Sunday, November 24, 2013

Status Quo Survivor Sequence Of Events

Survivor Series is on in the other window, and REAPER is rendering out a test mix of a song known as "Tower Seige". HMMM....

-In other news, the rough frame work for the album has been established, and the story is all in line, as one of the things I'm thinking of doing was an accompanying limited series comic/graphic novel, expounding upon some of the story bits in the album. Once this song is finished, and I re-record the next one, (and replace my Audio Interface), I'll have a version ready to send to artists, mastering peeps, friends and pretty much anybody I need to help out with the back end stuff.

At work this week, I'll begin outlining all of that and take inventory for when I need to make a Kickstarter. 

Punk/Bryan face the Wyatts after John Cena won ANOTHER match against Alberto Del Rio.

Also Bray Wyatt is the only portly man with a beard man who doesn't look like a shithead in a fedora.

-In the works are two Christmas-related songs, one for the TF2 Secret Santa, and one for the Something Awful Christmas Album, so a lot of my songwriting time is going to be taken up by those.

-My first giveaway is coming soon, so be sure to make sure you're on the mailing list for that. It's also testing ground for sending out merch in the future, so if this goes well, then you might see posters and stuff on the Bandcamp page. 

But the giveaway does include Magic The Gathering Cards.

-The stream is active again, and I'll be streaming on opposite Tuesdays of Bonesaw Gaming. Since they're biweekly, I'll stream when they're not on, so you can watch an Echo Chamber member stream Tuesday Nights. This week I'll be streaming some Legendary, a game for the Xbox 360 that I have no clue about.Starts at 8 PM

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 63


This week, I was interviewed by the podcast Chimichanga Talk! Couple of cool guys and they were hella fun to talk to!



-Bands with songs named after themselves:

-If you want a bunch of Nancy Drew games LPs so you can save 80 Bucks.


Nice going, asshole. Not only did you waste $400, but the time of all the indentured university students that had to work at FoxConn for free or else they would never graduate.


This is normally the part where I try to find the clip, but you should really watch UHF. Seriously. Lotsa good stuff in there.

-Mega64 and GameTrailers combine to teach you the secret of MissingNo.




Sunday, November 17, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Is Up To 500 Posts

First the absolutely crushing news: My audio interface has been giving me some problems, so I have to send it back to Focusrite to get it fixed OR get a new one. This past paycheck was the one I use to pay all of my bills, so it'll be two weeks before I can afford another one.

Then the OK news: This doesn't affect anything I recorded, but I can't use Studio One. I can, however, import all the tracks I have recorded into Reaper so I can get a new song up in the meantime.

Finally, the best news: Since I don't have it ready today, the new song will be given to the mailing list people first, AND a free CD and poster will be given away to one lucky subscriber! Song goes out this Saturday at midnight, so be sure to sign up to get in on it.

Since this is a big posts, and people are idiots, here's a couple of my biggest milestones in what I feel to be the history of the site:

1. Releasing "Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track"
It was something I did for some of my best friends, for something I was proud to be a part of, and something I followed through with until the end. It was hard, but I learned a lot of lessons for "Status Quo Radio"

2. My first convention gig at I-Con, which led to my first bit of music being played in a podcast
Even though they do regular podcasts sparingly, I still loves me some Rag-Nerd-Rok.
Also, they're trying to reboot it, so donate via IndieGoGo!

3. Getting my music featured in a game

4. My first ever interview! (2:00)

5. The one time Complex Magazine pimped out my song, "Lord I Miss Deadly Premonition"

6. The one time the TF2 Subreddit loved the shit out of my song "Boston Boom Bringer"

7. The one time the Two Best Friends Play subreddit loved the shit out of my song "Fahrenhype" 

8. Being a part of the awesomest podcast evar!!!


Still many more to list, so if I forgot any, let me know in the comments section that's totally here.

Now, let's take a look back and what everyone who stumbled through on Google decided were my best posts:
10.  Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 52
I don't know what it is about this episode, but- Oh... the first episode of "Anime Cow Is Late For School"

9. Discussion Topic: Gradual vs. Tier
A brief write up I did of budgeting Rock Band Network royalties... Interesting...

The most recent State Of The Bastard Address. It's like Status Quo Sunday, only more WHOA! Because I have a whole year, you see...

7.  Status Quo Sunday Gets Back From OMFG at AFO and listens to AFI
What folloooows... Is a compilation of AFI's early releases and my impressions of the biggest convention I've been to so far (aside from PAX East)

6. My Greatest Moments In Rock Band
A few little vignettes about some good times I had playing on plastic instruments.

A.K.A. Random videos that had stuff I did in them intersperse with other stuff so I don't look like a braggart.

4. The Great Plastic Guitar Gig In The Sky
A post-mortem on the Guitar Hero series. I have one for my Tony Hawk feelz, but it didn't make the Top 10. SORRY.

3. Todd In The Shadows: Best Pop Songs of 2010
Something that I linked to that features someone who is constantly googled.

2. REPOST: Cee Lo Green Coming To Rock Band
Me trollin' people. Not doing to good at it. At least I got some hits?   

1. Guitar Hero Arcade Setlist
AKA My Speculations, Followed by Actual News. CERTAINLY NOT UNDERWHELMING AT ALL


So, what does the future hold?
-Album Number 2, "Status Quo Radio". I'm looking at my options for mastering it, and trying to get a budget together so I can put out a Kickstarter.

-More conventions and shows! Florida's equivalent of Williamsburg is only a 10 minute drive away, so if I can score some shows there, I will.

-I'm going to be streaming again! This Wednesday, 8 PM, either The Walking Dead: 400 Days or Fables: The Wolf Among Us.

See you all next week, hopefully with some better news.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Gets Mega-Hyped

Thanks to the Two Best Friends Zaibatsu, Fahrenhype has gotten over 300 plays on Soundcloud the first 24 hours of its release! Thanks to everyone who gave it a listen! MEGA HYPE!

All right, enough dilly dally, what do I have in store for this week?
-Work on Status Quo Radio has stalled a bit, but that's because this week was mostly promoting "Fahrenhype". But this week will be dedicated to finishing the next track and writing more songs. Once "Class 5" is done, I'll start work on getting the Project File in Studio One together. Hopefully the old girl can take it :)

-KICKSTARTER ALERT! OilCan Drive is a combination album/comic book, and once I get paid this week, I'll be sure to drop some money on it. The band itself lists its influences as Green Day and Iggy Pop, so it's almost an inevitably that I'll drop some cash on it. Best way to describe it? Garage Rock without the Garage. Cause they're a post apocalyptic rock band you see.

-Got "The Wolf Among Us: Ep 1" and "Arcadecraft" today, so at least I'll have something to do when everything's rendering.

-Speaking of video games, I finally  got a shelf for underneath my TV, and stored my N64 box in my desk, so all of that is neat and packed away, so I can waste time more efficiently.

-Also, if you're an artist looking to make a little something on commissions, I'm looking for someone to do some banner art for my YouTube and Facebook page. Send me an e-mail at if you're interested.

-Next week will be my 500th post. Hmm...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Recaps ALL The Podcasts!

 First and foremost, as promised, here's a new song "Fahrenhype"

Beat used: "Let It Crawl" by Society's Bag

Since Two Best Friends Play and Supergreatfriend both finished up their LPs of “Indigo Prophecy” at around the same time, I made this.

I got Indigo Prophecy the first week or so it came out. Like most people, I was pumped for the first few hours of game play, and it was really great because it was setting up this cool mystery, and then it absolutely went to shit. I'm kind of curious what the buildup would have been had they had proper time to finish up that project.

The initial premise, that you take on the role and the police, made for an interesting mechanic, but it's completely abandoned two scenes in to make room for the 100 other types of subplots they wanted to get in.

The characters are very broadly drawn, with their roles boiled down to things such as "The Hero", "The Love Interest", "The Black Guy", etc. and while appreciate the little details that are put into their lives (Lucas plays guitar and practices martial arts, Tyler has a girlfriend and plays video games, Carla's best friend), the characters themselves aren't very interesting. I don't have fond memories of anyone from that game like I did with Deadly Premonition and The Walking Dead.

Granted, I finished it, but only because there were so many dangling hooks, I had to be dragged along for the ride, and I was already halfway through before it became "Play Simon to advance".

At the end of the day, while I may find his games problematic, I appreciate what his doing, and am more than glad that a person like him can make the games that he does. Again, The Walking Dead came along and kicked the crap out of everything he did, but as far as making people think a little differently about games with a AAA budget, then it's OK... for now.


My segment starts right around the 2 hour mark. We talk about screwy video games, rock n' roll radio cliches, TWO FOR TUESDAY, and movies. I'd love to be back on there again sometime!


The RAW Episode after a Pay Per View is always an odd one. Hell in a Cell didn't resolve a lot, and Daniel Bryan got screwed out of the title again. It's getting old at this point, and none of the non-comedy plotlines interest me now that John Cena's back.


And I failed... again...


The good news is that I got a three song deep queue of stuff on the backburner, so I'm never not running out of material.

The bad news is that eventually I'm going to be moving some of the Dino Hunter MD songs off of Soundcloud, since they're on Bandcamp, and I'm running out of space on SoundCloud.