Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Status Quo Sunday Became Tuesday Because It Was At PAX East 2016

This week's jam:

I wanted to cover this music video, but all the hype and my song took everything over.

This is the continuation to the story told in MysteryBen's previous music video for the Mystery Skulls, "Ghost". Mystery Skulls have some slick, sexy music, and it's a great counterpoint to see these music videos done in a fun, quirky style akin to the Scooby Doo cartoons. While the story is more straightforward that "Ghost", I don't like it as much. I love seeing more in this universe, but it explains what was a mystery in the old one.

Went on Delta up north. Now, I just did it because it was the cheapest option, even though I had the John Mulaney bit stuck in my head.

Funny thing about my trip: the first plane experienced a delay because the heating system for the windshield was failing, so they needed to get us a new plane, because to replace it would take 9 HOURS. If there was a Wolfgang Puck Express in the airport, I would have lost my shit.

After waiting on line for like a bajillion hours, we finally get into the Expo Hall and who do we see playing on the Rock Band 4 stage?

These jackasses:

From left to right: Jeff, Paolo, ComplicitOwl and kitlerc

Amplitude Tournament- This was the first thing I remember hitting up on Friday for PAXventures. Keep in mind, I have never played the PS4 version of the game yet and my skills from the 2003 version have withered significantly. Paolo came as well, and as luck would have it, we got paired up in the first round, and I beat him, but that's as far as I got.

MtG Tournament- PAX East had some free Magic events through out the weekend, one of which being a Modern Tournament, which both Jeff and the persistently late for school Anime Cow also played in. Went against both of them. Went 2-2, but proud, because my tokens deck held up.

Concerts- On Friday night, MC Frontalot and The Protomen played. Frontalot was on point as usual, and The Protomen's set was very special, in that they showed new songs from Act III and the "Light Up The Night" music video. Hopefully he Protomen can get some serious momentum behind them, since they put on a fantastic live show.


Indie Games w/ Owen- That morning, me and Owen spent some time bumming around the Indie Mega Booth. A couple games of note we played were:
1. Manual Samuel- You control a rich asshole and are required to do everything, from walking, to blinking to breathing with controller prompts and need to survive the day. I can see this being like OctoDad, where speedrunners work to override the purposefully awkward controls to get through it as soon as possible.

2. Stage Presence- The first VR game from Tiny Build. Nothing special here, yell into a mic for 60 seconds. To its credit, the stage graphics are well done, and the full game seems rather ambitious, but eh, did nothing for me.

3. Move Or Die- The latest in bringing couch co-op, this party game is really simple, but can get really chaotic. The big problem I have with it though is that five games for a session feels too repetitive. Will still get it, but it feels like it's been out forever.

4. Screencheat- A FPS game where everybody's invisible, and you have to rely on looking at other people's screens ala what you did during Goldeneye 007 back in the day. There's a lot of little design elements that lean into this, where the levels are designed to have distinct landmarks and different colors in each "zone", and the weapons reveal your location. I'm definitely getting it, I just don't know what everyone is getting it for!

Shy Guy/Mega Ran- Bad news is, I missed the Live From The Magic Tavern Panel, Good News is, friend of the show and host of "I'd Rather Not" Andy is now in the Magic Tavern canon. Also, these were some really good shows.

Harmonix Party- Speaking of really good shows, Harmonix threw a party and Jeff was able to score me a ticket at great expense (he got a Reddit account). They had a party at the Hard Rock Cafe last year, but I missed getting a ticket. This year, I was able to get in to see The Warning, Princess Problems, The Autoblasters (HMX house band that made most of the music for Amplitude), Bearstronaut and Freezepop.

The Warning really surprised us with their sound: it was really dark, and grungy for 15 year old girls. They fucking ROCKED! So you should help fund their first album.

The Autoblasters were fun live, and Freezepop were excellent.

They have a new album out now which you can help Kickstart. I started a "Kick-start Freezepop!" chant and it caught on, so yeah. KICKSTART FREEZEPOP *clap clap clapclapclap*

Some dickweed was being an asshole to his girlfriend, Jeff stepped in and then got punched. He had to go to the hospital, and we were super worried about him.

Jeff, get well soon.

Other guy, you... suck.

PAXAMANIA - Owen helped with the latest shitshow, and like real wrestling, it took almost half an hour before a match took place. Partly due to technical difficulties, partly due to PAX Wrestling canon being so out of control. The first thousand people there got posters, which I had signed by some of the Giant Bomb people.

There will be a game that's a driving game/dating sim called "Rumble Road":

Rock Band Panel- Anything I could write about this is muted by the fact that A. this article has gone on so goddamn long I stopped caring and B. WE'RE GETTING ONLINE PLAY!!!

THOUGHTS?You have no idea how much PAX recharges me. While I do go to cons, I'm "on the clock" and worrying about my show and promoting my show, etc, but with PAX East, even with all the doing, I go to sleep each night with no regrets.

Once I recover, I'm ready to get back in the studio, get back in the podcast, and just get back to the grind.

Yes! My show at OutCON is at 3 PM! I've updated the sidebar in accordance with this news!

Also, the first episode of A Fox In Space is out!