Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 81


-Wolf from American Gladiators beating up Christian Finnegan:

-Me and Henry/Quinton Flynn from Umicon Daytona. Super nice guy, and the panel was actually pretty great. Him and a couple other voice actors in attendance were bullshitting for an hour or so, and mix in some Aquacadets with beer, and you got yourself one hell of a good time. 

-Wolf from American Gladiators being relevant enough to star in Disaster Movie:

-Love spells for all your love needs. 
 In fact, The F+ did an entire episode on this website, so YOU'RE WELCOME


Though I do feel that Owen's suggestion for a Ghostwriter reboot would be relevant in the modern age, since you can have the ghost writer that lives in the cloud and knows everything, what with you kids and your Siris and sex robots.


-PSA: SpyParty is available for Open Beta.

-Looking up "Sexy TF2" on Tumblr, this was the first .gif:


-The Brain Stew Godzilla Mix is a little different than the original, but it blows chunks. Listen to how busy this shit is:

The mix on the drums is a little different, and there's piano in the BG. YOU COULDN'T HAVE RUINED SOMETHING OFF NIMROD?

"There's something unpredicatable- ROAR! and in the end there's right- ROAR! I hope you had the time of your- ROAR- CHOMP!"

Also from that soundtrack, a pretty good cover of "Heroes"
That's a good note to leave on, right?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Goes OMNOMNOMNI EXPO


All right, I still need to do my recap video, but here are ten of the quickest quick hits:

1. Playing guerilla shows is FUCKING AWESOME!!! Sometimes you gotta bring the show to the people, so you can bring them to the shows. Anyone who stuck around, or even filmed one of my songs, thank you!

2. Catching Geekapella, and inadvertently becoming a part of it. Let's just say, I've never seen anybody weave together Fall Out Boy and three different Batman themes.

3. Getting my copy of The Orange Box signed by John Patrick Lowrie (the Sniper from Team Fortress 2) and Ellen McLain (The Announcer from TF2, The Overwatch, Glados and the Turrets from Portal)

4. Watching them perform a rendition of "Still Alive".

5. Taking pictures of cosplayers, and for some reason crafting a neat little narrative to tie it all into for the recap video.

6. Streetpassing enough people to beat Find Mii in a single weekend. (I think I'm at ~120)

7. Hanging out with the crew at Orlando Nerd Fest and Sci-Fried. There was a panel before my show about the history of Nerd music, and they managed to entertain.

8. John Patrick Lowrie informing us that the plural of "Penis" is "Penes".

9. Buying Flash and Green Arrow prints from a mister Dean Drawserson. (LAST NAME NOT GIVEN).

10. The unfortunate timing of the show being right next to a little girl beauty pageant. Yeah.

Regardless, I hope I can make it back next year!

Next week will be the recap video and a new song!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Counts Down To Omni Expo

-All right, OMNI EXPO IS THIS WEEKEND!!! Practicing's going well, I'm going to be burning a fresh batch O' CDs, and I'm not nervous AT ALL! NOPE.

The Facebook Event is still here BTW.

Saturday's show is going to be at 8 PM, Sunday's at 3.

I will NOT have a table there, but I will have my merch for sale at both shows.

Also, I recently got me a 2DS, so if you want to battle some Pokeymans, and Pass Streets, hunt me down!

As for what I'm looking forward to at Omni Expo:
-Meeting Ryan Frye and Grifter Cosplay, two guys from my first Florida con.
-Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie from ALL OF THE ORANGE BOX
-Playing some Magic
-Busting out a few rounds of Zombies!!!
-Streetpassing and Pokemon Battlin' mofos.

-Even with all of my preparation, I did manage to finish up another song, and the mailing list peeps will be getting it THIS WEEK!!! It will be up on SoundCloud after OMNI EXPO. Hopefully something comes of it, but I doubt it.

If anything, new songage by me that's not part of Status Quo Radio.

No new Echo Chamber this week, but I will put up a post game Thursday/Friday.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Says To Love Your Mama

So by the time you're reading this, another Mother's Day came and went. I stuffed my face at my grandmother's, and then made some more progress on a song for VGCW.

What IS the VGCW, you might ask? Video Game Championship Wrestling, a.k.a. WWE2K14's AI Programmers Need To Be Fired.
Basically, Video Game Championship Wrestling is when you take a bunch of video game and anime Create-A-Wrestlers in WWE13 (now 2K14) and have them fight each other. What really sets it over the top is that between the crazy stories, chat crowd that makes the crowd at NXT look sane, and the insane glitches that pop up during the course of gameplay, there's plenty to hook you. Granted, I'm nmot the most religious follower, but Baz McMahon looks to make it interesting.

Mostly I've been getting into the habit of listening to streams before I go to bed, or having in the background while I work or play video games, so while mine is woefully inconsistent, here's a list of some of my favorite streams on Twitch:
-Blinny- Streming Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64 Speed Runs. Great to fall asleep to, the music of SM64 is so calming to me, and watching someone who knows the game so well that he masters the terrain, and it's like poetry in motion.
-Echo Chamber Homie Mystakin- YO DAWG U LIKE SPEEDRUNS? He's gotten into playing Super Mario 64, which as mentioned previously, looks like parkour when it's done right. Stakin' also does game development, so one day, you might catch some of that.
-Bonesaw Gaming, Featuring Another Echo Chamber Vet Jeff Webster- Weffy Jebbs and Friends play some video games and it's some good time fun times. They also have a thing called "Best Adventurer Challenge" where you, YES YOU! can participate!
-SGDoc- Classic rock and Magic Drafting late at night? SUBSCRIBE MOFOS!
-StarCityGames- They've got a Magic Tourney pretty much every weekend, and it's fun to watch the high level competitive scene. MtG is one of those things where the week to week winner isn't necessarily the same, since between draws and matchups, the Top 8 is pretty fluid.
-YouPickGames- What the name implies, a dude named Drew plays through games that viewers vote on week to week. It goes on pretty late, but he interacts with chat, does giveaways, and all around tries to make things fun. I liked his playthroughs of Phoenix Wright, because even though I've beaten and loved that game, it's always great to see him reason it out aloud. 
-Mega64- Home of the podcast and Poorly Played Stream, they're a lot of fun to watch.

That's it for now, END GAME 7 TOMORROW NIGHT!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game 80


In which it seems to me that I'm the Vinny Carravella of this podcast.

-Celebrity Deathmatch was the Attitude Era in a nutshell: Insane, violent and featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin. No, seriously, Steve Austin was a minor character.

Anyway, would this go down as well today? Well, not really. For one, all of our bloodlust is directed toward real people. Seriously, watch any politician on the Right and how they speak toward anyone who's not a rich white guy.

Second, back then, we didn't have the internet as a reassurance that "Yes, those celebrities DO suck", so we had to rely on MTV to be a outlet for indignace. Now we can Justin Bieber or Katy Perry faglords and douchebutts for that thrill.

Third, Claymation just wouldn't be economically feasible in the world of CG and Flash animation. Flash animation, that gets put on NewGrounds, which is also where you get your CELEBRITY DEATH GAME!!1! fix.

-Aeon Flux, from what I remember, had a really interesting universe, but most of the plot felt like navel gazing. The fact that Aeon Flux, secret agent, and SpaceFuture Vladmir Putin Trevor Goodchild were somewhat of an item added an interesting dynamic, but as far as the

I really like the little bits of everyday life in the city where the story takes place, like the one episode where Aeon manages to ferry one half of a couple into a neighboring town, leaving the the wife sestranged and having a piece of here spine removed. It doesn't affect too badly, but the sci-fi shenanigans are what really drew me in.

The little shorts where Aeon dies in the end were brilliant, because you get all of these little peeks into something greater, and I wanted to know more about that world, like "What is all this shit? How does it work?" and that 5 minutes is enough for a breif primer to set up the rules, give you an idea of the "mission", then have that brief moment where SHE MIGHT PULL IT OFF then WHAM. Death.

-Ask a Network Head Video, a.k.a. A Gut Check

-Nostalgia Chick's Top 10 90's Music Videos:

-Shazam does have some sort algorihtm to it, but I'd like to think it was voodoo all along. How it works is that it recognizes moments of intensity, generating up to three reference points per second for each song, then compares that along a database of 8 million songs.

In fact, there's even a scientific paper of how it all works.

-And to finish, CRAZY BUS!!!

Oh... Oh Xenagos, no...

I meant THIS!!

Wait... No... NOOOOOOOOOO-

See you next week!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Get EXTREEEEEME!!!

As in another Status Quo Sunday update when I'm watching wrasslin'.

Right, the Facebook Event and ReverbNation event are all go!
The preparation for OMNI EXPO has begun!

I'll be playing not one but TWO shows that weekend! Figuring out the cost of everything, it would make more sense to stay for at least one night, so that way I know I get a table and everything, and can get a hotel room.

Plus, for some reason, I always practice better health habits when I'm at cons: I don't snack, I drink plenty of water, I do a lot of walking, and I get plenty of sleep. No wonder I do these things...

As far as the album goes, I'm finding it easier and easier as less is on my plate, since right now a lot of the stuff I'm doing is to make thing easier down the line, such as making new templates for art, adjusting my VSTs and plug-ins and all in all making it easier for when-


Thank you Dumplord420!

$7500 to have my song in there? That's a lot, but I think I've made enough to cover it easily-

No? Damn.

Regardless, Amplitude was my first game from Harmonix and the original, though it didn't make it with me to Florida, still holds up. Whenever I get a pang for those good old days, I boot up Rock Band Blitz. Granted, I think only 5 out of the 25 songs are on Rock Band, but there was still a few that would make good additions to either setlist (BASELINE, BASELINE, WE GOT FOOLS ON THE CASE AND THEY'RE GIVING ME BASELINE!)

Friday, May 2, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Part 79


-Ah, public shaming. Sometimes you're the one and only way to get assholes to reconsider their position.
"I'm not Homophobic, but my Invisible Sky Man says scissoring and touching weiners will put me in a firey place when I die"
"I'm not Racist, but I'm Fucking Terrified Of Black People and I have all these crime statistics o prove it, ignoring the fact that a people who been systematically discriminated against would face a higher rate of poverty, and would be more likely to be stopped by the police."
"I'm not sexist, but as a Men's Rights Activist, I demand free sex without having to change anything about myself"

Of course, all of the above translate to:
"I was born as a straight, white male, and I don't have any other skills, so that fat that I might have to develop as a person terrifies me"

-Here's a link to that Daniel Tosh bit I mentioned. These old Comedy Central Presents Episodes were really some of the best. Kyle Cease and Dane Cook are some really good ones, Gabriel Iglesias had one


How much would I have to pay Paul Heyman to just accompany me on job interviews, shows and dates and stuff and just do his thing?

-Here's  convienent list of video game drinking games:
Super Smash Bros.
Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Dark Souls, Goldeneye 007, Sonic
Mario Party

-Be sure to support HotDiggedyDemon with his Patreon! He's a cool guy who isn't creepy at all!

-My favorite "No Items, Fox Only, Final Destination" Thing:

Over 6 years old...

-Now, the moment you've all been waiting for:

Take a drink:
  • Any time the video game Rock Band is mentioned
  • Any time Rhythm Bastard does an impression
  • Any time wrestling is mentioned
  • Any time someone says "Owen"
  • Any time Mystakin says "Word?"
  • Any time game development is discussed
  • Any time a podcast member plugs their music
  • Any time someone says Anime
  • Any time someone says "Hashtag _________"
  • Any time an earlier episode is referenced
Finish your drink:
  • When someone says "Die in a fire"
  • When The Dead Kennedys are mentioned
  • Any time the podcasts "acts out" a scene or elaborates on a stupid thing they made up (e.g. Rockhead)
  • When the episode name comes up. 
  • When the phrase "For those of you further behind" is uttered