Monday, December 15, 2014

SQS: Status, Quos and Sundays

TLC has been pretty meh. Then Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose had to have their crazy-off.

This week, I WAS NUMBER ONE ON REVERBNATION (rock bands in Palm Beach, FL) (for a couple of days)

Ultracon Good News: #SoFloConBros, as always. Bought a Luchador mask, and I'm now giving up music to seek out the Lucha Way.

Ultracon Bad News: Due to shenanigans (which were mostly my fault), I didn't have a set time or place, and that did put a damper on things. Spent $125 on a table when there was so much other cool stuff to go around. And the Magic The Gathering Drafts didn't fire off.

Also, the Lucha Way doesn't pay that well.

I don't want to crap on Ultracon as an event, mind you. The South Florida Con scene has a lot of good friends, and a lot of cool people, and Irving was a great guy. Some interesting panels went on, plenty of good dealers, and I got to guest ref World Foam League. When he said he didn't have a time/place for me, he said, "Whenever, Wherever". The phrase I would use was "unfortunate".

Unfortunate for Ultracon, Holiday Matsuri was a little ways north. How much business one took away from the other, I can't really say. They're separated by over 3 hours on the I-95. I don't think it was as bad as Omni Expo/Florida Anime Experience taking place the exact same weekend.  In Orlando.

But. let's talk about some of the good:
Aforementioned Lucha Mask- It's like the bastard child of Bane and Taskmaster.

IndieBox- I bought one of their games and did an unboxing, which will be up this week sometime. Basically, you pay every month, and they send you an indie game, a little cartridge (DRM FREE) with the game on it, a steam key, a soundtrack, and various other goodies. You can even buy past boxes! All the cool nerdy stuff of LootCrate, while supporting the little guy!

The Pow Wow Show- Thanks to them, I had a show this weekend!

World Foam League- Basically, LARP meets WWE. I was a guest ref for their event at UltraCon. The setup was less than ideal, as was the time (right against the cosplay competition), but with that kind of experience, it'll become a really interesting production. They have other chapters opening up, and it does have room to get bigger and better.

Now onto album stuff:
The ink on the album cover is just about dry, and it's going out to the mailing list people first, and I'll put it up on the site. Since I have little left in the way of cons, the next hurdle is getting the KickStarter set up, while working on the rest of the album. 

More next week, while I'll try to write up one post a week until Christmas.

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