Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Round 2, Part 2

Round 2, Part 1 was Hero Hype Con (for those of you further behind).

-Anime Festival Orlando 2014 Flickr!

-Last year at AFO, the concert venue was super out of the way from everything else, but this year, since it moved back to Wyndham, everything flowed a lot better. Improvement? Yeah, I'd say so. The gig was opposite the AMV Contest though and on Sunday, so the time was... inconvenient. However, with the location being better, I got a lot of walk-ins.

Some highlights from the show:
-Giving away a copy of Nagano Winter Olympics '98 for the Nintendo 64.
-Improvising NOT ONE, but TWO SONGS!!!
-Giving away some Magic cards from my Jank Tank (a.k.a the shoebox where I keep all my extra commons and uncommons)
-Playing "Boston Boom Bringer" and a BRAND NEW SONG!!! live

Let's see... I played a LOT of Magic, got to flex my improv muscles at a "Whose Line Is It Anime?" and see people yell over hentai. I also saw a bunch of people from Omni Expo, such as the cool dudes at Geekapella.

PLUG TIME: It's A Trap. Room Escape games brought to life! 

There was 3 minute demo "level" in the Dealer's Room, and it was a lot of fun. It's in Winter Park, FL, but if they're able to get a bigger city like Miami or Orlando, or even as a pay to do thing in conventions, I can see it being very popular. There's something similar in New York that I want to try when I head up there in the fall.

-As I came back from AFO late (FLORIDA TURNPIKE ARRGH!!!), I couldn't edit together the song, or one of my famous recap vids, so that'll be its own separate post.

-That AND the podcast recap, all coming this week!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Sorrys

WOW this is late u guys. A lot of stuff went down this week, but I figured better late than never...

-Battleground was so underwhelming I forgot it existed. BUT HOLY SHIT last night's Monday's RAW! Zach Ryder won a match! Xavier Woods got screen time! Cesaro in the main event!

-Anime Festival Orlando- Sunday in Citron at 3:30!
Gonna try to do some pre-show busking.

-New song this week, giving out downloads to everyone on the mailing list, and will post it up on SoundCloud tomorrow after polishing it up tonight. BUT, all of you sexy people can catch an early version on my Tumblr Page RIGHT THE HELL NOW!!!

-Status Quo Radio is to the point where I can look for cover artists, and start getting in touch with people to help out with other stuff. Still a little bit left to go before I commit to making any other arrangements, but I have enough to where I can go to the artist and give an idea on what the album is about. If you know anybody who might be interested, let me know at rhythmbastard@gmail.com

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 87


-For reference-

Take a drink:
  • Any time the video game Rock Band is mentioned
  • Any time Rhythm Bastard does an impression
  • Any time wrestling is mentioned
  • Any time someone says "Owen"
  • Any time Mystakin says "Word?"
  • Any time game development is discussed
  • Any time a podcast member plugs their music
  • Any time someone says Anime
  • Any time someone says "Hashtag _________"
  • Any time an earlier episode is referenced
Finish your drink:
  • When someone says "Die in a fire"
  • When The Dead Kennedys are mentioned
  • Any time the podcasts "acts out" a scene or elaborates on a stupid thing they made up (e.g. Rockhead)
  • When the episode name comes up. 
  • When the phrase "For those of you further behind" is uttered
-Deadpool: Secret Of The Booze Episode

1. Sonic The Hedgehog 2006
4 parts Everclear
4 parts Bleach
1 parts Cherry Vanilla Mountain Dew that you get from a 7-11 that has those things where you can add your own flavoring.

Mix in large glass. Drink. Keep drinking. It's the only way.

2. Triple-A Game
1 bottle of the three most expensive things at your local liquor store

Add a splash of each inside a double shot glass, then fill the rest of the way with water.

3. Call Of Duty
Make a Triple-A Game, but instead of water, use the shittiest American beer you can find.

Then watch Fox News.

4. Goat Simulator
1 Part fecal matter
1 part urine

Combine both ingredients and put inside a jug. Let it fermet outside for three weeks.
Then make PewDiePie drink it. This has nothing to do with the game, I just want to see him drink fermented body waste.

-Dickbutt- NOT POSTING because im at work

-Think Geek's Dumb Bacon Shit:
BACON SALT- Boy, I sure like my salty stuff to taste EXTRA Salty!
BACON HOT SAUCE- If it's too hot, then you lose the flavor of the bacon, and if you keep the flavor of the bacon, then it's not that hot. At least with Sirachia it's like FUCK YOU!!!
BACON CANDY- Pop rocks with a bacon after taste? Eww...
LOLLIPOPS- Less disgusting, I guess? Might work? But then wouldn't everything taste EXTRA syrupy? Like that syrup chugging scene in the movie Super Troopers?
TACTICAL BACON- Canned bacon. I was about to give it a pass, but then it mentioned zombies in the description and started to vomit.
BACON GIFT PACK- For the man who has everything, except heart disease and tastebuds.

 -John Cena/Potato Salad

I feel like the next combination should be Randy Orton/Pasta Salad (w/ Bowtie pasta and olive oil) and Daniel Bryan/Coleslaw. Maybe if the Roman Reigns push is successful, he can have Macaroni salad.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Schadenfreude

Why you ask? I feel as World Cup Champions, Germany deserves some recognition in a sport that America doesn't care about therefore it's not important.

Things that happened this week... Song writing and getting my act together for Anime Festival Orlando! Still waiting to hear back on the when and where, and the song is in it's polishing stages. Working on my setlist now, and have not one but TWO new songs you guys are going to here.


Other stuff? How about the Magic 2015 core set prerelease? I managed to attend two this weekend, going 2-1-1, and 2-2. So far it feels a little janky, and a couple cards feel like absolute motherfucking bombs that will wreck you shit and frustrate you to no end. Granted, said cards are fun, just not fun to play against. It's really easy to be in a situation where you can fall behind on mana. Quite frequently I ran into situations where my 6-drops would save my ass, but I couldn't 

This one guy got me REALLY salty when he played everything that had Deathtouch, such as Soul Of Innistrad and Typhoid Rats, as well as rare white angels, Resolute Angel and Avacyn. Like, I was trying to ride the line where I insulted him just enough to piss him off, but not enough so that I don't immediately come off like an asshole.

Or I could become a better loser...

Things to hate draft? Well, anything with Deathtouch, anything white with flying, and really, any of the Souls will do. Turn To Frog also gave me some troubles, but more on that once we get deeper into the season.

Evo, the biggest fighting game tournament in the world was also this weekend, and I caught some of the Super Smash Bros. Melee and Street Fighter 4 finals. I was happy to see prefered characters Jigglypuff and Sagat in the Grand Finals of their respective finals, so that all of my decisions in life have been validated.

Dashcon, a convention for Tumblr by Tumblr, turned out to be mismanaged garbage.

I've been to small conventions, I've been to conventions where the staff was spread thin, but I don't think any con I've played for had to hit me and the rest of the guests up for money.

There's this blog that covers Florida conventions, and none of them are ever as bad as Dashcon, probably because all the conventions I've been to so far have had at least one adult who knows what they're doing.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 86


-The best thing about these episodes is that I always go "MAN! I should totally animate that!" then I think "Fuck! I have a 8-to-5 job! Fuck!" 

-YuGiOh is always a tricky dick with me. Though I did take my brother to a sneak preview event for one of the sets a few months ago, and pulled a $50 card. He should have sold it, but instead he traded it for stuff in the decks he'll never play. I try to get him to go to the stuff my FNM location has, but he always finds some reason to bail "I DON'T HAVE MY PERFECT DECK! I WORK! I DIDN'T DO SO WELL LAST TIME!"

Unlike Magic, sets don't really have a theme, like Theros and Greek/Roman mythology. Instead of playtest and design making sure the flavor of the card and mechanics are juuuust right, YGO just goes "YO, MOTHERFUCKER, HAMBURGER ROBOTS!!!" and calls it a day. Then it puts a page and a half of rules text on the card whereas MtG would go like "Hexproof" or "Trample" only occasionally giving you reminder text.


"Not so fast, Yugi-"


"I activate my trap card, Digital Data Apocalypse! It allows me to exile 5 cards into the the graveyard, including your Hamburger Robots!"


you get the idea. But doesn't that sound like a REAL Yu-Gi-Oh match?

Interesting premise, but you can tell the game was meant for maximum drama and parental confusion, as the original manga was DBZ with cardboard rectangles instead of fists.

Now that I think about it, Yugi Moto isn't that good at the game. His power seems to just topdeck whatever he needs and POWAR OF FREENDSHUP!!!

-Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix comes out December 2nd.
No Persona til then :(

-Speaking of Kingdom Hearts, this is always relevant:

-The image Mystakin was talking about:

I wonder what the FFXIV equivalent of pot would be like. Phoenix Down? Ether? Salve would seem to fit the bill, since it sounds so much like salvia.

-Rocksmith, still a good game. This week's DLC, The Libertines, was underwhelming, but it's always good to see them mix shit around from week to week. As long as they go metal one week, then punk, classic rock, alternative, etc. it should keep people happy for at least the next edition. Rock Band had a lot of off weeks as well, but it also had the Rock Band Network in later incarnations to help smooth things out.

I'm approaching the point where some songs I have to slow down and go in to Riff Repeater, and I think that will be the point where most people either double down on "I WILL MASTER YOU GUITAR-OO BAN-KAAIIIII!!!!" or go "Eh, I'll play this Radiohead song I kinda know again." only to drop it after another month. 


If you don't know who he is, watch here.I'm glad Matt and Woolie managed to fit this guy into so many awesome videjo games.

Shovel Knight is pretty dope. $15 bucks get you a mishmash of all your favorite NES Platformers, that manages to be its own thing. AND it's got a New Game Plus.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Tips 4 U

First, Rhythm Bastard News:

Anime Festival Orlando is shaping up to be pretty sweet. Guests include Goku and King Kai, Dean Venture and two poeple named Leonardo, Sailor Moon, Sailor Mars, and the second most working voice actress behind Jennifer Hale. Ryoku Matoi (Kill La Kill)'s English voice was announced today, but there's no link on the site up.

Now, as some of you may know, the 2015 Core Set for Magic The Gatheirng pre-release is this weekend. As some of you may also know, I spend my card money on stupid wizard poker play MtG as well. I'm finishing up a song related to that, and will try to release it in time for the events.

Also, expect me to piss away my time on Duels Of The Planeswalkers 2015 instead of working on my goddamn album.

So, while we all had a lot of fun celebrating freedom this past 4th of July, turns out the Supreme Court was all like "Fuck that noise". As a white male, I have absolutely nothing to worry about, but some more savvy readers will take umbrage to the fact they decided to:
-Allow companies to opt out of the ACA contraceptive mandate because it's "against their beliefs", effectively putting the will of a corporation, a faceless entity made for the sole purpose of profit.
-Neuter unions as people who don't pay dues can enjoy the same benefits
-Remove buffer zones from around abortion clinics, because anti-choice advocates, despite the "pro-life" nomeclature, bomb abortion clinics and harass women making their own decisions. Therefore they can be trusted.

Without further ado, here's some tips for living in this bold new future:
-Ladies, if you want to be treated like people, instead of taking your spouse's last name or hyphenating it, consider changing it to LLC, or INC. Maybe Corporation if you can afford the paperwork. Congratulations! You're now considered a person!

-Have fun with it! Everything is legal so long as you say it's against your "religious beliefs". I for one, plan to lay waste to millions in the name of my invisible sky man, Mogis, The God Of Slaughter!
-If for some reason you want to actually do anything about it, see how YOU can register how to vote in your hometown. 

See you next week, and see you at Anime Festival Orlando.