Monday, May 12, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Says To Love Your Mama

So by the time you're reading this, another Mother's Day came and went. I stuffed my face at my grandmother's, and then made some more progress on a song for VGCW.

What IS the VGCW, you might ask? Video Game Championship Wrestling, a.k.a. WWE2K14's AI Programmers Need To Be Fired.
Basically, Video Game Championship Wrestling is when you take a bunch of video game and anime Create-A-Wrestlers in WWE13 (now 2K14) and have them fight each other. What really sets it over the top is that between the crazy stories, chat crowd that makes the crowd at NXT look sane, and the insane glitches that pop up during the course of gameplay, there's plenty to hook you. Granted, I'm nmot the most religious follower, but Baz McMahon looks to make it interesting.

Mostly I've been getting into the habit of listening to streams before I go to bed, or having in the background while I work or play video games, so while mine is woefully inconsistent, here's a list of some of my favorite streams on Twitch:
-Blinny- Streming Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64 Speed Runs. Great to fall asleep to, the music of SM64 is so calming to me, and watching someone who knows the game so well that he masters the terrain, and it's like poetry in motion.
-Echo Chamber Homie Mystakin- YO DAWG U LIKE SPEEDRUNS? He's gotten into playing Super Mario 64, which as mentioned previously, looks like parkour when it's done right. Stakin' also does game development, so one day, you might catch some of that.
-Bonesaw Gaming, Featuring Another Echo Chamber Vet Jeff Webster- Weffy Jebbs and Friends play some video games and it's some good time fun times. They also have a thing called "Best Adventurer Challenge" where you, YES YOU! can participate!
-SGDoc- Classic rock and Magic Drafting late at night? SUBSCRIBE MOFOS!
-StarCityGames- They've got a Magic Tourney pretty much every weekend, and it's fun to watch the high level competitive scene. MtG is one of those things where the week to week winner isn't necessarily the same, since between draws and matchups, the Top 8 is pretty fluid.
-YouPickGames- What the name implies, a dude named Drew plays through games that viewers vote on week to week. It goes on pretty late, but he interacts with chat, does giveaways, and all around tries to make things fun. I liked his playthroughs of Phoenix Wright, because even though I've beaten and loved that game, it's always great to see him reason it out aloud. 
-Mega64- Home of the podcast and Poorly Played Stream, they're a lot of fun to watch.

That's it for now, END GAME 7 TOMORROW NIGHT!

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