deadly Premonition’

NME Music Videos
"Boston Boom Bringer"

6/18/2013- Florida Geek Scene
Rhythm Bastard @ Mizucon

5/12/2013- Complex Gaming

2/08/2013- Nerdcore Now

4/24/2012- Rag-NERD-Rok Podcast

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