Tuesday, September 24, 2013

This Article On PalmCon Was A Sorta Depressing Thing

This article has been making its rounds on my Facebook lately.

Mike of Florida SuperCon does do a pretty good breakdown, and really hits the nail on the head.

To summarize, a journalist goes to PalmCon, and breaks it down, citing low attendence, and how horrible the costumes were, and etc. Basically, this is a grown woman acting like a child:
"I had sort-of high hopes for my first comic book convention -- not because I like comics (ew) but because I really love dumb hats and costumes... That said, some people there were having a lot of fun. I don't understand it -- but hey, I really wish stacks of old Duck Tales comics were enough to shake me from my jadedness and misery. "

PalmCon, along with a lot of the cons down here in Florida, aren't as big as SDCC or NYCC, true, but cons down here in Florida are experiences, treks, fun things to do for a day or over the weekend. You buy a ticket, hang out with like minded nerds, then walk off grounds to get a bite to eat at a local fast food joint or Starbucks, and come back for all the 18+ panels.

They're about FUN, something the author of the article refused to have, lest she ruin whatever cred working for a local news blog has.

I believe our friends Suburban Legends have some words of wisdom:

I'm reminded of a similar story, when a journalist from Gawker wrote up a story on dating a pro Magic: The Gathering player via OKCupid.

Reading back, it was nowhere near as cynical or hateful I remembered it being, but that caused a bit of a shitstorm in its day. The Gawker article could be interpreted as, "Hey, if you have a hobby that takes up a good chunk of time and money, let someone know, as it's important in a relationship", the PalmCon article was like "This is lame and boring, I don't care, hahaha"

What I'm saying is, don't be a hater (cuz haters are so nasty) and make any threats or call her out on her looks or anything like that.

Call her out for her terrible attitude, call out the publication for letting run, because that's the only way they'll get better.

Though, $4 almonds PalmCon? REALLY?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Makes Like E. Honda

Yesterday I stopped by PalmCon for a little bit, handed out some fliers, and got to catch up with a lot of people I've only chatted with online before.

Also, I played the Theros Pre-Release, and pulled the Hundered Handed One.
Me, Jeff, Dylan (AnimeCow) and two other guys did a podcast on our experience.

Hundered hands? Palm? GET IT YOU GUYS?

Not much in the way of new stuff in the works, but networking is always a step in the right direction.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Gets Ready To Ride The Lightning

As always, after a con, the next week is sending out e-mails and putting together videos and whatnot.


Again, big ups to Nat of S.S. Hanami for recording it all.

What did I accomplish this week?
-Getting a mailing list started up again. Just submit your e-mail at the sidebar!
Once I get a few more subscribers, I'll start giving away stuff.
-Writing some songs! It's a lot faster and a lot heavier than what I've been working on before.
Since I don't have any conventions for at least another couple weeks, I can put some time in. One is for the album, the other because fuck you I'm in artist I can do what I want.
-Watching WWE Night Of Champions. Rob Van Dam just won via DQ, but still lost the belt to Alberto Del Rio. For a guy in his 40s, RVD is surprisingly spry.
-Watching 2 Best Friends Play... Right now, I'm typing this to the sounds of them playing Eternal Darkness.
-Contacting more conventions, so I can squeeze one more in by the end of the year, otherwise, my next one is Sands of Anime in Cocoa Beach. There's a couple south of me in the next couple months.

What do I hope to get done this week?
-Land one of said conventions.
-See how all of tonight's events unfold on WWERaw tomorrow night.
-Theros PreRelease
-Finish one of said songs.
-Hit up PalmCon and Network.

That's this week's Status Quo! Now AMSCRAY. Daniel Bryan's facing Orton for the WWE Champeenship.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Goes U-Mi U-My


-To all of you I gave a card/CD to, WELCOME!!! Sorry about the mess...

I got there on Saturday a little after noon. It's about a 3 hour drive, but a straight shot down I-95. First thing I did was check in, and WOW the room was nice. I decided to stay there since it was only one night, and it was worth it, especially considering lugging my equipment is not something I've gotten down to something I can handle in one trip.

However, I did manage to pack up all my sound equipment in the box I got my USB Audio Interface in, and put that alongside all my merch in one box. I dubbed it the "Cardboard Roadie".

After I got my room all set up, I played some Magic in the Tabletop room, before settling into the Dealer's Room with S.S. Hanami before the show. I sold some CDs, and turned a couple people on to Dino Hunter MD.

S.S. Hanami BTW? Super nice guys, one of two reasons I have any live footage. The other reason? 16GB Micro SD Card.

Funny story: a girl tried to buy some stuff from me with Yu-Gi-Oh cards. She only wanted buttons, so I sold 2 for 2. It's no Voice Of Resurgence for all the merch I have, BUT I GUESS IT'S OK.

Another sidenote? Playing with the giveaway 30 card Magic Decks was a fun way to pass the time at the booth.

So, on to the show itself:
First up, The Cog Is Dead. While they do have more members, they had a skeleton crew of their guitarist/lead singer and drummer. Even stripped down, they had a fun jazzy sound to them, and it's a shame the hall wasn't more crowded, because it could have gotten the people dancing. The best way to describe them would be like a Steampunk The Black Keys.

Then ME! Sound was a bit off at times, since I couldn't hear the laptop, but I was suggested an in-ear monitor, and will be looking into that.

Then came S.S. Hanami. I probably already talked about their music in a previous recap, but they still put on a good show, and I even got to play the koto (the Japanese harp used in some of their songs) when we were at the booth on Sunday. I got live video of them which I'll have to sort through and torture my poor computer with the frightening task of "Making A Video Brighter".

 It was fun. but suffered the same fate as AFO: it was kind of out of the way. Granted, it was all in one direcection, so you would pass it by on the way to something else, but the sound couldn't reach beyond the immediate area.

Also, they commited what should be a cardinal sin of cons: NO SCHEDULES IN FRONT OF THE ROOMS. Instead, they had one chart by the registration desk.

Then I got booze, and hung out with two guys dressed as Aquabats, and I got pretty drunk. It didn't help that The Aquabros had a backpack loaded with beer... And the hotel gave me free drink tickets...

The big thing of the night was the Quinton Flynn 18+ Panel, where he joked around, did some impressions, and answered some questions. Then Todd Haberkorn and John Swayse showed up, and they all goofed around. It's good to see guys who probably do a lot of conventions have a good time together instead of looking like they're sick of it all.

Really that was it for me, Sunday I couldn't stay too long, since I had a three hour drive ahead of me. I managed to get a couple more games of Magic in, and get a good breakfast before heading back.

 Umicon, I would love to be back next year!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 54


-Thatcher x Reagan x Ayn Rand is my OT3 :) ;) ==D~

-But we all know who Thatcher's really into:

No lie, this is one catchy song, and just as applicable Stateside

-Here's the song "We've Got A Bigger Problem Now"

-Regarding the 2DS:
If it's more powerful than the regular DS and we could be getting better looking portable games, I'd be down. But the thing is, I used my old DS for a music player, and for gaming on the go. I know the rest of the Echo Crew doubted it, but a closed DSLite was among the things I'd leave the house with, along with my wallet/keys/watch combo.

On the toilet, (LET'S FACE IT , WE ALL DO IT), I use the speakers, but on the bus/train/car, I'd use headphones.

Though Jeff's "$130 Pokemon Machine" does hit the nail RIGHT on the head.

-Wow, we went from Wii U to talks about about Socialism. Why does everyone hate on Socialists? They would be a lot of fun at parties.

-To those of you even further behind, here's the SparkNotes for Animal Farm. This is a companion to our podcast as much as it is my ramblings.

As Goku and Piccilo fought Dark Sephrioth Goku the Stampede when they were going all Super Saiyan and stuff, thoughts clouded Arcanon's mind...

"This seems familiar... I remember... I remember it WITH MY BRAIN!!" he said as his swirly glasses swirled a lot and he remembered important things from last night...

AnimeCow, Arcanon and Jeff were hanging out at Arcanons house, watching game shows. It was Family Feud, and Steve Harvey was hosting. Somebody answered something really stupid and Steve Harvey wondered if it was too late to break from the contract that he signed.

"Man, are these people drunk?" asked Jeff. "I'd never drink EVER. TRUPUNX ARE STRAIGHTEDGE!!"

"You said it!" said Arcanon. "It would interfere with our studies! Which is the most important thing!"

"I thought it was developing the Mystical Power that we all conveniently have" said AnimeCow. "You know, the ones that help us defeat the Greatest Evil Known To Man?"

"No, all I have are these glasses that are swirling all the time" said Arcanon, taking off his swirly glasses. Unfortunately, he then saw a hellish landscape before him that was so horrifying I couldn't be bothered to write what it looked like. So then he put his glasses back on. "Ughh... Remind me to buy some weed from those kindgarteners tomorrow."

"Well, I have this wicked sweet beard!" said Jeff, who is 15, but has the beard because he is half 15, half 3000 year old wolf spirit.

Their attentions were turned back to the TV, where there was another episode of Family Feud on. but it was with Richard Karn, meaning it wasn't as good so they all played a round Monsters: The Dueling, the popular card game that is apparently the most important thing ever, and tried to forget that Home Improvement ever existed.

Meanwhile, Mystakin stood outside the house going "Baka Cow-chan...with his baka gameshows. NOT LIKE I WANTED TO WATCH THEM OR ANYTHING... HE WAS IN MY WAY"

Earlier that day...
"Hey, Stakin-sama! Want to watch game shows at Arcanon-senpai's house tonight?" asked Anime Cow.
"NO!" yelled Mystakin as he pushed AnimeCow into the lockers and stormed off.

Suddenly, a large buff wizard tapped Mystakin on the shoulder. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOUNG MAN?"

"Watching these gaijin watch their kawaii game shows desu! Baka Cow!"


"Only the biggest jerk that has the Mystical Power that can stop the greatest threat to mankind! Buttface"


"I... guess...?" said Mystakin, walking away. Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede laughed evilly as he hatched an evil plan.

After the game shows were over, the three friends went their separate ways. On his way out, Jeff found a bottle of Dewar's on the lawn outside. "Hey Arcanon! Is this yours?"

"No, I don't know who left it there! You can keep it!"

"Well, TRUPUNX ARE STRAIGHTEDGE, but I guess I'll take it home anyway!"

"I have to go get a good night's rest!" said AnimeCow. "I want to make sure I'm on time for school!"

However, when AnimeCow fell asleep that night, Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede snuck into his room, while he was completely unconcious and vulnerable, and adjusted his alarm clock so that AnimeCow would wake up later!

The next morning...
"Oh no! I'm late for school!" exclaimed AnimeCow as he put a piece of toast in his mouth.

And in the present, Dark Sephiroth Goku The Stampede was laying waste to the school, despite the best efforts of Goku, Piccillo, Alphonse Elric and Batman, who joined the battle while Arcanon was remembering stuff.



Monday, September 2, 2013

It's Still Status Quo Sunday Somewhere


Because A. I'm on the East Coast and B. I'm a little drunk right now.

However, most importantly is C. I'm working on a new song as I type.

It's one of those "This is an awesome riff! Let's make a song about it!" type deals. Right now, as it stands, it's heavy, it's groovy, but it's got no lyrics. But who knows, I've gotten ideas from video game loading screens and random YouTube videos.

The objective of this week is my set at UmiCon. The good news, there's some good guests and lots of Magic Drafts. The bad news? Only one half hour set, and I'm 3 hours away from Daytona Beach. Good news? It's a nice hotel with a beach view! Bad news? Can only afford to stay one night. But I will be staying all day Saturday and leaving relatively early on Sunday (like, midafternoon).

EDIT: One project I'm going to be working on today is "Con In A Box". I was looking for a decent sized box to hold my CDs and posters so I'm not carrying it around in a Staples bag. Then I thought, since in addition to that, I'm carrying around a box that also has all my sound stuff (most of which I really don't need), so why not try to put that in there as well?

So that, and fixing my streaming set up is going to be my Labor Day.

And of course preparing for UmiCon :)

Speaking of conventions, I did a write up for Florida Geek Scene, and they posted my videos!