Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Status Quo Sunday Is Back With A Regular Feature


Yes! It's back!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Mexico" by Alestorm

I was cranking this all night during my Ixilan Prerelease.

Alestorm is a band I first heard about through the Rock Band Network. The songs they put out there seemed more like thrash metal with violins and accordions, with songs like "Back Through Time" and "Shipwrecked", then the Pirate Rock of "Mexico".

Not a fan of the wraparound of the music video that this all taking place in a video game. The chiptune rendintion of the melody is nice, but it could have been left out and not much would have changed.

I'm just here for the song: A really silly party song about drinking in Mexico.


Yo ho, Ixilan,
Down to the plane where Jace was Drawn
Vampires and Merfolk spawn
Ixilan, Ixilan

Yo ho Ixilan,
Down to the plane where Jace was Drawn
Dinosaurs for you to ride on,
Let's go to Ixilan

OK, I went 1-2 at the prerelease, so while I didn't do super well, but I can say that the Tribal theme is strong enough to matter, but not strong enough that you should focus on building a deck of that, especially in limited. Dinosaurs seemed to be the tribe that worked best, with fliers in white and big stompy dudes in green. Enrage was a big mechanic, and discouraged a lot of chump blocking.

So, yeah, Green Dinos gave me the most trouble. I'm curious to see if there are any other combos that work well, but yeah, I'm walking the dinosaur this time around.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Status Quo Sunday Made It Through Irma

Yes, we're doing all right over here. Thankfully, the storm moved on to Florida's west coast as it developed. We didn't lose power Sunday, but we did briefly overnight. I've got friends that have been without for quite a while but are getting it back now. There seems to be other storms coming my way, but I'm not sure about those yet but at least they won't be a Category 5.

Anyway, on to business:


Rhythm Bastard Logo Button main photo

Put one on your clothes, bookbag or anywhere! Preferably somewhere visible so someone will ask "Oh, who's Rhythm Bastard?" and you'll be all like "Oh, Rhythm Bastard? He's this really awesome guy who can take Magic The Gathering or whatever and make a sick ass punk jam out of it" and then your friend will be like "Oh shit, he sounds hot" and you'll be like "Oh yeah, he's totally shredded. I hear he has an 8 pack"
If you've seen me at a recent show, you've seen these. However due to a gross oversight I haven't put them on Bandcamp yet, so here they are!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Walk The Dinosaur" by Was (Not Was)

What ever assumption you have of Was (Not Was) is dead wrong. Yeah, they do funk music, but as far as subject matter goes, the go from the typical R&B that was pop in the day ("Spy in the House of Love") to more pointed commentary ("Out Come The Freaks") to sad stories ("There's A Street Named After My Dad") to whatever the fuck "I'm In Jail" was.

"Walk The Dinosaur" looks and sounds like a gay old time, to quote the Flintstones. "They're wearing caveman outfits and the set looks like the old times! Eyyy!. It was featured on the soundtrack to The Flintstones and The Super Mario Bros. movie and one of the Ice Ages!

It's about nuclear war.

...Yeah. The front men aren't the actual songwriters, the guitarist and bassist are and they have pretty commited ideals.

Anyway, I'm talking about this because the Magic The Gathering Ixilan Prerelease is this weekend!
Kinjalli's Sunwing - Ixalan Spoiler

Yay! Magic!

I am working on the new song.


THIS FRIDAY, I'm gonna kick some ass on The Metronomicon!


I found a bunch of footage and I'm looking to make another cosplay video! They got away from me after a while, and they didn't feel as fresh.

I'm also updating a lot of stuff with my Twitch stream and have put together a Discord, but that's more of an "I Don't Know What I'd Need To Start" kind of thing. Leave suggestions in the comments!

Monday, September 4, 2017

Todaybor Day Is Status Quoborday

This is going to be a quick one. Hurricane Irma is breathing down Florida's neck and I've been feeling REALLY lethargic lately. I've been diagnosed with a thyroid problem recently and have been taking medicine for it, so I guess that accounts for it, so sorry if things are coming a little slow.