Sunday, November 6, 2022

Status Quo Sunday Spooks


I've been though it the past couple months: day job rough, losing main twitter account, depression at the state of the world, etc. But basically I still managed to do SOME things, and all my weird furry art shit was my brain keeping productive when I couldn't find the motivation to pick up a guitar. 



This song I covered at Megaplex 2022, and I figured since I had to do the backing track from scratch, might as well finish and make the whole version. It's a tricky mix of the original Wall Of Voodoo and the cover by Authority Zero, taking the delivery of the former and the punk feel of the latter. 


 Ever since I got booted off Twitter, and my phone got good by accident, I decided to use my TikTok account more, and my proxy, Instagram and Youtube.

Mostly it's been smaller things, like game recommendations and tiny skits, but keeping up can be a bit exhausting, whenever I get the urge, I might need to run a couple backups whenever I'm in the mood. 


My friends from the 3000 Brigade have a podcast called "Taste Of Dragons" where they cover gaming news, and talk about a weekly topic, and this week I was that weekly topic! (alongside the Resident Evil and Silent Hill news) It was great seeing these guys again, and I got to do the "Dragon Of The Week", a figure in gaming they feature, and I chose Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo. MY NOTES WILL BE IN THE PATREON AHAHAHAH!


Elon Musk is probably going to make Twitter unusable, either by racist bullshit or by getting rid of the people who do the work.

I have a Linktree that shows you everywhere I am.

Cohost - This feels more like Tumblr than anything, but it's where a lot of professional people are on, and you can "pin" a post with all your relevant tags on it. 

Mastodon - So this one is also kinda eh since it seems like people are also joining this enmasse, but it's more decentralized and it's easy to feel like you picked the "wrong" server when all you want to do is fire off quick shit again. And no threads.

I've appealed to Twitter, but my account will likely be reanalyzed after the elections.

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Busy Sim" From The Sims 2 Composed By Mark Mothersbaugh


Yup! I could have covered Devo, but I might as well look at a full composition by Mothersbaugh. 

It's a slow build and if you change around a bit of the instrumentation, it works as a Devo song. Now, this is one of the Build Mode songs, and while Sims 2 didn't eat up as much of my time as The Sims, or the Gamecube Version, the soundtrack never got to "heavy" preferring to have most of its compositions sound like they could be played on your grandma's old piano, and/or from a 1950's instructional video about the Home Of The Future.

 Either way it makes for very good working music