Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Electric Status Quo Sunday


Fun fact: The guy who was Bojack Horseman was also the Hulk from my Hero Hype Con video.


Can we talk about her for a second? Every time I look at her, I think “That’s the kind of thing I want to do!”
It’s earnest music wrapped up in something fantastic. You can tell there’s a method to her madness, looking at the videos like “Many Moons” and “Primetime”, which are mini sci-fi movies. 

In the process of making Status Quo Radio (my Team Fortress 2 inspired concept album), The Electric Lady has become one of the biggest inspirations; an album the rocks, an album that rolls, an album that takes you to another place for a little while.

-The album? MORE SONGS BEING TRACKED! MORE COVER ART... ARTED! This thing is actually starting to take shape, and I couldn't be more pleased. I'm working with three awesome dudes making this all work right, so the end product can be something I'm proud of.

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