Monday, December 29, 2014

Status Quo Sunday's Ten Lessons Learned.

Album's going strong, a little ahead of the game, so, let's look back 2014!

Cesaro's on RAW and he's talking about how-

Oh, right. Um, something relevant... OK-

MY TOP 10 (IN NO ORDER) CONVENTIONS OF 2014! (and the lessons learned)

1. Sands Of Anime
Location is everything. It was by this really nice, beautiful beach, and with some time, it could be a destination con, ala Umicon Daytona. But, they also put the music act opposite the voice actor panels. And the merch tables were out of the way.

2. Miami Hurricon

3. Omni Expo
Never underestimate the power of a good connection. I met up with a lot of people there, who I would go on to work with and become good friends with, such as the guys from Orlando Nerd Fest and Sci-Fried, DJ RoboRob (who's producing Status Quo Radio), and Geekapella.


4. Hero Hype Con
Learning from your mistakes. Hero Hype Con picked up the slack, and knowing what to expect and being prepared for anything, let me perform better. Also, I got a really sweet spot, before the cosplay competition.

5. Anime Festival Orlando
You don't need to hustle 100%. I feel like I need to at these things, but I was having way more fun once I settled down and played some Magic The Gathering. Really, A LOT of Magic The Gathering, lol. My concert went well, but again, cons are supposed to be fun, and I don't have to be on the clock.

 6. Creator Owned Expo
Supporting the little guy feels really good, and as I'm watching RAW, it reminds me of the benefit of putting guys over. Which they don't do on RAW. Be like Ron (Kerronian, head of COE), not RAW.

7. Orlando Nerd Fest
Hard work feels great when it pays off. Like Creator Owned Expo, it feels really good putting guys over, and when that person does the same to you (like what MC Lars did to me), the feeling is euphoric.

8. Umicon Music Initative
Act like you never made a mistake. A string broke, I was inbetween two other acts, and I only had so much time left. I just translated everything and went along with it, and became EVEN MORE OF A DORK.


9. Chibi Pa: Suki Desu
Putting the artists alley infront of the Dealer's Room is a REALLY smart idea, and it's almost TOO obvious to think of.

I was also going to put something here about good turns deserving another, as when I lent my amp to the staff to borrow for an event, fate rewarded me with Andrew from S.S. Hanami helping me out on drums, but con organizers should also take note of this list.

10. UltraCon
Putting the panels and what times they're at RIGHT OUTSIDE THE PANEL ROOMS is another REALLY good idea.

But, there's also another bonus lesson here: Know your limits. I'm not at the point where I'm marketable enough yet to where I can sell merch at cons via table. I'm a hard sell; original content in an environment based off of fandom.

So I'm going to be less aggressive in trying to snag cons this year. I'm definitely not quitting, but I'm not going to shotgun everything, and waste money on tables and stuff like that. I might even try to snag some small shows on Clematis Street, like a REAL musician.

It's a big world out there, and 2015 is going to be a big year.

Huh, my birthday's on a Sunday this year....

Monday, December 22, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Gives You An Early Christmas Present

The cover to Status Quo Radio!

Big ups to Mervyn McCoy of PaperLab Studios, this was awesome. 

You can check out the comic series that's being collected in a trade paperback in January, Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew.

Also, I'm a track ahead of schedule, so I might put out some new music soon. I got a lot of concepts on the docket.

I wanted to have my UltraCon Video up, but that fell by the wayside. :(

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

SQS: Status, Quos and Sundays

TLC has been pretty meh. Then Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose had to have their crazy-off.

This week, I WAS NUMBER ONE ON REVERBNATION (rock bands in Palm Beach, FL) (for a couple of days)

Ultracon Good News: #SoFloConBros, as always. Bought a Luchador mask, and I'm now giving up music to seek out the Lucha Way.

Ultracon Bad News: Due to shenanigans (which were mostly my fault), I didn't have a set time or place, and that did put a damper on things. Spent $125 on a table when there was so much other cool stuff to go around. And the Magic The Gathering Drafts didn't fire off.

Also, the Lucha Way doesn't pay that well.

I don't want to crap on Ultracon as an event, mind you. The South Florida Con scene has a lot of good friends, and a lot of cool people, and Irving was a great guy. Some interesting panels went on, plenty of good dealers, and I got to guest ref World Foam League. When he said he didn't have a time/place for me, he said, "Whenever, Wherever". The phrase I would use was "unfortunate".

Unfortunate for Ultracon, Holiday Matsuri was a little ways north. How much business one took away from the other, I can't really say. They're separated by over 3 hours on the I-95. I don't think it was as bad as Omni Expo/Florida Anime Experience taking place the exact same weekend.  In Orlando.

But. let's talk about some of the good:
Aforementioned Lucha Mask- It's like the bastard child of Bane and Taskmaster.

IndieBox- I bought one of their games and did an unboxing, which will be up this week sometime. Basically, you pay every month, and they send you an indie game, a little cartridge (DRM FREE) with the game on it, a steam key, a soundtrack, and various other goodies. You can even buy past boxes! All the cool nerdy stuff of LootCrate, while supporting the little guy!

The Pow Wow Show- Thanks to them, I had a show this weekend!

World Foam League- Basically, LARP meets WWE. I was a guest ref for their event at UltraCon. The setup was less than ideal, as was the time (right against the cosplay competition), but with that kind of experience, it'll become a really interesting production. They have other chapters opening up, and it does have room to get bigger and better.

Now onto album stuff:
The ink on the album cover is just about dry, and it's going out to the mailing list people first, and I'll put it up on the site. Since I have little left in the way of cons, the next hurdle is getting the KickStarter set up, while working on the rest of the album. 

More next week, while I'll try to write up one post a week until Christmas.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ultra Status Quo Sunday


There's going to be a lot of awesome guests there, like:
-Larry Mainland, from THE WALKING DEAD
-RHYTHM BASTAR- oh wait that's me...


Really solid animation. I've always wanted to make an SFM Music Video for "Boston Boom Bringer" or "Gang Of Nine", since people are doing absolutely incredible things with it. 

I'm getting this spare PC I found up and running, and so far, it runs TF2 with no hiccups. It's a desktop, and is more powerful than my laptop, so I'll be using that more for production and gaming, and my laptop will be relegated to tour-mate, since the Wi-Fi on it has been busted for a while.

Yeah, plenty of good stuff all around. Granted, there's been plenty of not so good news this week, with killer cops getting off the hook left and right, but at least it gives me the opportunity to post up this nugget from the Dead Kennedys:

There is still hope, as we, as a society, are more and more willing to call out this bullshit.

Anytime someone says "Not all cops...""But a black guy shot a white guy this one time...""ALL lives matter!", etc., remind them that this still goes on, and by making it about them, they're enabling this crap to continue. 

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Electric Status Quo Sunday


Fun fact: The guy who was Bojack Horseman was also the Hulk from my Hero Hype Con video.


Can we talk about her for a second? Every time I look at her, I think “That’s the kind of thing I want to do!”
It’s earnest music wrapped up in something fantastic. You can tell there’s a method to her madness, looking at the videos like “Many Moons” and “Primetime”, which are mini sci-fi movies. 

In the process of making Status Quo Radio (my Team Fortress 2 inspired concept album), The Electric Lady has become one of the biggest inspirations; an album the rocks, an album that rolls, an album that takes you to another place for a little while.

-The album? MORE SONGS BEING TRACKED! MORE COVER ART... ARTED! This thing is actually starting to take shape, and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm working with three awesome dudes making this all work right, so the end product can be something I'm proud of.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Echo Chsmber Post Game Episode 105


-Jeff DID visit me in Florida, and we did hang out, and it was good. WE FOUND A BOWLING ALLEY! Seriously. We were in City Place in West Palm Beach, and we come upon this club on the street called "Revolutions". It looked really sketchy, and we thought it was like, a gay bay or an underground fight club, but it was actually a bowling alley with an arcade and the bar.

-Arcanon has wrong opinions about the best Amiibo

-Adult Job For Grown Up Money needs to be a game. Also, Mario: The Lawyer. Seriously, we give you people FREE video game ideas, and not ONE has been made. We all have Grown Up Money, we can put a bounty out there. The bounty will not be a lot, but we still love you.

-What I tried to bring up in the podcast, was that in the game Day of the Tentacle, you can play Maniac Mansion in its entirety.


-Five Nights At Freddy's was done by a pretty hardcore Christian dude. It's cool though that he made the game just for the sake of making a horror game.

-The "Whales" discussion: It's good money, but it's not a sustainable business model. You still need to focus on people to convert into whales or giving new things for them to spend money. However, it's still a gamble, and it's good policy to not bank on one source of income.

Back in the early days when expansion packs were something regular, the company had to make a large investment for a lot of content that had to warrant a new CD-ROM printing, a new box and shelf space on the brick and mortar stores. It took investment and effort. Nowadays, DLC can be delivered in smaller packages and almost immediately without installation, so ANYTHING can be DLC.

But it's a hard balance to strike, because making anything still requires resources, and you can't pay for those resources by throwing a bunch of shit in the player's direction and think, "Someone's going to pay for it!" Put too many pay to win roadblocks in the player's way, and they won't get far. Put too much extra cosmetic stuff in the game, and it might not get played.

Plus, if whales are so smart, THEN WHY DO THEY LIVE IN THE OCEAN?

-The Jack Thompson thing is real though.
Let's sum up the arguments being made:
Anita Sarkeesian- Hey, video games can use these things that reinforce tired gender bullshit less often.
Jack Thompson- Ban this video game because banning shit is all I know how to do.

-Gravity Falls is a fantastic series.

S2e5 edgy on purpose

Soos and the Real Girl was a pretty good episode, despite coming out around the same times as Five Night's at Freddys.

-When Paolo mentioned "HATE. HATE." I was thinking of "I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream" with AM's Pillar Of Hate.


-When Jeff mentioned Andrew Huang's song's "Water", I thought of the song "Drop" by COrnelius which is along the same lines:

-And remember kids:

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Status Quo Sunday: Suki Desu

Let's pretend that I wrote this on Sunday so I don't have to address the absolute MOUNTAIN of bullshit that happened on Monday, and that is currently underway. I'm reblogging all kinds of relevant shit on my Tumblr, so if you're looking for that, PLENTY to keep you occupied. 

OK CHIBI-PA, YAY!!! First time going, and glad that it was another SoFlo con, since it only took me an hour to get home. Overall, I'd say it was very well done, if the reg lines were a little long.

-Brought the house down with a turn on "American Idiot" on the Karaoke machine. The crowd was HYPED.

-"Force Of Dragons" was a hit, BUT a bit too long, and my crowds aren't mosh-worthy yet.

-Goldeneye 007 for $13? HELL YEAH! I'm probably going to stream it, like all the other things I promised I'd stream. Totally you guys. 

-Managed to run into someone I played Magic with one time at Wizard's Tower in Stuart, and get a few games in.  Also tried out a new TCG called Conjure. It's not as pick up and play as Magic, but it was an interesting experience.

-Deb, who was one of the liasons, was REALLY NICE and made sure everything went well. She also told me a story of that one time she saw Nine Inch Nails open up for Iggy Pop.

-S.S. Hanami were solid dudes as usual, and Andrew, the drummer did a rendition of "Pass The Class" with me! I have thought about getting a backup band to help me out at certain cons...

-I got ZifProd to record video! Again, expect that when the time comes.

ALBUM TIME! I've offically sent in my first track to be mixed and mastered. THe artwork is under way, and I'm currently focusing on building a buffer so that my last couple tracks can be recorded without a hassle, so for the next few months, it's all hard wok for me.

Until UltraCon that is...

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Goes BEHIND THE SCENES


Friday 8 pm – Panel Room B (2nd Floor)
Saturday 1 pm – Main Events (1st Floor)

I'll be playing for about an hour, so check me out! I'll also be checking out Con-rades S.S. Hanami, who will be playing on Saturday, and anything involving Magic: The Gathering :D. If you're down to sling some spells, I'll have Modern, Standard AND Commander decks on me.

I don't have a table, but I'll be holding guerrilla concerts Friday and Saturday in the halls, selling merch and being a cool dude. 

Now, as I mentioned last week, WHEELS ARE IN MOTION, and here's a sneak peek:

Yeah, I GOT A WHITEBOARD. It's good to look at and see, "Well, I've only got about 30 minutes, I guess I can do this..." Smaller, more achievable goals make everything easier and less stressful.

On the left, is a bunch of song concepts I'm working on and a general TO DO list, and on the right is the central nervous system for Status Quo Radio as it stands. A lot of rerecording old stuff, writing new stuff and just organization is on the docket, so we'll see where I stand in a few weeks.

For some big, BIG updates, talk to me at UltraCon, and tune in for the State Of The Bastard Address on January 11th, 2015.

Also, some quick hits: 
-Spec Ops: The Line- In case The Walking Dead doesn't make you feel bad enough.

-Persona Q OR Fantasia: Music Evolved? Hmmm....

-Watch Too Many Cooks. Just do it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Status Quo Seinfeld

Chibi Pa- I've got 2 shows, Friday at 8 PM and Saturday at 6 PM.I'm working on the set lists RIGHT NOW. And I'll be practicing THIS WEEK. No word on what room I'll be playing just yet, so keep an eye out on Facebook and Twitter.

Also showing up will be Con Bros S.S. Hanami 
I'm starting to get more and more hype about this convention. Guests I haven't heard of, but usually the smaller cons have a TON of neat events, and are attended by some cool people. Hopefully some of you show up. 


Album update:



-DrilPencils? Greatest Tumblr ever

-Giant Robot Warrior Maintenance Crew? Great 3 issue miniseries.

-Heroic in Standard? CALLED IT!

-This music video? Makes me want to bring back Video Of The Week.

-You people? SEE YOU NEXT TIME!!!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Goes To Hell


The Facebook page will be updated shortly. 

NEW SONG: the title is really long you guys

OK, so I found a flyer on the floor about three years ago in Times Square, that for some reason said "Homeless Holocaust" in the back. I came up with the song in about 5 minutes, pretty drunk later that night in a Manhattan hotel room, when I rediscovered the flyer in my pocket.

Status Quo Radio updates? Progress is being made, but it's slow and steady, but I'm working on new music all over the place, trying to make up for lost time.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Celebrates 100 Episodes Of The Echo Chamber!

I'm certainly not late with another edition of Status Quo Sunday, so I'm going to celebrate the biggest thing in Rhythm Bastard News this week, THE ECHO CHAMBER's 100th EPISODE!!!


-What better way to start than with some King of the Hills YouTube, hmm?


-I couldn't find "Fisticuffsy", but the closest I could find is Fisticuffsmanship.

-Luigi's sheepish attitude is FUCKING DEADLY:

Also, I just got that Omega in Omega Mode is the same as the Final in Final Destination

-For the record, this is the Duck Hunt in Smash comic Mystakin was talking about.

-Hat In Time

-If memory serves me right, Trample is Primary in Green, Secondary in Red, and Tertiary in Black.


-Dog Police?


Thursday, October 23, 2014

Status Quo Sunday: NEW SONG: Force Of Dragons


I wanted to have it out by Sunday, but other stuff got in the way. Speaking of which, I went 1-3 on Game Day with a weaksauce version of this Mono-Black Aggro deck. Meh.

Anyway, this is continuing my tradition of songs based off of the latest Magic The Gathering set. Since Khans of Tarkir's setting is brutal as fuck, and involved dragons, this was the natural endpoint.

In other news, The Echo Chamber had its 100th Episode! More to come later!

Also, I've been officially confirmed for UltraCon in December!
I haven't gone with that look in a while, but I figured it's the best I got. I should have another song this Sunday and on time, so no need to worry about that. It's also super short. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game 99


-White People in Haunted Houses from Eddie Murphy:

-"Run To The Hills" by Iron Maiden

-Tolarian Academy
One blue mana for each artifact you control. It's even banned in Commander, the "Not Give A Fuck"est Magic The Gathering Format.

-XKCD Comic in Question:

See also, John Oliver:

Like that Jesus guy, Republicans seem to discard the beliefs that they find inconvienient. It's like Ayn Rand fills in all the holes Jesus left behind. "Jesus says to not be an asshole, but AYN RAND SAYS IT'S OK!!!"

-Vince MacMahon IT WAS ME

-"Knowledge" by Operation Ivy

-Dean Ambrose popping out of shit




-Jace/Garruk Tag Team

-WWE Brawl Concept Art

-Hoda and Kathie Lee on RAW


-SuperGreatFriend No One Has To Die Let's Play

He also does a stream on Twitch where he plays some weird games. There's lots of interaction with the chat, and you're going to really dig this quirky shit. His other LPs avoid all the annoying FACECAM OH GOD I'M SO STARTLED stuff.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 98


-Also, you can visit RCRDBOX here! Get your subscription today!


Chie Satonaka render

-I don't think Android phones have a Siri/Cortana equivalent. I'm sure with the open platform, something out there exists for it. Not really getting it though, since everything I'd use Siri/Cortant for I could look up myself, or set up on the alarm. Then again, it could be one of those things where I get it and say "HOW CAN I LIVE WITHOUT THIS?"

-The problem of having swole legs, meaning your phone is haunted. 

"Stoopid Fone!" commercial parody from julianne eggold on Vimeo.

-Florida tends to have as many dangerous animals as Australia, and the thing is we BOTH have horrible, horrible leaders

-Giant Bomb Ramen Eating Contest:

-The MASTERPOST of Memes Are People Too
I think she wins most improved though:
Because they actually still exist outside of the interwebz.

-The Seinfeld Frogger Scene:

-Final Fantasy XV

-I've sung the praises of the Rock Band Network several times throughout the course of this blog. I could go into detail about how bold of a move it was, and how many new bands I've discovered through the course of working for them.

I could talk about how I met some really awesome people, and how PAX East 2013 was easily one of the best weekends ever. (Start at 20:00)

I could talk about how it's brought me closer to some artists I really admire, and MC Lars gave me a shout out at Orlando Nerd Fest.

I could talk about how it's made me a better musician, in that it trained my ear and taught me how instruments work together.

But I think I'm just going to say goodbye.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

SQ Sunday Orlando

As mentioned last week, I was busy getting started at my new job and getting ready for GP Orlando, a big Magic The Gathering tourney.

Good news: It was fun drafting and playing a lot of Magic and hanging out with friends. I know I mention MtG a lot here, but with all this GamerGate bullshit, I feel like now more than ever to keep in mind that what you do shouldn't define you, you should define it.

Why do I like playing Magic? I like the sense of discovery when you make a deck, and it works. As someone who comes from the world of Engineering, that shit sets my brain off. As a person who's known to be tense and skittish as fuck, there's a great sense of relief after a hard fought victory. And a loss just means that my next match is a little easier, and a little friendlier, and little more full of bullshitting.

Why do I like playing music? Because it feels REALLY GOOD to play a chord on a perfectly tuned guitar. It feels good to put some chords and notes together into something you want to play over and over again. It feels good to play on stage songs that started out about comics or video games and then become another subject entirely, or play to a theme that's not there on the surface. And there's always one person who sticks around at every con and sits there through to the very end, listening to a man twice their size (and most likely their age) play some rock that isn't an anime opening, and come to me after the show and say "Wow, that was really good"

Bad news: Meh, didn't do so great. 5-4 in the main event, dropped at 3-3 in the Sunday Super Series. It's clear that I've hit some kind of upper limit with my ability to play Wizard Poker.

Worst News: MY TRADE BINDER GOT JACKED! There's a very small chance a friend of mine picked it up after I left him, but I think I'm shit outta luck on this one you guys :(.

Thursday, I discovered that Orlando has a pretty bitchin' rock station, that played a lot of Offspring and Five Finger Death Punch, not the old fogey shit The Gator in South Florida plays.

Friday, I participated in some side events, mostly mini-tournaments known as "Grinders", 32-man single elimination tournaments where the winner gets a two round bye. I lost in round 1 most of the time, but I got in more deckbuilding practice for the main event next day.

Saturday, I pulled two Fetchlands, and as per the rule with Sealed tournaments, you pass them to another person, so that the cards you pulled can be validated. Because I was on the edge of the table, I ended up getting my pool BACK. There were some good cards in the Mardu and Abzan colors, so I went with 4-Color Good Stuff. I lost my first two rounds, then won my next three. At this point, I needed to win the next 4 in a row to make it to the next day. I lost Round 6.

Sunday, there was a Sealed Super Series, which is another tournament, but with some awesome prizes. I too lost in Round 6, because I didn't hear the announcement that the next round would begin. My friend, who I drove up with, was doing well, but dropped out early, so we got home at a decent hour.

Lessons Learned:
1. KILL THE MORPH CREATURES. Morph creatures are creatures you can play facedown for 3 mana, that you can flip over for a different cost. Sometimes it's less, sometimes, it for more, but you get another ability, like bouncing another creature, or giving another creature a boost.

2. LOTS OF REMOVAL- Kill Shot, Smite The Monstrous, Bring Low, Burn Away, Throttle, Savage Punch, yeah, a lot of options.

3. OK, my list of good cards:
Disowned Ancestor- 1 drop road block
Arc Lightning- Versatile removal for 3 Mana.
Alabaster Kirin- Strong flier with vigilance
Rite Of The Serpent- Requisite 6 mana conditionless removal
Icefeather Aven- 2 Mana, 2/2 Flier that can bounce creatures
Singing Bell Strike- Good for shutting down problematic creatures early
Wooly Loxodon- Late game beef

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Goes Back To Work

Yup, started a new job this week. Good news is, more money for travel and cons and investing into my music and stuff.

Bad news, not a lot to show for yet. I've got some concepts I've been chipping away at, primarily my song for the Khans Of Tarkir set, which is coming along pretty nicely, and the base of the song is finished (guitar and drums), I just need to flesh it out.

BUT, I can guarantee that it, along with some other new songs will be played at two of my upcoming shows, Chibi-Pa, and Ultra Con South Florida. At Ultra Con, I'll have a new poster for sale, and I'll have a bunch more stuff on Status Quo Radio set up.

Optimisitcally, the plan is to have everything ready for Kickstarter by January 11th, my 27th birthday.

A little quick, since I'm off to GP Orlando right now, but see you next week!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 97


Take a drink:

  • Any time the video game Rock Band is mentioned
  • Any time Rhythm Bastard does an impression
  • Any time wrestling is mentioned
  • Any time someone says "Owen"
  • Any time Mystakin says "Word?"
  • Any time game development is discussed
  • Any time speedrunning is discussed
  • Any time a podcast member plugs their music outside of personal outros
  • Any time someone says Anime
  • Any time someone says "Hashtag _________"
  • When the phrase "For those of you further behind" is uttered 
  • Any time an earlier episode is referenced
Finish your drink:
  • When someone says "Die in a fire"
  • When The Dead Kennedys are mentioned
  • Any time the podcasts "acts out" a scene or elaborates on a stupid thing they made up (e.g. Rockhead)
  • When the episode name comes up. 
  • If any of the podcast members have 3 or more picks for the week.  
  • When someone says "My uncle works at Nintendo"


-We're getting a Deadpool movie!!! YES! YES! YES!

-Seriously, if you're not hyped, READ THIS ARTICLE. Fun fact: Tim Miller was the special effects director for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, and became a director JUST FOR THIS MOVIE. If there is any movie I'd want Deadpool to rip off, it'd Scott Pilgrim.

-Just sayin' Fox. I too can wear a green shirt over black DP-T and stand next to a guy dressed as Deadpool:

-Real Footage of Nicholas Cage's Agent:

-Athreos and Erebos are two of the Gods from Magic: The Gathering's Theros block. Erebos is the God of the Dead, who is in charge of the underworld, and Athreos is the God of Passage, that ferries the dead to the underworld.

-Vault of Glass, Destinypedia entry. WARNING: SPOILERS.

-There's a Wiki here for Final Fantasy speedruns. A breif look at some of the run times show that the runs get the longest at around Final Fantasy X/X-2, and are shortest around 3/4. There's also a strategy guide here for some of the series, which gives credence to the theory that sometimes speedrunners know the game better than the people who made it.

-Wikipedia article on the Koopalings. Like the Katt and Falco shipping war from last week, there's been a very tumultuous debate on if they're Bowser's children are not

-Godfuckingdamnit U2. BONO YOU ARE NOT PUNK ROCK. Bono Koopa would be rejected from the Koopaling because Bowser would immediately wreck his shit. This marketing move goes with Bono's definition of punk rock, as it "stirs things up and annoys people", but it is also very against the populist ideals of punk rock by serving the very people that deserve to be annoyed.

U2 claiming the Songs of Innocence release is punk rock is like saying that cable companies holding monopolies over territories and practicing harmful anti-consumer policies are punk rock because "it annoys people".


-The whole discussion on "Corporate Trust" thing is very odd, and mired a lot of bad blood. It's akin to whatever happens when upper-middle class white people discover a new word like MSG, or gluten, where they become hyperaware of things they've been enjoying the whole time. Remember when all the info about the Xbox One came out during the same time all those NSA leaks occured?

But, this should be the thing that makes people more savvy and cautious to these types of situations, and look for alternatives that you are more comfortable with. Or you can complain and fall into the same traps. Whatevs.