Monday, March 31, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Welcomes You To A New Kind Of Tension

On March 28th, my Dad turned 63, and as a birthday present, I took him out to see American Idiot, the musical based on the Green Day album. He loved it when we saw it on Broadway a couple years ago, and while in the Broward Center for Performing Arts the show was much less elaborate (and are seats were wa further back), it was still a good show for a great album and gave me the itch to work on Status Quo Radio.

Really, the show and singing the album in Rock Band made me realize how well put together the whole album is, and what a coincidence, it turns 10 in September. What a kick in the ass it all is, and now I'm even more determined to get SQR finished. 

HOWEVER, there is another song I worked on instead for podcast Overlord and Heir Commandant, Ozone, who wanted me to do a song for an upcoming project. It's about wrestling, a.k.a. The Only Reason I Turn On My TV Expect For Playing Video Games.

This week is back to more music, more con hustling and more "Crap I Do When I Should Be Working On Magic". Next week, I should have up a new song AND something upcoming confirmed.

I got the setlist all worked up for Miami Hurricon, and you'll hear about that, and another BIG convention very soon!

But as it's shaping up right now, Miami Hurricon, for a FREE show in it's early years, is really good. Of all things, I'm looking forward to meeting Max Giraldi, a.k.a. HotDiggedyDemon, to see if Senpai notices me and my song "Protocols Ordering New Youth":

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 75


Song Meanings!

-"Fat Lip" by Sum 41

  • Funnily enough, ALT 164/165 would fit in right alongside the Blink 182s and Sum 41s of the day.
-"The Trees" by Rush
  • Damn Maples, blasting their jigaboo music loud in their cars.
  • It's OK, the sunlight will trickle down
  • Have you heard of LeafCoins? It's the future of plants!
  • Apparently, Goofus and Gallant is still running in Highlights, which still exists
-"Timber" by Pitbull ft. Kesha
  • Song's pretty good until Pitbull opens his fucking mouth
  • Also, this guy is TOTALLY overselling how clever this song is. Chances are, someone wrote that chorus and hook, the Pitbull came in and fucked it up. Usually in pop music, one or two clever people do all the work, then Pitbull comes and tears it all down.
  • I'm now imagining "Drive By" by Train ft. Pitbull and I'm now furious. Deargodpleaseendthepainnownownow
  • akjfkjasflkjkjfffffffffff
 -"Bangarang" by Skrillex ft. Sirah
-"Honky Tonk Badonkadonk" by Trace Adkins
  •  "A Maple girl told me I got a Forest booty"
  • TW: Grandma Slapping is the name of my... Dethklok cover band
-"Nookie" by Limp Bizkit
  • Soiling themselves and Limp Bizkit go well together. Oh, we were talking about a different song.
  • "Nookie" was nominated for Best Hard Rock song at The Grammys? WOW, that's a sham.
-"Super Rad" by The Aquabats
  • Derrick Acosta of Mega64 assumed that this song was originally The Aquabats' Theme Song. Replace every instance of "Super Rad" with "The Aquabats" IT STILL FITS!!!
Wait, we stuck to a topic this week? CRAP... THINK OF A NON SEQUITER!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Restus In Pieceus Oderus Urungus

Ever see something that you point at and go "YES, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING!!!" Looking back, even though I didn't really listen to their music, GWAR is one of those things. They're awesomely ridiculous and make kick ass music.

Dave Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, the band's frontman, was found dead on March 23rd. 

Allow me to present to you some highlights of the man, the legend, the extraterrestrial overlord, judging us from whatever planet his people call heaven.

Oderus Urungus reads "Goodnight Moon"

GWAR Curbstomps AV Undercover:

GWAR Playing Dance Central:

GWAR on Rock Band:

GWAR on Joan Rivers:

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Is Going To Miami

Saturday, April 19th, 2014
Miami Airport Convention Center
711 NW 72nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33126
3:30 PM in Main Ballroom A

And it's all free! Not a lot is out regarding other panels yet, but it's a free con put on by the University of Miami's Anime Club. I'll be playing some stuff live for the first time, and will be selling posters, CDs, and being my usual charming self :).

My music equipment is up and running and got back to writing some stuff out. I'm back in the "writing soundtrack stuff" business, and you know I'll post it up the second I can.

Not a lot this week...As I get closer to Hurricon, I'll let you know more, and as usual, my Mailing list people get free mp3 downloads!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 74


Scattershot, but fun nonetheless.

-We talked about South Park a little bit. Some of my favorite episodes are the "Cartman Learns A Lesson" ones, like "Scott Tenorman" and "Cartmanland", including the Occupy Wall Street One for the sake of recent seasons. When they do something based on current events, it more often than not falls flat into "The Truth Is In The Middle" B.S. However in the Occupy Wall Street episode, it was the starting point for Cartman abandoning his past toys. So while it's not the political bastion some want it to be, sometimes it can knock it out of the park by picking a direction and going full steam ahead.

-In my DnD group, "6 WISDOM!" became "YOLO!" For all the cool people out there (a.k.a. All my fans B-] ):
"Wisdom describes a character’s willpower, common sense, perception, and intuition. While Intelligence represents one’s ability to analyze information, Wisdom represents being in tune with and aware of one’s surroundings. Wisdom is the most important ability for clerics and druids, and it is also impotant for paladins and rangers. If you want your character to have acute senses, put a high score in Wisdom." (Source: Player's Handbook)

Currently I run a Half-Orc Barbarian name Kurrag.

-Smashing things with his hammer

-Dickbags (When people hate him because he's part orc)
-Anything that fucks with his hammer

-The Emo Phillips Golden Gate Bridge joke:


I will pay Paul Heyman to introduce me at a gig. I will pay him this many dollars ---> $$$$

-Street Fighter: What Went Wrong?
This, Super Mario Bros. and the first Mortal Kombat are good "GET DRUNK AND NERD OUT ABOUT CRAPPY MOVIE!" Movies.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Embraces The Darkness In My Soul

Dark Souls 2 came out, and it got me playing Dark Souls 1 again. It's still hard, but I feel like going through it a couple times, and learning to level up my Warrior better definitely helped out a lot. I'm only mentioning this because I'm working on music again (HINT HINT).

Last Wednesday I streamed some Rocksmith, thinking about doing it this Wednesday as well, maybe I'll change up the games every so often, who knows?

I found out I'm in Reverbnation's Top 10 Rock Artists for my area! I'll be putting more stuff up on there as well, since it just makes multi-posting stuff easier, as well as hopefull getting my music out there.

Speaking of which, a couple of conventions are getting back to me, and I'll be sending out follow ups and registration papers, and all kind of other neat things, so I can get some live shows before... well, hopefully at one of them I'll have something big to announce regarding the album.

Now, this weekend, while I had some fun playing DnD, Magic and watching UFC fights, there were some sad times, and I feel like 2 Green Day songs cover the situation well:
Wayne Knight died in a- Oh, wait, he didn't? I was gonna play "Time Of Your Life" but I guess not.

Also, Fred Phelps is on death's door. So...

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Presents New Investment Opportunities

My recording equipment changed up a bit, so I'll be recording a cover just to get back in the groove of making music again.  Stuff is off my plate and I'm all reinvigorated and stuff!

Now, album work is still going on, at least as far as behind the scenes stuff goes, but now for my big announcement:


Yeah! It's the hot new cryptocurrency, because those are doing well. What you do is make your computer do math homework, and in turn, "mine" the Bastardcoins, which can currently only be spent on my music and whatever leftover Magic The Gathering cards I have in a shoebox under my bed. I can't sell you the cards themselves, but you can use them on Cockatrice, where all the cards are essentially free. This is better than real money because reasons.

Also this is not a Ponzi scam at all, and I will certainly not cash out my chips the second I've tricked you suckers out of enough money.


Adam WarRock also did a Magic The Gathering inspired mixtape, so check that out!


Bastardcoins is no more, but I still totally support it, and will not spend the coming weeks evading the I.R.S. and vacationing in the Carribean.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Goes Into Relapse

Yup, another "Not Sunday" update :(

Anyway, this week is all about PODCAST RECAPS!!!

Last week gave us Episode 73: What Does The Owen Say?

-This is NOT the first time I freestyled Rapped on the show. I opened Episode 4 by dropping some fresh rhymes.

-This commercial played all the time when Angsty White Boy Music was making a comeback in 2004:


And on Thursday me and Owen did a special episode of Heel Turn in preparation for NXTArrival, the live event for the WWE's developmental league. The entire podcast was broadcast from my car as we drove down

As of this typing, it is not up yet, but here are some highlights:
 -A history lesson from our Heir Commandant The Ozone regarding the Smackdown vs. Raw and ECW Brand Wars.

-I do a pitch perfect Paul Heyman impression and then almost kill us.

-Lots of musing about how awesome the Back To The Future Trilogy was.

The show took place at Full Sail University in Orlando, which sucked driving the 2 hours, but it was worth it for a couple hours of solid wrestling.

-Main highlight for me, was obviously the curtain jerker, Sami Zayn vs. my main man, Antonio Cesaro, seen here during his indie days (with Daniel Bryan and Luke Harper):

-Also a good match was for the Women's Championship between Emma and Paige. It was an absolutely awesome altercation between two brutal wrestlers that showed off their skills in a match for the Female Grapple Sports championship belt that looks dignified instead of the sparkly piece of crap they give the Divas on the main roster.

-Since this the Tuesday after RAW, I got to see Emma being an actual wrestler and a goofy dumbass. It's like comparing Joe Kelly Deadpool to Daniel Way Deadpool.

-Bo Dallas has a very punchable face.

-This Tag Team, The Ascension with all it's dark imagery and stuff fought Too Cool (a late 90's/Attitude Era Tag Team), a.k.a. What Doofy White Guys Think Of This Hippity Hop stuff. Did the NXT Team beat out the old school Old Schoolers? YA!

-Seriously Bo Dallas looks like one of the Power Rangers from one of the seasons nobody gave a crap about.

-He's Bray Wyatt's (Wyndham Rotunda) brother, they are both the sons of I.R.S. Professional Wrestling can be a weird and incestuous thing sometimes.