Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Status Quo Wednesday Mentions Pokemon


No concerts for a while, no music ready yet, and Thanksgiving this weekend, so this week's kinda low effort. 

“☆ gang boss disrupts locals by squatting and sipping soda too loud
“[art commissions / portfolio @]
do not republish/repost my artwork or remove my comments.
” ”

is a game I don't have yet. Art by art friend at god-bird-art. 

Instead I got Zero Time Dilemma off the eShop sale. Like most games in the Zero Escape series, they take a while to get started, but once the requisite "WE'RE STUCK SOMEWHERE?" and "ZERO IS ONE OF US?" questions end, the game gets really interesting filled with all that anime pseudoscience I know and love.

The one thing I'm not liking so far is that you can't play it through until you reach a fail state; everything is so compartmentalized. Instead of VLR's one long timeline, ZTD breaks them up into smaller sections.

THIS WEEK'S JAM: "POLKAMON" by Weird Al Yankovic

It's Weird Al, Pokemon is the clickbaity thing I'm going with here.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

PODCAST RECAPS FOR 11/19/2016: Glorious Battle Corner


I took part in the Patreon Launch Livestream for Insert Quest Here! (I come in at arount 55:00 in). Ray's a super cool dude, the podcast is super fun, and hopefully he has me on more in the future.

I play the love child of Tibalt (from Magic The Gathering) and Captain Kirk.

ECHO CHAMBER EPISODE 188 is a pretty cang good website, with recoomended builds, advice, and price comparisons. Thankfully my computer is at the point where I can upgrade shit piece by piece, but building a PC from scratch is a good exercise, just so you can better understand what can and will go wrong.

-For those who are further behind, here are the two decks I've been using for Hearthstone:
Beast Druid
Midrange Shaman

Neither are too expensive to put together, you just need to play through the last two solo adventures and Ragnaros The Firelord, which is in the Classic set. 

-Overwatch VA Video is so adorable. Sadly Jonny Cruz, the VA of Lucio posted it on his twitter, but there's a YouTube video here:

-Reinhardt VA Darin De Paul with some Reinhardt Cosplayers:

-Pokemon Drum Kit Signed by Mike Portnoy:

-Lil' Jon x Lazy Town


-I was going to do some number crunching with regards to who was the best question asker, but I think Trace just swept it. Or everything will have to measured in fractiions of Traces.

Given my research, as it turns out, you won't be "eaten" so much as "vored" by Griffin McElroy, because "eaten" implies that your flesh will be torn, whereas vore is- Wait where are you going? I HAVE RESEARCH FROM DEVIANTART TO SHOW YOU!

Friday, November 18, 2016

Status Quo Wednesday Finds Sanctuary In A New Day

Anime Iwai, coming from the ashes of Chibi-Pa, hit the ground running in its first year. While not filled with big guests or ULTRA HYPE EVENTS (aside from the usual glow party/raves/costume party), there was still enough experience behind the staff that it made it a good time.

S.S. Hanami, short a man, still managed to do well with their show, the late night variety event was loads of fun, and like AFO, it had a dumb metagame to keep people involved. Only instead of collectable cards for Warriors of Orlandia, it was ribbons. Just ribbons. I wanted all of them because FUCK YOU.

I'd like to take the time to give a shoutout to Alex, who runs the Video/Gaming Room at these events. He also does the sound for the Iwai events and Fandomania. Every game room, in addition to the latest consoles for mostly fighting games/Halo and the now requisite Project Diva setup, has a LAN set up with 8 PC that have a lot of games new and old.

On top of all of that, it has my favorite thing to do when I've had post-show drinks: the big screen playing AMV Hells. Just kick back, buzzed as hell and letting it all wash over you.

THIS WEEK'S JAM: "She Sells Sanctuary" by The Cult

The challenge this week was 80's songs (This coming week is female vocal bands), and given the topic I'm discussing down below, it makes sense. It was also one of the first songs I learned on guitar, because the first pedal I got was a Flange Pedal.

I love how everyone else in the band looks normal, but the singer switches between a pirate and The Undertaker. 

"She Sells Sanctuary" was on the soundtrack to Dave Mirra BMX 2. While Tony Hawk's Pro Skater was all about energy, the songs on Mirra were more laid back with songs from Sublime and A Tribe Called Quest. The vibe of the game in general was more chill, with more goals focused on exploring, and wrestling that janky ass system trying to grind one specific rail in one specific rail.

One of Donald Trumps main "DAY ONE" things was the defunding of what are known as "Sanctuary Cities", which refers to cities that do not prosecute undocumented immigrants just for being undocumented. If they're arrested on other charges, they can still be deported, but they can't be asked about their immigration status otherwise.

It was started in the 1980's, not under Obama, because the kind of person to bring up sanctuary cities is also the kind of person to blame Obama for everything. 
What this does is prevent profiling, so you can't stop anyone who "looks" a certain way and demand do see their papers, and allow illegal immigrants to still report crimes without fear.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Status Quo Super Late Does Not Tap When Attacking


Mainly the orange one elected to the office of President last Tuesday.

Shit, there's been a billion hot takes on it, and MC Lars really has the one I can relate to the most, how we hoped it would never happen, how we all wondered why it all went wrong, and proceeding forward by Making Good Art.

The key word at this point in time is Vigilance.

Donald Trump has given us NO reason to trust him. His entire campaign was spent othering people who aren't Cis Straight White Dudes. Everyone he wants in his office is clearly reinforcing this notion; from his vice-president Mike Pence, who is SUPER evangelical and anti-LGBTQ, to his most recent appointment of chief strategist, Stephen Bannon, who runs Briebart, which is where you go after Fox News rejects you for being "too racist". All of his debates were spent talking over Clinton, lying about everything, showing an overall poor temperament and just spouting catchphrases ("ISIS!" "EMAILS!", etc.).

The motherfucking KKK is happy about this. 

Now you see stories about how he's going back on several of his campaign promises, and everyone's saying "he might not be so bad", and how we should work together and-



What I mean by vigilance is that this validated a lot of shitty people, and be vigilant by sticking up for those who are going to be hurting from all this.  Sometimes just the fact that someone is watching is a discouragement. If you're witnessing harassment, interfere.

You can write your representatives:

Make your voice heard, and keep talking. Dissension keeps this shit from being normalized. We've come too far as a nation to have all of that reversed.

Trump supporters, be vigilant too, but not for "Un-American Activities", but to be critical of the man you elected.

Let's not assume you're racist, sexist whatever. You voted for him because he was going to change things up? He hired Newt Gingrich, Rudy Guillani and Chris Christie to his transition team, about as inside ball as you could get. Going back on some his promises, such as when he wants to keep parts of the Affordable Care Act? When the KKK and the American Nazi Party are doing the Daniel Bryan YES! chant over the decisions he's making? Ask yourself "Is this what I signed up for?" every step of the way, and it is perfectly fine to say "no". See the "Contact your representatives" part above.

And now he's "surprised by the scope of the job"... oh...

We can't ever let up. Not now.   

THIS WEEK'S JAM: "We've Got A Bigger Problem Now" by The Dead Kennedys

Well, duh. Of course, this is super relevant because I'm about to crack into the 33 1/3 version of Dead Kennedy's "Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables".

If you're reading this, you're still alive, and can do something about the future

Tiger Mask W is a really fun anime.  

Fine, here's me being a big ol cosplay nerd:

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Status Quo Wednesday Asks You To Come And Stay A While

NEW SONG! sort of... "FREDDY FAZBEAR'S PIZZA (1975)"

Finally recorded this for Ill Gill's Nerdcore Halloween compilation.

I'm going to be going on at 5:30 PM on Saturday! Anime Iwai/Chibi Pa is always a good time, and while there aren't a lot of guests, there's plenty of panels and plenty of people!

THIS WEEK'S JAM: "1080p" by Sammus

Sammus is an incredible rapper that has blessed us with not one, but TWO albums this year. For as intense and intricate as her rhymes are, the beats she makes (YES she makes them all) are soft and calm, to let the urgent delivery take hold.

1080p is off her previous album, Infusion, and is an uplifting tale about getting your shit together. In the song, she details all the shit that went down in her life the past two years, and it's a cathartic listen that can show through therapy, medication and proper care, your worldview improves significantly.

1. Mega Ran might get nominated for a Grammy?
#RNDM is seriously good, you guys.

2. Also, there exists a petition to get Mega Ran to rap The New Day to the ring.
The next Wrestlemania is in Orlando, the Nerd Music Capital Of The World, so it only makes sense.