Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Status Quo Wednesday Loses The Alliteration, But Gains A Friend

Summer Time Merch Bundle! main photo

 AFO RUMBLE! at Anime Festival Orlando and Mizucon are still on the table, next week's Status Quo is when I'll update everything, just in case a couple last minute things sneak through for August.

Other than that, I'm relieved I don't have a con thing until the end of July because then I have the opportunity to write new stuff.

For example, in the newsletter, I'm planning to include a new cover song with each edition. And as always, I'm working on the next Magic The Gathering track, and a couple new ones. I have a very crowded whiteboard, and as always I end up doing too much :(. At least I'm able to put things into Reaper now

Speaking of Reaper, I'm doing an Overwatch song, which I will premiere at my next con show. Guess in the comments who it's going to be about!


Yeah, this is one of those weeks where I didn't have a particular topic in mind, I just wanted a jam that goes by the theme I had planned. "Just A Friend" is one of those singalong songs that everybody knows, but they don't know. The chorus is as earworm as they get, but they always hear "He's just-" as "I'm just-" so while the song is actually about a guy who's being cheated on, most people think it's about girl who "friendzones" a guy. 

The song is filled with all these, "wait, wut" lyrics like "I asked her name, she said blah blah blah" and "I was talking to a girl from the U.S. Nation", but Biz Markie sells it so hard you can't help but have fun listening to him.

Image result for biz markie todd in the shadows

Trying this again, it'll be tonight at 9 PM. Going to stream music work for a bit, then play some games.

Tonight's game is going to Hearhtstone, where's I'll be cramming in as many games as I can to improve my rank before the June Season ends. So far I'm at  16, highest being 11, so maybe we can get it done?

Saturday, June 25, 2016

PODCAST RECAPS FOR 6/25/2016: Going Legit


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  • Echo Chamber Episodes 1-10
  • Echo Chamber Episodes 160-166
  • I'd Rather Not Episodes 1-12
 I seriously need to catch up on these...


I'd really like to know what program Ben used. HE HAD A CONTINGENCY PLAN IS ANDY CHOSE THE OTHER OPTIONS.

Nippon No Pipopo is a legit JRPG that will come to the US:

QWOP is over 8 years old now? Holy crap.
Also, I just tried it now, and made it all the way to 52.2 meters.

Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans come in boxes for around 2 bucks apiece. Jelly Belly handles the production on those, and they've gone nuts with flavors in the past, such as buttered popcorn and strawberry daquiri, so like I said in the podcast, that's a risk I can take.

Harry Potter™ Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans – 1.2 oz Box

Common sense would tell you that drinking bleach is Really Fucking Dangerous, however, science tells us that drinking bleach ranges from Very Fucking Dangerous to Really Dangerous on the Rhythm Bastard Scale of Danger.

Bleach is still deadly, because sodium hypocholrite is an oxidizing agent, which is why it's used for cleaning. Conspumption reulst in the burning of your body's tissues and even inhalation can cause stinging eyes and a sore throat.

Sodium hypocholrite has a chemical reaction to the air, so this will go down over time, and even adding a minute amount to water can make contiminated water slightly potable. Still, don't fucking chug bleach. Or watch bleach for that matter.


We've been really good about flipping the script on the show between Alex's question this episode and the hotline thing last episode.

Also, interesting thing about Alex's question is that normally we'd take two already bad options and make them worse, Alex took two good options and make them better. In that,

Like, I REALLY hate moving. Stairs are my mortal enemy, not because I hate climbing them, but because I have to carry a couch up them.

This is actually a video of Andy, since he wants all the PS4s. This guy has a beard, so there's really no different:

Also, New York is really screwy with cities. My old neighborhood of Bay Terrace was technically lumped in with Bayside, which in turn was part of Flushing.

Around the world cruises cost around $40K year, which is slightly below the Median Income in the U.S. of $50K. HOW DECADENT DO YOU WANT TO LIVE?
I've been on cruises for a week and I've gone insane. No internet, no proper gym, schmaltz everywhere, I'd go nuts.

Andy is a bad parent.

Also, this happened. (LINK)

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Status Quo... Wednesday?

Yeah, Status Quo Sundays are now on Wednesday, just to get some space in between updates here on the site.

I'm still going to be in "HOLY SHIT WRITE" mode Sunday, but then it'll be ready to post Wednesday instead of kinda late on Monday. I'm still gonna find a way to fuck it up though.


Saturday, June 25th, 6:30 PM
Markee Music
1700 S Powerline Rd
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442

My voice coach invited me to play this event as part of a showcase. A lot of people are going to be there, and it's going to be a lot of fun!


Yeah, I've been on a Reel Big Fish kick recently. This has always been a standout track of theirs, not necessarily because it's the best, but because it features NO HORNS (except maybe I missed them. I dunno. I'm not that smart).

It's like another big song of theirs, "Beer". Beer has more trappings of ska, but it's still a song where you can take out the horns, play it as a punk band still get the full experience. What I'm getting at is that Aaron Barrett is really good at his job and a really good songwriter.

It's a first year con I really hoped would be successful, since I knew a lot of people involved with it. 

However, a lot didn't end up working out at Florida Fandomania. I got there early to do a soundcheck, then little by little, panels and appearances fell through, mostly due to low attendance due to the events that happened in Orlando the weekend prior. At the end of the day, I wasn't able to play.
Also, the lights were shutting off occasionally because of the weather. No one to blame, though except terrible luck.

Though it turns out Eric Stuart can write some damn good music, and you can check out his band, Eric Stuart Band, here.

I was able to get a corner table though, and met plenty of new people, so it wasn't bad, it just could have been better.

I'm working on setting up a weekly stream where I can set aside some time to jam out in public, like a mini-preformance, maybe learn a cover or something, then play games, maybe with you guys.

Tonight, for the inaugural stream, I was thinking of streaming the first hour of World Of Warcraft (since I got a free trial on Battle.Net) or maybe some Hearthstone, whatevs.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Status Quo Sundaymania RUNS WILD ON FANDOMANIA

OK, I am aware a lot of bad shit went down this weekend, but I don't want want bury the lead here, so first up:
Mini Concert- 10:30 AM In Main Events
They're looking for some entertainment as soon as the con opens, so I'm going to be jamming a bit for the early part of the day.

Intro To Magic The Gathering- 6:00 PM In Panel Room
Want to know about that card game I'm always running my dang mouth about? Come and learn it here!

Hero Within Us Anti-Bullying Benefit Concert- 9:00 PM In Main Events
A small set as part of the benefit concert against bullying, where I'll probably be doing an encore of what I'm about to write.

Combat Musical- 3 PM In Main Events
Another shorter set as part of a larger event, but I'm not quite sure what it is yet, but I'll be there.

Sadly, I will not be able to attend the Geek Easy benefit which is the same weekend, but you can find more info here.


I was going to skip this part completely since Orlando found itself victim to not one, but TWO shootings over the weekend.

The first was on Saturday where former The Voice competitor Christina Grimmie was killed during an autograph signing. The second was a mass shooting at the gay club Pulse, also in Orlando, where 50 were killed and 53 were injured. I'll link below ways in which you can help.


Of course, when this came across my YouTube subscriptions, I had to throw it up here since it KEEPS HAPPENING.

Now, there's a lot to this story, how the shooter was known for making racist and homophobic remarks beforehand, he was on the terrorist watch list but was still able to acquire an AR-17, etc, but the thing everyone tends to overlook is his age.

He was 29. For reference, I'm 28. Then I got curious. The Sandy Hook shooting perpetrator and that kid who shot up that church last year were born in 1992, the same year as my younger brother.

This bullshit hatred isn't going to die out with our parent's generation. More than "selfies" or "always be textin'", that is going to be the greatest tragedy of my generation, because more than ever, we have the capability to stop it.

Every day, I carry around a device in my pocket that lets me look into people's daily lives, where they can share their experiences, both good and bad. If I'm unsure of something, I can look it up. If I post up something, people can talk back to me, and I can learn from that. Ignorance is no longer an excuse to otherize our fellow human beings.

But the second a marginalized group speaks their mind, we shut them down. "Why is everyone so offended these days?" Now more than ever, people can let you know they're offended. Now more than ever, the marginalized can have their voices heard. You just weren't used to hearing it. "Fucking SJWs!" "It's just a joke!", "Here come the PC Police!" is all bullshit spouted by (mostly) men my age, when really there's no reason to. Those complaints all boil down to "I'm fine with the status quo, please don't make me change." which is absolute nonsense in an era where time and time again, we've been "staying the course" and it's led to a lot of lives lost to war and poverty when it didn't need to.

We let this happen. With the amount of data at our fingertips, we can help make sure it doesn't happen again; 

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

PODCAST RECAPS FOR 6/14/2016: Cleaning House BONUS Edition


Currently Up:
  • Echo Chamber Episodes 1-10
  • Echo Chamber Episodes 160-166
  • I'd Rather Not Episodes 1-12 
Still in catch up mode after redoing alot of my computer shit, so I'm putting up the two Echo Chamber recaps I did last weekend:


-What comes into my brain anytime I hear "Dental Plan"

-Google Cardboard
This looks like something Nerdist or whatever would put as "DIY VR Headset" or something and then google sold it to you for $20.

-Beavis and Butthead changed a shiiiiitton in their reboot. While it was nice to see them riff on the numerous reality shows MTV had at the time, it didn't lend itself well to the idea of two idiot teenagers riffing on whatever's on TV. Part of the comedy is that they were confused about what's going on, and it came from a point of ignorance.

When they came back it was like 20 years have passed for them. They don't sound as into it, they're acting like the've got kids of their own, and they're looking down on the videos not in a teenage "This sucks/this rules" kind of immature binary, but in a "Tsk Tsk, KIDS THESE DAYS"

Though I did like the riff they did for "Firework", even if they did sound a lot more listless.

"You're not a firework" "SHUT UP BUTTHEAD I AM A FIREWORK"

-Music videos in the internet age obviously have a lot less money put behind them, but on the other hand, a lot of consumer grade equipment is really good and relatively affordable. Also, internet culture has the benefit of being a lot more accepting of "weird shit" and weird concepts that might be a bridge too far for TV nowadays. Even an indie band can put something decent together on a low budget, as evidenced with OK GO. With them, it's less, "How can we put this on MTV, which is the TV equivalent of the radio", but "How can we get people to watch this?"

-Lonley The Brave "Victory Line". I don't want to watch it again to talk about it gives me so much feels.

-Jim (Fucking) Sterling (Son's) content id block gambit explained:

Mystakin's Patreon

Mega64's Pateron

And now, to leave you with an insprirational quote from DASHAREZ0NE

ECHO CHAMBER EPISODE 168-Paolo's not that far off the mark for a lot of people. As much as we try to eat healthy, we're curious. Like the desire to not miss out on Mom making brownies far outweighs the desire to eat healthy. Like why advertisers and the like try to phrase things in a way that are brains think "HOLY SHIT I GOTTA MITIGATE RISK" vs. "HOLY SHIT I WANT THAT"

-I'm surprised we didn't bring up the pinnacle of gluttony: Brasilian Grills. It's essentially an All You Can Eat place, but instead of going up and getting the food, they bring you a shitton of meat so long as you have this token thing flipped up to the green side.

-I didn't think the "Rib Cage Of A Virgin" thing very far. Like, that virgin's ribcage has to be stripped clean or else their body meats will interfere with the BBQ meats. And if it's bleached then that's a safety hazard.
And high noon is 12 o' Clock..... FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF-

-Here's the transfer animation Arcanon was talking about:

-Betteridge's Law of Headlines as Explained by Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal:

-Nostalgia Chick/Lindsay Ellis breaks down the "Classic Internet" Down well:

-Synmmetra Roundabout

-"Twist" by KoRn

-Super Bunny Hop's Dark Souls Video:

Sunday, June 12, 2016

PODCAST RECAPS for 6/4/2016


New This Week:

  • Echo Chamber Episodes 151-159 and 167
  • I'd Rather Not, Episodes 12 and 13

Sorry guys, it looks like we've been beat to the punch with the YakPak. Oh wait that's a B. nvm.

Omorashi is defintelty A Thing, as evidenced in this F+ Podcast Episode.

The Yu-Gi-Oh comparison leads me to believe that Maxamillian Pegasus wasn't a corporate exec or a talented player, he just sat on a bunker's worth of booster boxes.

Personal thing: The one thing keeping me from living is the Pokemon world is because Pokemon are a hair to sapient for me to eat. Like, Cows don't die for you and nuzzle up to you and saw "Cow!". Cows and chickens don't shower me with love. They shower my stomach with tasty.

Beaker's word picture was glorious, but I figured in RL Pokemon "God" would be very difficult to catch, and 10 year old would probably fucking die.

I found this image when searching "Pac Man Neo"

Rhythm Bastard Island is like Zach Island only I'd probably open up to the public and fly around on my jetpack.


"Tightrope Dick" feels like the next in line for "Words Said By People You Can Safely Disregard", behind "cuck", "SJW", "beta", and apparently, "legbeard".

Sorry to bum you out with that, here's Janelle Monae:

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Status Quo Sunday Believes In A Thing Called Love


Technically I'm scheduled for 3 PM on Sunday under the "Combat Musical". I haven't heard many details, and it does seem like a crowded hour, but hopefully I can let you know more soon. 


"But Rhythm Bastard, that song is so fucking awesome, why are you just getting to it now?"

Because Todd In The Shadows covered it, and you should know by now that I'm a huge mark for Todd In The Shadows.

Like another song he previously covered, "Turning Japanese" by The Vapors, the band seemed to up and disappear after album number 2, and they seemed to go out on a really sad note. However, unlike The Vapors, I would go as far to say I think they'd do better in the YouTube Era.

If nothing else They've been succeeded by Ninja Sex Party, who haven't shown me that they can rock as hard as The Darkness, but are the most recent example of "Over The Top Stupidity + Talent = Success"

I'm going to be sending out my newsletter this week with a VERY special announcement for the summer, as well as all my future con apperances so you can have them all in one place. Expect it to go out by this week as I finish one last thing and try to get more confirmed for you all. You still got some time to sign up.