Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nerdist Presents: Henry Rollins

It's an amazing interview and every time this man opens his mouth I'm inspired. So I've started buying more RBN songs, inspired by Henry Rollins "One Album a Day" thing.

So far I've bought:
"-20% For Being A Loser" Very dirty, loose metal, kinda like The Melvins. -20% reccomendation if that shit's a My Little Pony reference.

"24-7"- Nice, laid back song with a good guitar line, and a strong drum beat. Resembles Young The Giant if you listen to your local alt rock station.

"28 Days"- Probably my favorite song out of the three, it's got a lot of energy. My best comparison? Probably R.E.M. in it's peppier tones.

Someone on the Something Awful Forums randomly tipped me off to this song, by Japanese artist Cornelius, "Last Night In Africa" and I LEGITIMATELY OBTAINED the album that came from, 69/96.

Also picked up Green Day's oldest album (1039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours) and newest album (Uno!) in the same FYE trip.Listening to Uno! right now. Nothing terribly special. It's a return to more straight forward rock, but something feels lacking.

Right now, a lot of my efforts are on the Rock Band Network stuff and getting "Hell Yeah" and "Lars Attacks" passed and playtested. However, in addition to a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON, I'm trying to put out a new song every two weeks.

Monday, September 17, 2012

NEW SONG: "Enlist Today!"

Yeah, this pretty much word for word what happened the day before... Nevermind...

This is my first song done entirely in Studio One and with my new interface, and I'm getting the hang of a lot of things, so hopefully this means I can work more independently, and bringing my friend Jesse in would only add the production, not be the be all end all.

Hmmm... looks like I'm only a couple posts away from the big 400...

Friday, September 14, 2012

September 14th, 2012 RBN Liveblogging

Doin' some work on "Lars Attacks!" and "Hell Yeah"

7:36 PM- Mega64 Podcast on, coffee in my mug, let's do this. I got some people working on a song tentatively titled "Class2", so that should be up Sunday the latest.

7:49 PM- The Walking Dead game is SOOOOO good you guys. Seriously. Oh man.

You know what else was good? The notes Ozone sent me for the vocals on "Hell Yeah". The problem is, he reccomended adding a third vocal track, but a lot of these stems are bused together, and the one that is free isn't very interesting and is only in the third chorus. I guess it'll go in as well, since "This Gigantic Robot Kills" had that third harmony bit in the bridge and only then.

8:07 PM- You know what else is a good zombie thing? Dead Alive. Peter Jackson directed it, there's some hilariously awesome scenes in it, and really the entire thing plays out like a class in Subtext 101. Once you get past the weird New Zeland-ese accents, it's a fun time and much better than that piece of shit Street Fighter me and my friends saw after that movie.

8:17 PM- Now I'm TRYING to fit in a HARM3 part, but these vocals are bused solid, and I don't have the original project files. Right now my priority is getting it re-uploaded.

So anyways, The Walking Dead game. It TECHNICALLY has no wrong decisions, they're all in your head, where one decision could screw over the politics of your group, and a character who I thought was my ally turned on me over the course of the episode, because I tried to play things too diplomatically, which I believe led me to find a serious character flaw about myself. In trying to please everybody, I please nobody, and that leaves me miserable.

Also, my stem for this week's podcast uploaded. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Echo Chamber Podcast Post Game Episode 9

Download it here fools!

I wasn't able to make it this week and all my podcast bros (save for AnimeCow) got it before me, so I haven't been able to comment on it until now.

At least they remembered me :3

-I got "Stronger" out of the way as soon as possible because fuck that song.

-If I had gotten a copy free, I would have bought some songs from Single White Infidel, Freen In Green, Brucker & Garcia and Mystakin, but alas I got Walking Dead Episode 2 instead. Don't worry, I'll pick some up when I buy WD Episode 3.

-It's a completely different beast than Amplitude/Frequnecy/Rock Band Unplugged, and in a way, it becomes an entirely new game.

At first I thought since there were only going to be two "buttons" is would be easier, but not as easy as I thought. Some of those solos can mess up with your timing.

One advantage of having it "simpler" is to put more focus on strategics; what power-ups you're going to use, what track you go to first, how you level everything up, etc.

-One strategy I learned from the podcast: Blast notes and Bottle Rockets are your friends. On slower tracks, I tend to go for the Jackpot Overdrive power up.

-The Walking Dead is really fucking good you guys.

-New song should be up by the end of the week.