Monday, May 25, 2015

Attack On Status Quo: Episode Sunday

This week's jam:

Omni Expo turned out a lot better than I was expecting, for someone who has only seen 6 episodes of Attack On Titan (one more since last year).

First off, a hearty hello to everyone who I met and a million thanks to everyone who came out to see my show on Saturday and Sunday! Sorry it was in the hot room with the less than optimal set up, but we made it work!
Some highlights:
-The concerts: EyeQ spits literal fire, and Ben Briggs knows how do run a DJ booth. Was also introduced to Boy Without Batteries, who introduced me to LSDJ, a program used to make music on Game Boys. Briggs and Boy Without Batteries hosted an electronic music production panel that I found very interesting. I've been considering going into

-Getting in a 4-player game of Boss Monster, and a bunch of games of Magic The Gathering. Boss Monster is a game where you want to AVOID opportunities to score for as long as possible. The object of the game is to build a dungeon where heroes come in to try and kill you, but you have to kill them first. Depending on the rooms in your dungeon, you atract different types of heroes. Therefore, it's usually smarter to avoid attracting heroes to your dungeon until you have a few rooms.

-More Gaijin Takiyaki. Candy wrapped in cake batter. MMM….

-Meeting up with TrueGeekRadio.

-Matt Mercer doing his Kirby voice from THERE WILL BE BRAWL. I just learned that he was/is the new voice of Kanji from Persona 4. If I would have known that, I would have asked him to do one of his quotes instead like :”IM GONNA RENOVATE YOUR ASS”

-Sleeping in my car. That was … fun. Remember kids, always book a hotel room in advance, ESPECIALLY if it’s memorial day weekend.

And that's pretty much it. My next show is at Hero Hype Con for Year 3. GET HYPED!

Fuck you, I'm tired, and I've got 10 hour days this week. I will post something in the middle of the week to make up for no podcast though.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Echo Chamber Episode 125


-":Listen, Johnson, we need a device meant to calm down hypersensitive people, you know, for those suffering from autism, whatcha got?"
"Well, we got a device that gently squeezes people like a box of hugs."

-PINK FLOUD MUSIC VIDEO, "Another Brick in the Wall"

-So far the "Must-Have" games for the WiiU seem to be:
Mario 3D World
Super Mario Bros Wii U
Wonderful 101
Super Smash Bros.
Mario Kart 8
Hyrule Warriors
It's a solid lineup, but like with the Xbone, I need something MORE...

-The Amiibo shit is getting ridiculous, but I guess Nintendo erred on the side of caution in the event it would be another e-Reader, so I can see them being conservative with the release, but surely they're going to be coming out with the new waves a little more frequently. If/when I get a WiiU, I'd only want the Capt. Falcon., Little Mac and Jigglypuff Amiibos, because I love punching shit.

-According to HMK, the Nintendo World Championship prequalifiers will be Ultimate NES Remix, for the games Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, and Dr. Mario. One of the qualifiers is in Miami, so I might try to get my brother to go, but that would involves waking up on the weekend, so I doubt he'd be down for that.

-Here's the Seanbaby recap I mentioned: SKIP ROGER'S VIDEO GAME TIPZ!!?!!


-The day after this episode aired I had to leave work early (hit my 40 hours), so I was able to catch some of the IGN stream, and here's some tiddles and bits:
-Footage was a little choppy, but it was still in Pre-Alpha. It looked great, though.  -During downtime in certain sections of songs (no vocals/bass/etc.), you can vote for the next song in general categories (70's song, songs with female vocalists, David Bowie), and everything seemed to work right off the bat, as they played a lot of older songs.Seemed to work really well, and the random element could help people rediscover songs they didn't know they had.
-They seem to be playing up the "live show" aspect by making the vocalist say things like "HEY BOSTON" or "ARE YOU READY FOR MORE?" before the next set of songs starts. Seemed to slow things down, unless that's how they hide loading, but hopefully that will be made more relevant as we find more details.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Status Quo All Stars

This week's Jam:

someBODY once told me....


Now, while I haven't seen much of Attack on Titan, I am still excited for this event. What am I looking forward to?
-My show! New songs in the works, new live songs, and some plenty of the old standbys!
-EyeQ! I saw him at Roborob/Shelby's reception and Orlando Nerd Fest as himself and part of RPG-Unit. He's hosting a couple workshops with Ben Briggs, and I want to swing by.
-Roborob at Space Coast Nerd Fest, which is why not a lot of album stuff is being done. We're both showmen a heart, and we're practicing really hard you guys.
-Meeting Matt Mercer. Currently the voice of Levi on Attack on Titan, but recently I found out he did this... interesting series for the Escapist aka Totally Pays On Time Central. called "There Will Be Brawl"

Also this weekend, I was at South Florida Magic's Battle of the Stores, cheering on my two stores, Past Present Future comics in West Palm Beach and Wizard's Tower in Stuart. My friend Jacob did a write up on his personal site, and while I wasn't part of a team, I still got to play some side events, scrubbing out of two drafts, but at least I got to play some other card games like Star Realms and the DC Deckbuilding Game.

Team Wizard's (of Wizards Tower) took first prize! Congratz guys!

So, I got some good news! I'm putting in the orders for the T-shirts, hopefully they can be at Hero Hype Con. Right now, I'm putting in some practice while RAW is on in the background. Omni Expo is looking to be a lot of fun, and I might also stop by the IndieBox offices to do some boxing and get mine early...

Big weekend coming up, let's kick its ass!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Echo Chamber Episode 124 Post Game


-This episode started out really well, with a Standard Echo Chamber talk about fighting games that became about Bobby Flay eating pigeons. Then we kinda lost track somewhere and I started a Game Show.

-Cow and Chicken? Yup, that was a real show in the 90's. That was in the era when the 80's ran out of toys to sell, so they kinda grabbed anybody and was like "YO, YOU GOT A SHOW IDEA? FIRST ONE THAT POS INTO YOUR HEAD, GO!" Also Charlie Adler did the whole "I do a shitton of voices in this cartoon" WAY before Seth MacFarlane.

-Here's the Rock Band 3 Ebay Auction

-Esperanto is like the Bitcoins of language: Yeah,sure it's a good thing in theory to unify everything, but at the same time everything else that currently exists satisfies that niche pretty well, so like, why bother?

Difference is that those who practice Esperanto, while not learning a very widely used (like, at all) language, are still using the part of your brain engaged in language skills and are working under the pretense of getting all human beings to communicate with each other on a common plane so that we can live on this Earth in piece.

Bitcoin users set their computers on fire in a futile effort to gamble and hope the rest of the world catches on, and if not say that they will go Galt and live in a Libertarian Paradise that will not have anything go wrong.

-Klingon Kongress- The exact opposite of sexual congress.

Or sexual congress, but WITH WAY MORE COMBAT! Like, you add rubber bits to a Bal'eth and fuck each other with them. Oh yeah, baby, feel my ridges

-Fulminator Mage
This card is WAY lamer than I was imagining. "Sacrifice Fulminator Mage: Destroy Target Nonbasic Land". A. Ghost Quarter already exists and B. In Modern Mastars format, the non-basic lands aren't terribly good.

-Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged 35: The Man Who Would Be Steve

-"In Animeland, You Don't Have Friends, You Only Have People Who Are Not Currently Beating You Up"

-You know who else holds public office and beats people up? MIKE FUCKING HAGGAR!

-I'm still down to do a live podcast, having us all show up on video and you can see what we all look like. The answer is, ugly, hideous, stupid, and butts in no particular order. Maybe double butts.

-The Universal Studios/Nintendo Thing is true. We're still waiting on details, and they won't happen for another few years, but as you can tell, we're already giddy with excitement.

Interestingly enough, I found in my research that this is not the first time Nintendo and Universal Studios have crossed paths. Early in Nintendo's career as a video game company, Universal Movies got super butthurt that Nintendo used the word Kong in titles of one of it's games. Then the United States District Court for Southern New York was all like "Ehhh.... not really", and that made Universal even more butthurt, trying to coerce 3rd parties into not doing business with Nintendo. Universal had to pay Nintendo damages to the tune of $50,000, using $30,000 to buy a sailboat called the Donkey Kong.

Another big takeaway from this is that the lawyer who represented Nintendo was named John Kirby, later using his name for the popular Kirby character. Which is ironic, because clearly John Kirby didn't suck at his job. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Status Quo Takes Flight

This week's jam:



And with that, we bring the Khan-cept album to a close. I really enjoyed working on all of these, and I like that the paces of the songs matched the sizes of the sets in the Khans of Tarkir block. Khans and Dragons of Tarkir were the large sets, and "Force Of Dragons" and "Unbroken" were fast songs. Fate Reforged was the small set, "Change The War" was the slow song.

Were the songs any good? Yeah, I loved writing them. Was I accurate? Well, that's up for you to decide. 
Mad props to all the Uncharted Realms writers!

For the uninitiated, the basic story of this recent block was this:
1.A world where everyone killed all the dragons, and taken over by clans who fight each other all the time.
2. Wait a sec, we need the dragons, we gotta go back to the past.
3. Cool, dragons are back now.

I might throw together a small EP or something and sell it for a dollar on BandCamp. The mailing list has already downloaded their MP3s.

The drafting in this set was fun as well, and each format relied on their own strategies. I have a 6 AM ride out tomorrow, so I won't go deep into it, but I might at a later date.

Still getting ready for Omni Expo, working on my setlist, and I'm 99% sure I'm going to include "Unbroken" in there. Partly why I do these things is so I occasionally have something new to play at con shows :).

I'll be posting up a hype video for that, as well as one for Hero Hype Con. Also a couple other vids I'm finishing up, but work has been ridiculous lately, so who knows.

Also, shout out to why I post these things on Monday (Worried you'll have nothing to talk about? (NO!!)), the Restustream, based off the channel Retsupurae, which, while I realized there are 1000s of Smash Mouth "All Star" AMVs, there are a couple good ones, and here's one for "Radioactive", a song I'm sick of hearing. Just the editing along is enough to make things hype:

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Echo Chamber Episode 123 Post Game


-Our Kickstarter Goal was $0, so in theory, we've made our money and so much more.

-Happy birthday Jeff!

-Luther, Anger Translator at Press Correspondents Dinner:

Colbert got in a bit of trouble at the dinner he was at because the Republicans didn't know he was a parody. Believe it or not, the laugh track and jokes the fact that it was on Comedy Central didn't tip them off. Or rather, I guess right-leaning candidates were going in expecting him to be less critical.
-Yooka-Laylee Kickstarter!
I didn't play much of Banjo-Kazooie, but I did beat all of Donkey Kong 64,and it's a wonder how I made it through all of that without achievements or anything to encourage you. Then again, I was, like, 8 when Mario 64 came out.

Mostly the reason that these kinds of games aren't made any more is threefold:
1. Metroidvania style games are more in vogue among indie developers, with their focus on exploring rather than collecting and platforming, preferring to go with one long level as opposed to several different ones.
2. Those games are seen more aimed at children, so less effort is put into them, and the excessive amounts of effort in design, objectives and gameplay found in the earlier games is lost, as to make a shorter, more profitable turnaround.
3. Games can't do one thing anymore. AAA titles cannot simply be "Shooter", "Action", "RPG", etc. In a bid to keep players playing and seem like more game than "the other guy".

-Closest thing to a Super Mario 64 skybox I could find.

-Stop and Swop educational video:

-Also similar to the ice keys and eggs was the island in the Dam Mission in Goldeneye 007. It can still be seen in the main game, but has since been removed for the sake of a tighter game.

-FREE GAME IDEA: Jousting with Subway Sandwiches in the Subway on Segways. NEXT LUDUM DARE!!!

-The fictional sport I was thinking of with the trampolines and the pool of water was Kosho.
From Wikipedia:
Kosho (Old Pine Tree), a style of martial art practised in the live action television series, The Prisoner. The art in the series is far different than the real art practiced by follower of James Mitose. In the series two combatants dressed in long coats, helmets and reinforced gloves face off on opposing trampolines separated by a pool of water, all of which is surrounded by an elevated ledge and railing. All surfaces are open to use, and the art includes striking and grappling skills, as well as acrobatic manouvres. The goal is to force one's opponent into the pool.


-"Jumpin Jack Flash" from Elite Beat Agents, the best version of the song, and the best setup for any song ever.

-'Ready Steady Go" by Zebrahead cover:

-Here's the Next Generation Article I'm talking about.
 It's astounding how many of those actually came out and had a gigantic impact on the system. That article was in May of 1997, before Goldeneye, Legend of Zelda, Banjo Kazooie, Super Smash Bros, F-Zero X and all the other classic games came out for the system. There were a couple Japan-only projects, hinging on the 64DD, but even in the early days it was amazing to see what was coming out for such well-remembered system, and to see what failed to manifest.

-"I don't know enough about programming!"- Mystakin, author of several Ludum Dare games.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Status Quo and Sunday With Me

This weekend's jam:

Heard it on the radio in the wild this weekend... Patting myself on the back for this one. I guess I should be too surprised since they were in a goddamn Amazon commercial.

Speaking of songs being on the radio, I was featured on Vundacast this week!
This week's topic was DC's Convergence which was DC's second "Throwing In The Towel" moment in the past 5 years.

Nothing more to report on that front. Been getting some good feedback, but other than that, nothing. Now that I have some more songs finished up, you should hear something new from me sometime this week.
Working on a couple new tracks to play at the show, and seriously considering springing for a couple pro backing trtacks instead of getting what I can of

Unfortuneately, because I was away this weekend, I missed my opportunity to book the rooms for cheap, but hopefully I can still make it, because it is shaping up to be quite the show.

All I can say for now, is that I do have a poll on the sidebar :D. And come see me at Hero Hype Con...


I've got a couple oddities I'm willing to show off, or maybe just dick around with what I'm playing now.

The thing is finding the right day for it. Probably Tuesday, because right now, working a 9 to 5, this is my week:
Monday- Looking forward to Monday Night RAW
Tuesday- Squat day
Wednesday- Hey, at least hump day is over!
Thursday- Looking forward to doing the podcast/bench day!
Friday- Obvious reasons/Friday Night Magic
Saturday/Sunday- Weekend

Since I don't really have anything on Tuesday or Wednesday, I'll probably do it then so I have something to get me through the day. I'll try out different days.

Yo, Saints Row 4 is really fun, and I'm sad I'm only getting to it now. Saints Row 3 was a tad inconsistent in its tone (yes, obscenely wacky/gang crime thriller don't mesh terribly well), SR4 takes the ball and runs with it. The plot is basically, "You're the president and you've been kidnapped by aliens, are you a bad enough dude to rescue yourself."
Then what originally started as a GTA knockoff has the cars rendered useless in the first hour. Which at first sounds like a disappointment, but then I realized I can play the radio stations outside of cars, so I can run at superspeed while listening to "Song 2" and "B.O.B.". Speaking of soundtacks, some of the songs are used for some good comedy bits, like flying out of an alien spacecraft to "What Is Love".
I've become a completionist on the side levels because while Assassin's Creed 2's side missions got repetitive and bogged down, the novelty of jumping 100 feet in the air and running up walls takes some of the edge off. This and Crackdown are in my backlog, and it's going to feel like a step back when I finally get to that.