Friday, February 27, 2015

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 115

Just Listen

-What's this snow shit they all keep talking about? It was 40 here in Florida, and it was freezing, so I have problems too.

$1- Fuck you.
$5- No, seriously, fuck you.
$20- We will send you a BMP of a bumper car drawn in MS Paint
$100- We will send you a JPEG of a bumper car from the internet
$500- You get to touch the bumper cars
$1000- You can have your advertisement on a bumper car
$2000- We will feel sad if you die in the lava pit of death.
$5000- We'll name a bumper car after you.
$10000- We'll name a bumper car after you and not write "Is A Faggot" on the end.

-The ice levels aren't ALWAYS the worst levels in games. Sometimes you get to throw babies off a cliff.

-Saxaphone solos in 2011:
"Edge Of Glory" by Lady Gaga
"Last Friday Night" by Katy Perry
"Jamie" by Akira The Don

-Raising our chocolate rations from 30 grams to 20 grams is a reference to 1984. If I can find a way to put that in an elegant way I'd make it a regular saying.

-1099 is absolute bullshit. I don't think I've had any good job where I was paid on a 1099. If it looks like a real job, smells like a real job, and you get paid on 1099, RUN.

-Steak and Blowjob Day is March 14th. Somethinng tells me this was created by the same people who say the HATE HATE HATE VALENTINES DAY CAUSE IT'S SO BULLSHIT WE WONT DO ANYTHING.

$1- We take your money then point your ass to a McDonald's you cheap fuck.
$5- We take your money and point your ass to a diner. 
$200- You get A burger. We won't make it, but we;ll get you one, don't worry.
$1500- You can come into my room for an hour and we'll watch one epsiode of Bob's Burger's on Netflix. I will laugh hard and spit chips everywhere. You are to sit quietly and say nothing.
$2500- You can buy a whore and go to McDonalds. Yes you could have done this without paying us first.
$9,000- You get a burger and my ex-girlfriend's phone number 'cause she'll blow everyone (except me...)
$9,001- We'll kill your family then make a burger out of their fatasses
$10,000- Your burger will be made of cow meat.

-"Could God make his dong so massive, even he could not suck it?"
"You can't spell dong without God"

-Anyone catch the Homeless YuGiOh player call back?

-Super Win The Game IndieBox:

-So here's the news on the casting breakdowns. If you read the leaked script, Wham! is an appropriate working title, kinda like how Avengers was "Group Hug" and Captain America was "Freezer Burn" which both sound like Steven Segal movies that come on in 2 in the afternoon on a Wednesday. CopyCat, Ajax, Weasel and Blind Al are all for a lock. I really hope this doesn't turn into Deadpool: The Game: The Movie

-Shovel Knight Medley:

Monday, February 23, 2015

Status Quo Fast Lane


This week's Jam:

Courtesy of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD and Dead Island 2! I have to move SOMETHING whenever this comes on, and it flows so well that even during the breakdowns, the song never loses it's energy and luster.

I did a lot of reworking of the song "Bad Doctors", I'm waiting on Arcanon to work out a new/better drum beat for that and started work on the lyrics/backbone for Class 9, the penultimate song. I'll send that to Arcanon from the Echo Chamber, who's been helping me with the drums.


New reward idea for the Kickstarter! Since it is a Team Fortress 2 concept album, I figured I'd make an item for TF2/other games where it plays a riff from one of the songs upon taunting. Could make for a viral advertisement too!

This week I'm going to learn Blender, and get in touch with people about being a part of Rewards and such.

Also on the list are T-Shirt designs, and getting the rest of the album set up.

OK, on to irrelevant bullshit.


So today, I went to a Grand Prix Trial for Grand Prix Miami, which is the same weekend as PAX East. Unfortunately, I won't be able to go that, but I wanted to play anyway to get some practice for Standard. I gave my friend Jacob a ride, and I was hoping to at least stay in it as long as he was.

Match 1- I played against my white whale of the store, the guy I lose to all the time, who was running a similar deck to mine, which is G/R Devotion, only he's running Shaman Of The Great Hunt for his draw engine. Made a misplay, and lost the match.

Match 2- Jeskai Burn. My deck wasn't fast enough and lost in 2 games.

Match 3- At this point, I was hoping to at least win something. Top 8 was a distant dream, as I'd have to win the next 3 matches to even have a chance. This was another G/R Devotion deck, but due to him changing stuff around, he wasn't able to get it off, and I was able to win pretty handily.

Match 4- All right, still upset, but I'm one step of the way there. Another mono Green Deck, like the one I faced in Round 1. Learned from my mistakes, and learned what to do against Shaman Of The Great Hunt. Mainly have shit on the board to block it.

Match 5- OK, this was the big one. TEMUR. Lots of stuff getting cancelled, lots of stuff getting burned, and SAVAGE KNUCKLE BLADE. I still don't know how I won, but I think it had to with all my beef costing 4 mana (Polukranos, Eidolon of Blossoms, Whisperwood Elemental), and Ugin coming in handy for stuff like that. Frost Walker, a 4/1 for 2 gave me some problems early on in the game, but as long as he was reacting to me,

OK, so I know Jacob was going in, but it's been a while, so I'll go get some-


Quarterfinal- Mono-Red Aggro, against a guy who originally played UB Control. The trick to playing the kinds of aggro decks is to keep hands where you can still play stuff every turn, that way, they're reacting to you for the first little bit. After a certain point, I was able to stabilize, and keep his little guys at bay. Won it 2-1.

Semifinal- Fuck, gotta scoop to Jacob. IF YOU FUCK THIS UP JAKE-

Final- He won, and now has two free wins at GP Miami.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 114


It's about a superhero who wins fights in one punch and therefore ceases to give a fuck. Two Best Friends recommended it to me and it' a very fun, well drawn read.

Just don't vomit all over it PAOLO.

-HEY LISTEN PAOLO! Here's a reddit thread on the differences between Magic and YuGiOh

-Rhythm Bastard's Guide To Drafting
Bombs/Beef: This can either refer to Bombs, or cards that can get rid of a lot of creatures simulateous, or BLOWS UP their plans right in their faces OR, Beefy creatures that have high power/toughness and a lot of cool effects that can change the game.
Removal: Gets rid of a creature, because those are REALLY Important in limited.
Evasion: Basically, anything with flying or unblockable. EVADES the blockers on the ground, and can prevent stale board states.
Attackers: These are little guys that are 1/2 drops that can be an early attacker or late chump blocker later in the game.
Trash: Shit nobody wants. Expensive creatures/spells for little power or cards that are such corner cases it's impossible to justify playing a 1 of.
Hate Drafting: What's a card that's screwed you in the past or is a really good card but not in your color? TAKE THAT SHIT.

-I saw Bayside on the Warped Tour 2007. They won the vote the extra 10 minutes, because they're a local band, and yes, they're not even from Bayside, Queens. THAT'S MY LIRR STOP YOU FUCKS!!!!

Still like 'em. Here's the latest video:

-All Killer No Filler was a pretty good album. Sum 41, while now lost in the shuffle in the midst of all the numbered bands around the turn of the millennium, the song "Fat Lip" came out right when I was 13, so naturally I was in peak "FUCK YOU DAD" mode, and like "What's My Age Again?" it was one of those moments where I was like "They said abortion in a song? Clearly this is inapppropriate for me. WHERE CAN I GET MORE?"

-RAW vs. NXT? NXT wins because the announcers do things like "make me interested in the match" and "put over the wrestlers in the match".

Fuck you, Michael Cole.

-Mystakin, I'm WAY ahead of you:

custom tombstone

-I think we can place the majority of the blame on Seth Rollins for the whole dick pic incident. Granted, we don't know the whole story, but you, know, don't cheat, or make sure you bring your phone with you into the toilet.

-"Hackers" is an absolutely glorious hole of a film. It's like "Kung Pow: Enter The Fist". Like, if you can get past the absolutely groan worthy moments of how computers work in 1995 and that all of the references are SO dated (i.e. The SUPER 1337 H4KER PC is less powerful than my phone), it's a ridiculously enjoyable mess of a film. This is the movie's climax:

-"Usually the kind of people support BitCoin are the kind of people who will never have children"

-BAD NEWS: I played Trials: Evolution during this podcast.
GOOD NEWS: I beat Inferno 3, the toughest track on Trials.

-Jon Stewart retiring I'm not too upset by, since The Colbert Report proves that it is possible to give Jon Stewart a run for his money.

Here's Jon Stewart cutting a promo on Seth Rollins:

-This is pretty much our meme guy TV Show:

-Me with my Iron Bull Demsey sign:
Embedded image permalink
Owen with my Iron Bull Dempsey sign:

Push Jason Albert to be on Echo Chamber!

-"If it doesn't look like gay porn, it's not wrestling"

Monday, February 16, 2015

Status Quo Sundio Days Part 2

Jam of the week:

I was going to play Sami Zayn's theme, but Kevin Owens wrecked SZ's ASS at NXT: Rival. Or as Obsidian Pony puts it:
"John Cena wins by LOLCENAWINS
Daniel Bryan wins through guts and determination
The Undertaker wins through sheer power
Kevin Owens wins via murderdeathkill until you stay down"

As a consolation prize:

Or, as that guy in the top comment puts it:
"Sounds like a fucking anime theme song or something WTF
i close my eyes hear this music and seeing an epic fight between pikachu and goku "
Yeah, heads up, Goku powerbombs Pikachu like 50 times.

Yes, I was at NXT Rival LIVE and YES! WE did enjoy it and YES!!!! Wawa has a stronger sandwich game than Publix

Bastard News:
All my Magic songs are in one playlist on Soundcloud:

Kickstarter News:
The ambien is kicking in, but the albums id being finished up

Album News: 
A RADIO DAYS PART 2 EXISTS! Sent it to Rob just now. 2 more tracks to write, 1 more to rerecord. I CAN SEE THE FINISH LINE!

Here's a live version of Radio Days Pt. 1"

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Echo Chamber Episode 113 Post Game



-The song "Four Five Seconds" is actually pretty good, and features Rihanna very nice nicely. Like seriously, I'm digging this song, and it'll probably end up on my "Top 40 Songs I Could Stand"

-Left shark is a meme. LEFT SHARK IS A MEME. LEFT. SHARK. IS. A. MEEEEEEEME!!!

-Yeah, the Seahawks really botched the end to the Super Bowl, which is a shame because I was- GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!

-So here's the Breaking Madden Archives

A small party of me hopes that game designers are looking at things like this and Video Game Championship Wrestling to better program AI in their games, mainly in behaviors that keep coming up over and over again, because stuff like this is something you can't really test for. 

-Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy was a pretty good movie, taken on it's own. I'm a little glad it didn't get a sequel, because A. There's a line referring to "The Restaurant At The End Of The Universe", and it refers to an end of the Universe in reference to SPACE, where as the restaurant in the books is at the end of time, when that whole heat death bullshit takes place.

Here's where I'd post the "whale monologue" I was talking about, but I figured I'd have this wedge into your brain:

-Speaking of aquatic creatures:

-Persona 5 Trailer


Monday, February 9, 2015

Status Quo Sunday Shopping SPREE!!!

This week's jam:


New song this week: "Change The War"

Mailing list peeps will get MP3 through the e-mail.
Slower, and a couple spots I screwed up on, but I think it's pretty good, and I'll probably play it at a live show or two, provided I change up the arrangement.

It also got some buzz on Tumblr, so I'm happy about that :D
Working on a promo video to send to Wizards of the Coast, and getting my song on Duels of the Planeswalkers.

So, yesterday I bought some crap I needed, namely a boom mic, some more picks, and a new mic clip.

Most importantly, I got this thing:

Holy crap I can do some next level busking at cons with this. Clean and overdrive settings, runs on a 9 Volt, clips to my belt, and it's not terribly loud, to overwhlem. Usually I like to busk for a little bit at cons, build up some hype and maybe sell a CD or two. Also good for practicing before shows, since I can't bust out the big amp in my house, and I still need to see how it sounds with the backing tracks. Overall, pretty worth the $40 I spent on it.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 112


-For reference, here's all of us playing Rock Band at PAX East. Just click the link fools.

-For those interested, Paperback can obtained through these means.

-These were Penny Arcade's pims available:

Though the Garruk's Axe prize would be cool, I'm afraid I already have one. I might need a stunt axe.

-Mystakin's gaming prowess (5:23):

Watch live video from Mystakin on Twitch

-The Birdcage looks to be quite the interesting project. Like P.T. set to a symphonic metal soundtrack.

-KART VS. KART PLANES VS. PLANES and predicting Hot Topic before Hot Topic infested malls everywhere.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Nothing is Status, Everything Is Quo

Also suggested, "Status Is Law, Quo is Crime". Assassin's Creed 2 is a good game.

This week's jam is:


Worth every second and cent. As a broad shouldered lanky guy, concerts become very awkward for me. Any show that has mosh pits I immediately feel at home. I was dead tired by the time I got to the show at 9:30 (DOORS OPEN AT 10!). The two opening acts were pretty good, but it still wasn't enough to get me through the night.But the show kicks, time and space ceased to exist, and at no point in time was there a "Dull Moment". There were songs the crowd was less hyped for, such as anything not on "I Get Wet", but there was not point in time where he was taking a breather, or phoning it in, or slowing down.

Andrew WK, Party God.

Now, as some of you may know, WK has an album of covers of Japanese songs.

Since I play a lot of conventions, I figured it might help to add a couple to my repertoire. Basically, anything that was on Ouendan.

New song this Friday! "Reforged Fate", the Fate Reforged song! A lot slower than "Force Of Dragons", but still pretty bad ass.This is the slow beginning to FoD or the slow part before my Dragons of Tarkir song.

Status Quo Radio is almost done, putting up more stuff out to Rob, more in the works, and making slow steps toward getting the Kickstarter set up. More in the coming weeks, but I'm getting feedback on all that while I make da music.