Sunday, July 10, 2022

Status Quo Coverage

Hey did you know I have an album out now HARDCORE NERDCORE PUNK ROCK?

In the lead up I was interviewed by a couple places, and let me show you them!

Dogpatch Press
Rhythm Bastard and His Music: Support Your Local Swole Punk Rock Furry!

This was done over text with DogPatch Press, furry online periodical of record. They've done good interviews and features before, especially when it comes to the fandom within larger societal issues, such as queer pride and "furry panic" in schools.

Patch was very easy to talk to and VERY complimentary with my whole ouvre, so it was really fun to do!



Ongaku Overdrive
Nerd Music Meltdown #98: Rhythm BastardMania

This one was good to update some stuff I had in the previous podcast, 3 years ago. Most of the conversation was focused on making sure everything WORKS when you have a convention setting. It was just nice talking with Kent who knows the scene and knows my career where we can focus on putting myself in front of people and making me look good. 

Either way, both interviews had me indulging in my furry side, so with

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Cool Patrol" by Ninja Sex Party

Ninja Sex Party's been hitting different since Game Grumps Dan a much wider audience and a bigger budget, but they manage to make the song SOLID first and foremost. The verse are the setups, the choruses are the punchline and they evolve as the song continues, and the Cool Break is just... so cool.Very reminiscent of 70's pop-funk, which makes sense considering the music video takes place in a roller rink.