Thursday, July 29, 2010

StarPower Podcast

COnsider me a fan. I figured it'd be a bunch of 'sperging, foaming at the mouth , but it went into some interesting discussions on topics I'd like to touch on:

Pro Mode Instruments- As much as I'd appreciate having a learning tool from some guys who know what they're doing, it's a shame that they don't have some sort of bridge where I can use my regular guitar. They have the MIDI bank for keyboards, but nothing for guitars. Considering the price is supposed to be "competitive" with the Fender Squier, it'll run you about $250. Power Tab's free. I'm not sure about the overally quality of Squiers, but I guess if you wanted to make the investment, the extra $60 for the game AS WELL AS a fully functioning guitar seem like a good deal.

I still want that bridge, guys.

Another point touched on was "What if Activision did the Pro Mode/Keyboard thing?" Of course, being GH fans, they sarcastically quipped about all the gold plated skulls the Bobby Kotick snorts coke off of, because Activision is evil. But, really, I don't they'd try such a thing. Keyboards, maybe, but the direction their going in with the 6th iteration shows that they're focused on being a video game.

Harrah's Tourney- Discussing the merits of score vs. performance scoring in competition. One commenter did mention the prevalence of "Get Up (Sex Machine)", and was right on the money.
The one thing key to this argument is getting people to care. People go to rock shows all the time, and nobody cares that you FC'd a song on a plastic guitar babby game. So, if you're doing a tourney on the latter, it's best to inject as much of the former as possible. The casters noted that as all the bands had costumes.

But should score even matter? Well, go by the same standards as a regular rock concert. Play on expert, and it's up to the judges whether or not you screwed up enough to warrant penalization. I'd rather see someone get most of a solo bouncing around then FC'ing that same part staring at the screen.

That's all I guess. "Steven Wells" is still in playtest. I might have another song soon for the RBN.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Of That...

So, I was away for a while, now I'm back, and will try to make a post everyday.

Flirtin' With Disaster is slowly becoming my bitch, I'm trying to score a couple local gigs, and trying to expand my repitoire in the process. I've been trying to play FwD for a while, but my fingers won't move fast enough.