Sunday, October 11, 2020

Status Quo GODLIKE


Oct. 9th is when I released "Status Quo Radio" in 2015, on the 8th Anniversary of the game that inspired it, Team Fortress 2. October 10th, apparently IS the release date for Team Fortress 2, so WTF.

I had a little listening party the other night, and while my vocals aren't as good as they are now, I was able to appreciate the vast majority of the album, and how precisent some of the things were. My main problem is that today some parts of it come off "Both Sides"-y, because over the process of writing the album I went from "left-libertarian" to "God I WISH Obama was a Socialist".

Somewhere on my Hard Drive is a script for a Status Quo Radio movie/long form music video because over the course of writing it, I got real into Janelle Monae and The Who, so you could see an emotion picture influenced by Quadrophenia at some point in the future.



On September 26th, I played my first Ongaku Overdrive show, Virtua Ongaku 4! It was a great show overall, with the rest of the acts killing it.

Roborob snapped this photo in chat during "Think Geek Is Not Nerdcore", and it goes to show you that I can still run a crowd, even online.

NEW SINGLE! "Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!"

This past month's Patreon song is inspired by my RPG Pals Club character, Oi! the Punk Drow Monk. Also fitting as we returned to Waterdeep after 6 months.

Last month's song was supposed to be about Sett from League Of Legends, but it wasn't working out. When I was copying notes into my lyric notebook, I found this song more or less done.

Patrons will get the full character backstory, but everyone gets the TL;DR- Drow hears slaves play rock and roll, and he finds it so kick ass he helps them escape the underdark.

NEW SINGLE! "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (1975)"


After the announcement for Five Nights At Freddys for the Playstation 5, I decided to drop a little something from my upcoming album Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock. This song is a live staple, and I love breaking this out to give myself some downtime after a really intense song. Fun Fact: Never played a single one of the games. AAHAHAHAHA!!!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Cult Of Dionysus" by The Orion Experience

Thank GOD for Jim Sterling, otherwise I wouldn't have found this song in his review of the game Hades.

The Orion Experience has been buried for a while in the alt-rock boom of the mid 00's, having been on Laguna Beach and Zoey 101 and then sputtering out sometime around 2014.

"The Cult Of Dionysus" does so much right, that I think this band deserves a second look. The bass is the backbone of this song and gives the track a bouncy groove, especially when it came in at juuuuust the right time. I also like the production and the arrangement of the guitars, where they're at the lower end, but you notice them juuuuust enough to get that harmonic envelopment.

Also the song is about drunk polyamorous fucking and getting high.

Hades is an absolute blast to play, especially is you like hack-n-slash games and roguelikes, while getting rid of all the downsides of either genre. EASILY a strong contender for GOTY.