Sunday, June 4, 2023

Status Quo Sunday Is Blowing The Hell Up

 I've done a bunch of shit since the last SQS, so let's go!



WOW, WHAT A WEEKEND! I'm serious, this show popped the FUCK off, and I couldn't be happier! I made a bunch of new fans, sold a lot of merch, and most importantly...


Also I was a host for the live Fastest Furs event, which while relatively uneventful given my timeslot, was a great place to meet people I've only seen on the other side of a Twitch stream, and really, why else do we show up to these conventions?

Still incredible that we made 60% more than our goal for the Animal Park Conservatory!

Excited to go back next year, and yes, I will be getting TWO MIC STANDS! Maybe three? I dunno. 

Atlanta's also been the city where I've been putting a lot of my job applications, because as you might have seen in the news, Florida ain't going too great... 

A funny story I got is that I got a call for a job interview on the elevator at the con... while on my way to a Himbo Hooters meetup!












Anime Festival Orlando- June 17th, 2023, 8 PM Open Panel Room







AKA The only anime convention that hasn't pissed me off yet! I remember actually doing pretty well, but this year it's the same weekend as CommanderFest Orlando, so I'm trying to get some cross promotion going. Of course, I will make it plenty early so everyone can jam in some commander games with me :D

Anthrocon- June 30th, 2023, 5:30 PM, DLCC Spirit of Pittsburgh







This is the big time, y'all! I'm going to be crammed in a room, but this is the best way I can make it work on such short notice. THE PREMIERE furry con (well, at least until Midwest Fur Fest) but this is such a big opportunity, I'm making it count! 



Hey, a game I did music for made it to the final game! It's a tight little package that is a well constructed experience. There's not a whole lot there mind you, but what is there is 100% solid. 

I would like to do more music for it, especially if and when they plan to make more content for it. Hopefully someone else can run with it. 

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Call Of The Void" by Mutoid Man

My friend Milt introduced me to these guys through the series "Two Minutes To Late Night", where they are the house band. Coincidentally, 2M2LN directed the video, and Jordan Olds/Gwarsenio Hall makes an appearance as an "Imagineer"/Jonesy Spencerson. Mutoid Man is the name of a boss from the game Smash TV, and this is the closest I've seen them pay homage to its namesake.

"Call Of The Void" FUCKING GOES. It's constant motion and whining, screeching chaos that belies a song about avoiding despair, which GIVEN EVERYTHING is very necessary. I can "hear" everything without it devolving into noise or "Put Me In Clone Hero" shredding. Just a well put together song that varies up its central conceit to keep it recognizable without having it get dull or overly "pop"

One thing I like noticing in TV shows and such is when a character that's a robot has mechanical whirring effects dubbed in later like Jimmy The Robot from "The Aquabats Super Show". Here, the band is portrayed as an animation band, and YUP, the got the little whirs. Don't worry nothing bad happens, trust me.