Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Counts Down To Omni Expo

-All right, OMNI EXPO IS THIS WEEKEND!!! Practicing's going well, I'm going to be burning a fresh batch O' CDs, and I'm not nervous AT ALL! NOPE.

The Facebook Event is still here BTW.

Saturday's show is going to be at 8 PM, Sunday's at 3.

I will NOT have a table there, but I will have my merch for sale at both shows.

Also, I recently got me a 2DS, so if you want to battle some Pokeymans, and Pass Streets, hunt me down!

As for what I'm looking forward to at Omni Expo:
-Meeting Ryan Frye and Grifter Cosplay, two guys from my first Florida con.
-Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie from ALL OF THE ORANGE BOX
-Playing some Magic
-Busting out a few rounds of Zombies!!!
-Streetpassing and Pokemon Battlin' mofos.

-Even with all of my preparation, I did manage to finish up another song, and the mailing list peeps will be getting it THIS WEEK!!! It will be up on SoundCloud after OMNI EXPO. Hopefully something comes of it, but I doubt it.

If anything, new songage by me that's not part of Status Quo Radio.

No new Echo Chamber this week, but I will put up a post game Thursday/Friday.

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