Status Quo Radio is a rock opera about a rock star seeking revenge and a new life. A tale of betrayal, love, and ultraviolence in the 1960's Southwest.

Also started life as a concept album based off the video game Team Fortress 2.

Status Quo Radio
October 9th, 2015
1.Status Quo Radio

2. Interlude: The Last Concert
3. Enlist Today!
4. Force Of Nature
5. Fire Night
6. Interlude: The Good Old Days
7. Radio Days Pt. 1
8. Radio Days Pt. 2
9. Away From The Ruins
10. Tower Siege 
11. Interlude: Everything's Fine
12. Bad Doctors
13. Boom, Headshot! (From A Mile Away)
14. Paper Masks
15. Interlude: One More Show
16. Bastard's Reunion 

All songs written by Rhythm Bastard.

Rhythm Bastard- Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Drums on Tracks 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 16
Paolo Viteri- Drums on Tracks 1, 8, 12, 14
David K. Ginn- Vocals on Tracks 2, 7, 10
Jesse Schopher- Vocals on Tracks 2, 7, 10

Produced, mixed and mastered by DJ Roborob.

All of the songs the Rhythm Bastard wrote for the internet series Dino Hunter M.D., remixed, remastered and even re-awesomed with awesome little goodies!
Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track
January 23rd, 2013
1. College Party
2. Pass The Class
3. Robotman's Lament
4. XZ-71
5. Heroes Die
6. Playing Invisiball
7. Cliffhanger
8. Hell Yeah
9. Space Tambourine
10. Heroes Die (acoustic version)
11. Hell Yeah (choral version)

All songs written by Rhythm Bastard.

Rhythm Bastard- Lead Vocals, Guitars, Drum Sequencing, Bass, Chiptune Arrangement on "Robotman's Lament" and "XZ71"
Jesse Schopher- Piano, Bass, Drums on "Space Tambourine"
Matt Willemain- Backing Vocals on "Hell Yeah" and "Space Tambourine", Piano on Space Tambourine
Mixed and mastered by Jesse Schopher and Rhythm Bastard
Dino Hunter M.D. Created by David K. Ginn and the DVD can be bought on Amazon.

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