Friday, May 2, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Part 79


-Ah, public shaming. Sometimes you're the one and only way to get assholes to reconsider their position.
"I'm not Homophobic, but my Invisible Sky Man says scissoring and touching weiners will put me in a firey place when I die"
"I'm not Racist, but I'm Fucking Terrified Of Black People and I have all these crime statistics o prove it, ignoring the fact that a people who been systematically discriminated against would face a higher rate of poverty, and would be more likely to be stopped by the police."
"I'm not sexist, but as a Men's Rights Activist, I demand free sex without having to change anything about myself"

Of course, all of the above translate to:
"I was born as a straight, white male, and I don't have any other skills, so that fat that I might have to develop as a person terrifies me"

-Here's a link to that Daniel Tosh bit I mentioned. These old Comedy Central Presents Episodes were really some of the best. Kyle Cease and Dane Cook are some really good ones, Gabriel Iglesias had one


How much would I have to pay Paul Heyman to just accompany me on job interviews, shows and dates and stuff and just do his thing?

-Here's  convienent list of video game drinking games:
Super Smash Bros.
Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., Dark Souls, Goldeneye 007, Sonic
Mario Party

-Be sure to support HotDiggedyDemon with his Patreon! He's a cool guy who isn't creepy at all!

-My favorite "No Items, Fox Only, Final Destination" Thing:

Over 6 years old...

-Now, the moment you've all been waiting for:

Take a drink:
  • Any time the video game Rock Band is mentioned
  • Any time Rhythm Bastard does an impression
  • Any time wrestling is mentioned
  • Any time someone says "Owen"
  • Any time Mystakin says "Word?"
  • Any time game development is discussed
  • Any time a podcast member plugs their music
  • Any time someone says Anime
  • Any time someone says "Hashtag _________"
  • Any time an earlier episode is referenced
Finish your drink:
  • When someone says "Die in a fire"
  • When The Dead Kennedys are mentioned
  • Any time the podcasts "acts out" a scene or elaborates on a stupid thing they made up (e.g. Rockhead)
  • When the episode name comes up. 
  • When the phrase "For those of you further behind" is uttered

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