Sunday, July 11, 2021

Status Quo Sunday's Got It In The Baaaaaag

It's been a whiiiile, but cons are starting up again!


12:30 AM on Saturday in Socials 2!

First con of the year, I'll be playing at Megaplex in Orlando, FL!

Granted, it's a Midnight Show, but I'll be sure to make it EXTRA worth it so you can party EXTRA hard!

I've gotten all my shots, but I'm still going to take some precautions, and Megaplex does have some protocols in place. Unfortunately no in person game room, but a lot of people are probably bringing their own stuff, and I am bringing my Switch for impromptu Fuser Raves.



On June 20th, I was interviewed by a radio show called South Afrifur on the radio station Furry.FM and it was probably the most in-depth interview I've had in a while, and they were very excited to have me on! Also there was a live chat while the interview was going on and it seemed like people were interested, so who knows?

Ivic, one of the co-hosts of the show is unfortunately dealing with a brain tumor right now, and the people at Furry.FM have started a donation drive to help him deal with medical costs.











Since conventions ARE starting up again, what better way to show up to your hotel room in style with this sweet Kick Drum Logo Duffel Bag?

ENBIETY helped with this design, and the logo on the ends works so well. It's got plenty of room to fit everything you need for a weekend of partying and at least two bottles of booze! 

I do have a lot more merch ready for the coming months, and am trying to get Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock ready for Iwai. Right now as far as this goes, I'm trying to find other ways to get people to the shop, since a lot of the stuff on there is very comfy, but I'm not a web designer :(

Also still have a casting call open!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Dancing On My Own" by Robyn

I haven't thought about Robyn since the late 90's when "Show Me Love" was making the rounds, but while the rest of us weren't looking she was still making great dance music. What got me to finally check this song out was a passing mention of "Dancing On My Own" in a Top 10 Best Of The Year from Todd In The Shadows saying mentioning that a lot of the "Best Songs of the 2010s" lists that music sites put together place it as a solid contender.

And his assessment of the song is on point: "[Dancing On My Own is] a brilliant track that proves that you can have a high tempo dance song that's still one of the saddest songs ever written. When they make movies about the early 2010s, that's the song all the characters will be dancing to." 

She's lonely, she knows it's over and he's never going to come back again. Still, she's there, watching and trying to make it look like she's fine on her own. Don't worry about it :....)

Robyn SELLS it in the music video, and the dances punctuate the feeling so well. I've been that guy and seen that girl and yeah, there's a very specific rhythm to "My outside says 'Fuck it I'm just here to dance' while the inside says 'What the hell is he doing?'"

Incredible pop all around!