Monday, April 29, 2013

That Ain't Livin'

So, recently I quit my job selling insurance, after not being paid for over a month, and spending 60 hours a week in the office, the thing felt like a waste of my time. Monday, I was in at 7:30 AM, and couldn't leave until I booked 20 appointments for the next 2 days, which could be as late as 8-9 PM because nobody got home until late. Then, once I was out in the field, I would have to drive miles away between appointments, that 60% of the time wouldn't show up.

ON TOP OF THAT, if a client didn't pay their premium, guess what? I WOULDN'T GET PAID FOR IT. No, it's cool I don't have bills to pay or any of that shit.

It's not worth giving up nights and weekends so that I might MAYBE make $1000 a week. It was probably the first big decision of my life that I don't regret, and for a job that promises how much money I'm going to get, and that'll enable me to retire in 10 years, it seems like a waste of my youth. For all the money I would be making vs. how much agony the job brings me, for the hope that I'll be rid of it all in 10 years: That ain't living.

But here's the thing: I'm 25. That isn't young anymore. Within a year, I won't be on my parent's insurance any more, and I'll have to fend for that myself.

Rhythm Bastard stuff is what I love doing, but all the money I've made on it is purely from Rock Band Network sales, and I've sold maybe ONE copy of Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track on Amazon.

I'm not giving it up, I'm just venting some frustration right now. Today I'm going to collect my paycheck, and I hope I get an opportunity to make my manager feel like a piece of shit. I'm learning Java, getting A+ certified and making music, so I'm still going forward.

Just a reminder, "Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track" is pay what you want on BandCamp.

New song coming tomorrow, Rhythm Bastard out.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

NEW SONG: "Gang Of Nine"

"Gang Of Nine", a new song!
The Team Fortress 2 Theme mixed with Akira The Don's Remix of "Clones". After how popular "Boston Boom Bringer" was, I decided to do another rap song!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Echo Chamber Episode 35 Post Game


-Dear Jeff, I hope you enjoyed your Bad Religion concert. Sincerely, Bastard

-Hulk Hogan guested on our podcast! He was talking about Andre The Giant for some reason, but it was good to have you on Hulkster!

-"American Pie" is a megasad song, but for some reason, my brain keeps going to "The Saga Begins" by Weird Al Yankovic

-Ninja Warrior will still be a thing in the U.S. That's... something.
I wonder how the original Ninja Warrior series (Sasuke) is broadcasted in Japan. I know the version that aired on G4 only put up select competitors and didn't show everybody, but I anticipate the American Version will have commercials out the ass and a break after every competitor filled with sap stories on select ones, stretching this shit out to the point of damn near unwatchable.

-With my job situation changing, I might work on the Echo Chamber video game. I drew up some sprites, and if I find the original sheet, I might be able to HD-ify them.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

PAX East 2013 Recap Video and NOT Echo Chamber 34 Post Game

Boston, you're an awesome city, you'll survive this.


 If you want my PAX East Recap that's only sort of a joke, look here:

-The video and the podcast covered a lot, but I also saw The Protomen on Friday, and bought Act II from them, because they were THAT FUCKING AWESOME!!!

-Also, I learned how to play Magic: The Gathering, and led me and my brother down a dark, scary path. I took to learning how to play Yu-Gi-Oh! after we relocated to Florida and my brother was out of people to play with, so I took it up so he'd have someone to play with. Then I introduced him to Magic and now an arms race has begun.

Right now, I'm running a Simic Deck, abusing the shit out of the +1/+1 counters and Evolve properties, while by brother's best deck is a mono-black, abusing Deathcult Rogue and Tormented Soul.

AND BECAUSE I KNOW SOME OF YOU (AKA NOBODY) WILL ASK, I run a machine heavy deck in Yu-Gi-Oh. It did surprisingly well against Paolo (Arcanon) as opposed to everyone I play with down here, who owns

-Jeff in his picks reminded me that My Chemical Romance broke up. They had a good run, and had yet to embarass themselves ala Green Day. I mean, I really liked Danger Days, and have been listening to Black Parade, liking it more and more, and waiting for Conventional Weapons, so while I'm upset that they broke up as I was getting into them, at the same time I can say "They Had A Good Run"

Or they could reunite like Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy. Whatever. It's like superheroes dying.

Monday, April 1, 2013