Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Goes OMNOMNOMNI EXPO


All right, I still need to do my recap video, but here are ten of the quickest quick hits:

1. Playing guerilla shows is FUCKING AWESOME!!! Sometimes you gotta bring the show to the people, so you can bring them to the shows. Anyone who stuck around, or even filmed one of my songs, thank you!

2. Catching Geekapella, and inadvertently becoming a part of it. Let's just say, I've never seen anybody weave together Fall Out Boy and three different Batman themes.

3. Getting my copy of The Orange Box signed by John Patrick Lowrie (the Sniper from Team Fortress 2) and Ellen McLain (The Announcer from TF2, The Overwatch, Glados and the Turrets from Portal)

4. Watching them perform a rendition of "Still Alive".

5. Taking pictures of cosplayers, and for some reason crafting a neat little narrative to tie it all into for the recap video.

6. Streetpassing enough people to beat Find Mii in a single weekend. (I think I'm at ~120)

7. Hanging out with the crew at Orlando Nerd Fest and Sci-Fried. There was a panel before my show about the history of Nerd music, and they managed to entertain.

8. John Patrick Lowrie informing us that the plural of "Penis" is "Penes".

9. Buying Flash and Green Arrow prints from a mister Dean Drawserson. (LAST NAME NOT GIVEN).

10. The unfortunate timing of the show being right next to a little girl beauty pageant. Yeah.

Regardless, I hope I can make it back next year!

Next week will be the recap video and a new song!

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