Sunday, October 24, 2021

Status Quo Sunday Catching Up With Cons

 Yup, one of these again! You'd THINK I'd learn to be more on top of these, huh?

Welp, let's start from the beginning...


First off, credit to Wolico/ToxicFreakHound for the promo picture:


Because the show was VERY late, I needed something to hand out. It was still a fun time, and I was able to collapse in my VERY nice hotel room. Considering this is my second time around, I saw more familiar faces and tried to know more people beforehand via Telegram chats and the like, and hey, turns out a lot of furries are nice people!

I also got paid to play a party, so that's on the table for future cons!

Still maintain that Megaplex has the best solution for the artist alley: $10, 4 hour shifts, first come first serves. It's a great way for artists to get their foot in the door since it's not a lot to set up, and you're not wasting a lot of time and money if you're too new to really sell well. Though finally having Swoletariat tanks for sale also helped.

 Telegram was ALSO a good place to learn how to take on a certain project, namely...


Making a Thrash Panda head! At this point it was very rough, I didn't even have a back, but getting it to this point was a work in and of itself. I'll make a video highlighting the process, but it was so satisfying to get to at least here. I really felt I leveled up during this project because I learned how to work with foam, work with leather and work with fur, and at the end, I had a head I can wear.


Primetime show, baby! Also had BastardMania for sale on CD!

This show had another thing that I'll never go back from: BLUETOOTH. P A SYSTEM. Made the show much easier to work with. Mizucon's staff was also very on top of things and VERY helpful with the show. I'm eager to see what they come up with next year when we have more elbow room.

Also saw the premiere of Thrash Panda Mark II


 Thrash Panda, drinking a Salty Raccoon



 2:30 on Friday, in Main Events

Hope to see you all there!

I'm also booking for room parties if anyone is interested, provided you let me carry a backpack o' merch!


Join The Swoletariat Tank Top main photo

New for fall! These have been selling very well, and it's great to have this stuff upfront, in person, since people always walk away happy. You can't ALWAYS rely on people to remember to check out your Bandcamp or Threadless page.


I've been juggling around some projects, and one of them is a visual novel that will go out to my patrons first, then I'll post up on, akin to many other VNs, like The Echo Project

Still don't know how I'll peter it out to the levels of Patron, maybe
$1 - Build of the game
$5 - Soundtrack
$20 - Script

But all that's up in the air, and I'm adding these VN updates in rotation with original music and covers, so it will be sporadic.