Sunday, April 26, 2020

Sure, I'll Do A Status Quo Sunday

Yup, I'm doing this again!

This isn't to fix my car, oh no, it's just a online convention/donation drive because I really like putting this on last year.

It's going to be from Noon to Midnight, and I'll finalize the schedule after I hear back from everyone.

$20- Codes to redeem everything on my Bandcamp Page
$50- I will read some copy for you live on stream. This can be a promo, or a piece of bad fanfiction, or whatever.
$125- Everything above, plus a merch bundle (T-shirt, CD, poster, button and stickers)
$300- I will personally record you a cover of a song
$3000 (must own an Xbox One): At a later date, you and me doing a full playthrough of Resident Evil 5 while I'm in my Chris Redfield Cosplay.


It's not much now, but it's where I'll be putting some T-Shirt designs that I have, but can't bring to conventions.

I'm working on a new design which will be available (hopefully) before Megaplex which will (hopefully) happen!

NEW PODCAST: RPG Pals Club Episode 30: Fisticuffs Centaur!

The City of Waterdeep has seen people responding to oracles before, but has it ever seen people responding as wildly as this? Also, Luke has tips for your health!

Fisticuffs Centaur is my new favorite character.

NEW PODCAST: I'd Rather Not Episode 128: The Zoo King vs. The Infinity Bracer

WOULD YOU RATHER: Fight every animal in a zoo OR teach sapient animals to fly space jets in order to save the world?

We accidentally created some genius new lore. 2020 has been a terribly year for everything else, but MAN we got some incredible inside jokes to work with.


NEW PODCAST: Game Shows I Suppose: America Says

Lovable Nerd, Party Dude, and Musician Rhythm Bastard stops by the show to get his taste of America Says, the show where everybody can play as long as you can figure out what A_______ T_____

It’s a very loud episode, if you ask me, but it is also one of the most fun shows, we even PLAY IT LIVE

Also, Shopping Spree is in the Spotlight.

Game Shows I Suppose is a game show podcast run by an online friend of mine, Jordan Hass, and he talks about Game Shows, because he loves them so much!