Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game 80


In which it seems to me that I'm the Vinny Carravella of this podcast.

-Celebrity Deathmatch was the Attitude Era in a nutshell: Insane, violent and featuring Stone Cold Steve Austin. No, seriously, Steve Austin was a minor character.

Anyway, would this go down as well today? Well, not really. For one, all of our bloodlust is directed toward real people. Seriously, watch any politician on the Right and how they speak toward anyone who's not a rich white guy.

Second, back then, we didn't have the internet as a reassurance that "Yes, those celebrities DO suck", so we had to rely on MTV to be a outlet for indignace. Now we can Justin Bieber or Katy Perry faglords and douchebutts for that thrill.

Third, Claymation just wouldn't be economically feasible in the world of CG and Flash animation. Flash animation, that gets put on NewGrounds, which is also where you get your CELEBRITY DEATH GAME!!1! fix.

-Aeon Flux, from what I remember, had a really interesting universe, but most of the plot felt like navel gazing. The fact that Aeon Flux, secret agent, and SpaceFuture Vladmir Putin Trevor Goodchild were somewhat of an item added an interesting dynamic, but as far as the

I really like the little bits of everyday life in the city where the story takes place, like the one episode where Aeon manages to ferry one half of a couple into a neighboring town, leaving the the wife sestranged and having a piece of here spine removed. It doesn't affect too badly, but the sci-fi shenanigans are what really drew me in.

The little shorts where Aeon dies in the end were brilliant, because you get all of these little peeks into something greater, and I wanted to know more about that world, like "What is all this shit? How does it work?" and that 5 minutes is enough for a breif primer to set up the rules, give you an idea of the "mission", then have that brief moment where SHE MIGHT PULL IT OFF then WHAM. Death.

-Ask a Network Head Video, a.k.a. A Gut Check

-Nostalgia Chick's Top 10 90's Music Videos:

-Shazam does have some sort algorihtm to it, but I'd like to think it was voodoo all along. How it works is that it recognizes moments of intensity, generating up to three reference points per second for each song, then compares that along a database of 8 million songs.

In fact, there's even a scientific paper of how it all works.

-And to finish, CRAZY BUS!!!

Oh... Oh Xenagos, no...

I meant THIS!!

Wait... No... NOOOOOOOOOO-

See you next week!

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