Sunday, November 22, 2020

Status Quo Sunday Is Anticipating Release



 I've been bragging to EVERYONE I know about this game, and they all ask the same question: "When is it coming out?" 

February 26th. 

 I know it seems like a long way off, but I'm getting more and more involved with the process, so at least we know the game part is going to be solid. Retromania is a passion project of one man, and he wants the game to be 100% his, which I get. While the game is coming out later in a year with more competitors (possibly), it also means it's more likely to stand out, with pick-up-and-play arcde gameplay, and music by Mega Ran and myself. Three months is more time to grant this project more possibilities, and I'm honored to be a part of it!  



Last Saturday, on the 14th, Anime Iwai had an event highlight various streamers in the community, and also showing off a couple planned shows. One of which being our Digital 3000 Brigade show. A lot of it is highlight footage, and videos from Taste Of Dragons, a gaming podcast featuring some 3KB members

However, there were a couple original bits, including a couple sketches that were written by me. It was freeing to have a lot of us really delve into a particular niche we're interested in and find the humor in that. Some people even got the Resident Evil Outbreak references we made! 

 Later that Saturday was a stream of Mario Party 2 I did with some friends, and that worked surprisingly well. I think next "end of month" stream should be something like that with Patrons, with ones at the $5 tier being the top priority. 



This track is familiar to my Patrons, but I released in on Bandcamp, because why not? Kudos to Marlent from the 3KB for doing the makeup and taking the pictures because she KILLED it! She did the makeup for our "The Whole Being Dead Thing" sketch from our digital 3KB show!

The cover art is an homage to David Bowie's "Heroes" cover, who I was trying to channel while writing this song, along side other new ave acts like The Cure and Joy Division. 

 Primarily, my inspiration for this was the webcomic Lore Olympus, which is a melodramatic retelling of the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone. It has a very nice art style and a bouncy sense of humor. When I first discovered it, I binged it in a course of 2 nights!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Touch-Tone Telephone" by Lemon Demon  

 Neil Cicierega has done SO. GODDAMN. MUCH. Potter Puppet Pals, his Mouth series, Ultimate Showdown, BrodyQuest, THE LIST GOES ON. 

This is with his original project, Lemon Demon, and its most recent album, Spirit Phone from 2016.

Goddamn this is one bouncy number. Especially considering the intro and outros are acapella, which I sure as fuck can't do. However, what I like the most about is the unconventional delivery. It gives the intention behind these absolutly weird lines room to breathe, and from these disconnected bit you can see a bigger picture. I actually found out about this via Adler The Eagle, who's been streaming Roller Coaster Tycoon on his Youtube.

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Status Quo GODLIKE


Oct. 9th is when I released "Status Quo Radio" in 2015, on the 8th Anniversary of the game that inspired it, Team Fortress 2. October 10th, apparently IS the release date for Team Fortress 2, so WTF.

I had a little listening party the other night, and while my vocals aren't as good as they are now, I was able to appreciate the vast majority of the album, and how precisent some of the things were. My main problem is that today some parts of it come off "Both Sides"-y, because over the process of writing the album I went from "left-libertarian" to "God I WISH Obama was a Socialist".

Somewhere on my Hard Drive is a script for a Status Quo Radio movie/long form music video because over the course of writing it, I got real into Janelle Monae and The Who, so you could see an emotion picture influenced by Quadrophenia at some point in the future.



On September 26th, I played my first Ongaku Overdrive show, Virtua Ongaku 4! It was a great show overall, with the rest of the acts killing it.

Roborob snapped this photo in chat during "Think Geek Is Not Nerdcore", and it goes to show you that I can still run a crowd, even online.

NEW SINGLE! "Oi! Oi! Oi! Oi!"

This past month's Patreon song is inspired by my RPG Pals Club character, Oi! the Punk Drow Monk. Also fitting as we returned to Waterdeep after 6 months.

Last month's song was supposed to be about Sett from League Of Legends, but it wasn't working out. When I was copying notes into my lyric notebook, I found this song more or less done.

Patrons will get the full character backstory, but everyone gets the TL;DR- Drow hears slaves play rock and roll, and he finds it so kick ass he helps them escape the underdark.

NEW SINGLE! "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (1975)"


After the announcement for Five Nights At Freddys for the Playstation 5, I decided to drop a little something from my upcoming album Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock. This song is a live staple, and I love breaking this out to give myself some downtime after a really intense song. Fun Fact: Never played a single one of the games. AAHAHAHAHA!!!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Cult Of Dionysus" by The Orion Experience

Thank GOD for Jim Sterling, otherwise I wouldn't have found this song in his review of the game Hades.

The Orion Experience has been buried for a while in the alt-rock boom of the mid 00's, having been on Laguna Beach and Zoey 101 and then sputtering out sometime around 2014.

"The Cult Of Dionysus" does so much right, that I think this band deserves a second look. The bass is the backbone of this song and gives the track a bouncy groove, especially when it came in at juuuuust the right time. I also like the production and the arrangement of the guitars, where they're at the lower end, but you notice them juuuuust enough to get that harmonic envelopment.

Also the song is about drunk polyamorous fucking and getting high.

Hades is an absolute blast to play, especially is you like hack-n-slash games and roguelikes, while getting rid of all the downsides of either genre. EASILY a strong contender for GOTY.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

A Status Quo Sunday Of Furries and Finishers


Megaplex was one of the new cons I played last year, and despite some tech complications, I loved it.

This year, like most cons, it's going to be online, so add that extra bit of interaction, I'm opening up my island so everyone can come up and MOSH! (by Mosh I mean Hit Each Other With Nets)

NEW VIDEO: Retromania Launch Roster Themes  

This is a little collection of the Entrance Themes I did for Retromania Wrestling, which lead to...

NEW VIDEO: Retromania Dev Volg #16: FEATURING ME!!!

After seeing they made a full video with all the entrances, and people ACTUALLY LIKED THEM? I made a video explaining my process!

Sunday, July 19, 2020

Status Quo Sunday Is Revving Up Again


Honestly, it's been a rough couple months, with my day job throwing me for loops on top of loops with a very irregular schedule, I'm never 100% where I'm going to be the next day, so it's hard to get a consistent schedule going.

Every time I wanted to do anything, my body just needed sleep so bad and it kept perpetuating this cycle of staying up late to catch up on lost time and sleeping in late to catch up on sleep


Mizucon, Lumi-Con and Anime Iwai have all cancelled their conventions for 2020.

I, like many of you, am disappointed in the cancellation, but they made the right decision, especially since Florida's governor and the rest of his administration is making a bad problem worse by putting profits over people.

There's a lot that's still up in the air right now, but I'll let you all know what's going on the second I am able to.

As far as what CAN be done, Megaplex and Anime Iwai are doing online events, and I'll let you know about any upcoming concerts.

The 3000 Brigade show WILL happen in a different format

In the meantime, I CAN promise you more Twitch concerts and stuff on YouTube, but again, anything comes my way, I'll let you all know.

AFO is still on the table, and Holiday Matsuri is still up in the air but WHO KNOWS?

Image may contain: text that says 'U WE'LL SEE YOU IN 2021 Mizucon'
Image may contain: text that says 'Anime lwai wants everyone to stay safe and healthy for when we all meet again! We'll see you in 2021! A nime wai'


Yes, actually!

There's a new Radical 80's Tank Top in the TeeSpring store!

Rhythm Bastard Synthwave Logo Tank Orange T-Shirt Front

-The Ghost of Charlie Daniels
-Oscar's Fursona

-New Games!
-New Systems!

In fact, you can hear my music in a recent video!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "A Good Look" by Sturgill Simpson

Country music gets real fucking good when you leave the Radio Stations.

This is "A Good Look" from Sturgill Simpson's most recent project "Sound and Fury". It's an album that has a short animated film attached and this is one of the song segments. Everything I've heard is emotional whiplash from one track to the next.

"A Good Look" has its feet very firmly planted in funk, and your feet are moving through out the whole thing. The bass work on the track is solid, and provides a solid groove while every other instrument does its own thing. The guitars screech enough to get your attention, but the licks never overstay their welcome, and the synthpop elements here are used to great effect.

DEFINITELY looking at more Sturgill Simpson in the future!

I have yet to see the full thing because I want to be context free as possible, but I 100% respect the concept of it being concieved as both an album and short film simultaneously, ala 5555.

Sunday, May 17, 2020


I'd Rather Not Episode 130: "Oscar Killed Bernie vs. Burger Rat

WOULD YOU RATHER: Be the social media manager for a popular brand but your posts have unforeseen consequences OR be the mascot for a popular brand but you must always live as the character?

Yes, I did do a burger rat sketch:

RPG Pals Club S3E1: Animal Crossing Special Episode 1 - Squirrelock Is On The Case!
Join Pete, Sagat and Squirrelock, three cute animal friends living on a totally chill island, as they try to find the owner of a mysterious book.

"Tired Lollipop Energy" is a very good phrase.

Also if you're interested in the system we used, follow here!

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sure, I'll Do A Status Quo Sunday

Yup, I'm doing this again!

This isn't to fix my car, oh no, it's just a online convention/donation drive because I really like putting this on last year.

It's going to be from Noon to Midnight, and I'll finalize the schedule after I hear back from everyone.

$20- Codes to redeem everything on my Bandcamp Page
$50- I will read some copy for you live on stream. This can be a promo, or a piece of bad fanfiction, or whatever.
$125- Everything above, plus a merch bundle (T-shirt, CD, poster, button and stickers)
$300- I will personally record you a cover of a song
$3000 (must own an Xbox One): At a later date, you and me doing a full playthrough of Resident Evil 5 while I'm in my Chris Redfield Cosplay.


It's not much now, but it's where I'll be putting some T-Shirt designs that I have, but can't bring to conventions.

I'm working on a new design which will be available (hopefully) before Megaplex which will (hopefully) happen!

NEW PODCAST: RPG Pals Club Episode 30: Fisticuffs Centaur!

The City of Waterdeep has seen people responding to oracles before, but has it ever seen people responding as wildly as this? Also, Luke has tips for your health!

Fisticuffs Centaur is my new favorite character.

NEW PODCAST: I'd Rather Not Episode 128: The Zoo King vs. The Infinity Bracer

WOULD YOU RATHER: Fight every animal in a zoo OR teach sapient animals to fly space jets in order to save the world?

We accidentally created some genius new lore. 2020 has been a terribly year for everything else, but MAN we got some incredible inside jokes to work with.


NEW PODCAST: Game Shows I Suppose: America Says

Lovable Nerd, Party Dude, and Musician Rhythm Bastard stops by the show to get his taste of America Says, the show where everybody can play as long as you can figure out what A_______ T_____

It’s a very loud episode, if you ask me, but it is also one of the most fun shows, we even PLAY IT LIVE

Also, Shopping Spree is in the Spotlight.

Game Shows I Suppose is a game show podcast run by an online friend of mine, Jordan Hass, and he talks about Game Shows, because he loves them so much!