Saturday, November 19, 2016

PODCAST RECAPS FOR 11/19/2016: Glorious Battle Corner


I took part in the Patreon Launch Livestream for Insert Quest Here! (I come in at arount 55:00 in). Ray's a super cool dude, the podcast is super fun, and hopefully he has me on more in the future.

I play the love child of Tibalt (from Magic The Gathering) and Captain Kirk.

ECHO CHAMBER EPISODE 188 is a pretty cang good website, with recoomended builds, advice, and price comparisons. Thankfully my computer is at the point where I can upgrade shit piece by piece, but building a PC from scratch is a good exercise, just so you can better understand what can and will go wrong.

-For those who are further behind, here are the two decks I've been using for Hearthstone:
Beast Druid
Midrange Shaman

Neither are too expensive to put together, you just need to play through the last two solo adventures and Ragnaros The Firelord, which is in the Classic set. 

-Overwatch VA Video is so adorable. Sadly Jonny Cruz, the VA of Lucio posted it on his twitter, but there's a YouTube video here:

-Reinhardt VA Darin De Paul with some Reinhardt Cosplayers:

-Pokemon Drum Kit Signed by Mike Portnoy:

-Lil' Jon x Lazy Town


-I was going to do some number crunching with regards to who was the best question asker, but I think Trace just swept it. Or everything will have to measured in fractiions of Traces.

Given my research, as it turns out, you won't be "eaten" so much as "vored" by Griffin McElroy, because "eaten" implies that your flesh will be torn, whereas vore is- Wait where are you going? I HAVE RESEARCH FROM DEVIANTART TO SHOW YOU!

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