Monday, May 27, 2013

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 41


I didn't really think I missed a lot, so this is one of those post games where I link to stuff we already talked about. It's going to take a lot to swing me over to an Xbox One, but we haven't seen everything yet.

Still, I don't get why we need new consoles NOW of all times, when fewer people are going to be able to buy one. There could still be plenty to wring out of the current gen and have it look incredible.

-First off, yes Avenged Sevenfold actually appeard in Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2:

-Second, yes MoCap Dog is a real thing

-And yes, he has a Twitter Account

-And yes, Adam WarRock made a song about him, and the Xbox One:

-Regarding backwards compatability, all of this stuff is making piracy seeming like the more noble endeavor. I'm not saying it's still right, but the ROM sites are doing more service to a console's back catalog than the console makers themselves.

By which I mean, Dear Nintendo, NO ONE CARES ABOUT ICE CLIMBERS

-The game we were talking about on the Gamecube with the microphone was Odama.

-Also, here's a Let's Play of Pokemon Channel:

Status Quo Sunday Gets XTREME!!!

So, update: I finished rerecording a rough version of "Enlist Today!" It's all finished, but I need to put the extra voices in like this version:

Next I'll be working on "Force Of Nature"... again...

But in between working on the Rock Band Network playtest group and working on some stuff for The Hero Hype Con, this guy called Insetik47 is doing LPs of all those extreme sports games that came out in the way of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. It's like a podcast and a radio had a baby.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Echo Chamber Episode 40 Post Game


This podcast in a nutshell:

Man, what a fun episode! I only intermittently listen to Comedy Bang Bang, but I'm definitely picking up again after this week

Listening to it, there weren't a lot of things referenced or topics I wanted to discuss, so instead I will list the things I learned about myself by question:

-Omelette's for dinner rule, and most people would probably be better off if they ate breakfast like they do dinner, and dinner like they do breakfast. You got all that food in your belly when you're doing stuff the rest of the day, and when you get home you can unwind with a slice of toast or a breakfast sandwich, that way all that food is being used instead of being stored as fat. Also, I use the word "fixings" instead of "toppings". I've been in the South too long.

-I really like The Twilight Zone, in that I really like the gut-punchy endings where things go from bad to OK to worse in the span of 22 minutes. And me eating ice cream, getting x-ray powers only to have it stolen from my future self and being left to live in a world filled with perpetually horny people, is right up there with some of the best episodes.

P.S. After seeing the 80's Twilight Zone episodes written by George R.R. Martin, I'm less than eager to see anything Game of Thrones...

-I'm so weird and mumbly already, that no one would notice that I sporadically add "hashtag" into my sentences. :( There is no emoticon to express my depression right now.

-There are three situations where I would have sex with another man:
1. Spite (Fred Phelps, Rush Limbaugh)
2. Obligation (i.e. Jello Biafra comes up to me and says "I wrote 'Holiday In Cambodia', DROP EM")
and now,
3. I am married to the other man by a Hipster Shark, and Would You Rather rules state that we have to consumate the marriage.

-The main exception to all of that is me having sex with myself apparently.

As to what I learned: I enjoy living in metropolitan areas and free healthcare. I would be willing to accidentally walk in on AnimeCow screwing his clone to afford all of that.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Breaks 100 Plays In One Day


The only time this has even come close was when "Lord I Miss Deadly Premonition" made it on Complex Mag, and even then I was still 2 short.

Working on a music video for that one. 

All right, back to what you people came here to see: 
Track number one is FINISHED and work on the next song is coming along. I still have to do a bit of maneuvering to get this all in one file, but god DAMN does "Status Quo Radio" sound hot now!

In between some songs, there's going to be a little interlude, and while I have some friends filling in other roles, right now I have a couple place holders in there, and I'm starting on "Enlist Today!"

SO, with all THAT out of the way, guess who discovered "Epic Rap Battles" of history?

There are some songs where the rapping isn't good, but the matchups are hilarious, or I don't have any connection to either of the people featured, but every video manages to deliver on some level.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Status Quo Sunday and the Hallmark Holiday

All right, so if it weren't for various Mother's Day obligations, I'd be at least a point where I can say "OK, this thing is officially started". However, I have managed to finish re-recording everything except the bass and vocals. Vocals are vocals, and bass is a lot of "OK, I got that section down, that's fine"

The two main guitars I wanted to get out of the way first since
1, They're going to be the first thing the listener hears and
2. They set the sound for the rest of the album. I'll be switching between the "clean" guitars and the "distorted" guitar tracks a lot, and I want them to sound right.

The first song "Status Quo Radio" you can listen to here (in it's earlier form), but I'm rerecording it:

So I've been trying to make it sound like 60's protopunk/garage rock. Reposted from Tumblr:

“Status Quo Radio” was the hit song by popular rock band The Bastards, that reached the top of the charts back in 1968. They are comprised of drummer, Beat Bastard, bassist, Bass Bastard, lead guitarist and piano player Lead Bastard, and rhythm guitarist and songwriter Rhythm Bastard.
They’re best known for their catchy songs, matching purple suits and having corporate logos on their instruments.
Each member of their band has “real names” but their managed decided they’d be more marketable by changing their names ala The Ramones.
Their biggest moment was when they performed “Status Quo Radio” on the hottest music show on KQUO, “Live From The Gravel Pit” However, on that fateful day, groupies rushed the stage causing a horrible catastrophe, resulting in the deaths of Bass and Beat Bastard, the loss of Lead Bastard’s hand, and Rhythm Bastard’s sight.

So yeah, little insight.

Also, I released "Lord I Miss Deadly Premonition" is doing gangbusters right now as on Soundcloud, after I put it up on Reddit, and am working on the video thusly!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Echo Chamber 38 Podcast Post Game


-Sung to the theme of this:

Even though this is strictly a (very kick ass) pop song, the rapping in this, while not exactly breaking ground on word play (she rhymes "System" with "System", for real because whythefucknot), has very good flow to where the voice becomes a separate instrument.

As AnimeCow pointed out, she puts on a Cockney accent, but I don't really care, I find it endearing. Though the who "Roman Polanski" persona thing is just, like, no one cares.

-Hey, before picks, Owen snuck in "Pass The Class"! Thanks! Let's hear it one time more!

-Regarding Perfect Dark, that game can go fuck itself, because I'm at Chicago in the campaign. So Chicago is supposed to be a stealth mission, but the second you're within 50 feet of a police officer EVERYTHING TRIES TO KILL YOU. I've tried everything, but NOPE. I can't even try to rush through it, because the drone bots get on my ass, and blow up everything I'm looking at. This is a problem, because there's a taxi I'm supposed to hack, but of course, the drones show up and go all ratattat into flames.

Leave all your protips in the comments.

-We didn't mention the Dead Kennedys, so here's Jello Biafra vs. Tipper Gore.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Is Now In Effect

I figured while I book conventions and reviews to promote "Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track", I'll give an update on this project you've been hearing about occasionally called "Status Quo Radio", and in fact every Sunday, just so you all can remind me of it.

Recently, my laptop's HD had to finally be taken out of its misery (seriously, I couldn't use my laptop keyboard, then I couldn't use a USB keyboard, and I had to get a new HD), so today I've been setting everything up again. As long as I have mydrumsetrocks (free Drum VST), TH2 (guitar amp sim VST) and Nectar (vocal VST) with RX2 Denoiser, then I'm good. 

So today was spent getting everything back in order. I don't have Ableton Live installed yet, but I rarely use it anyways.

As we speak right now, I'm getting all my projects on to the new hard drive, and compiling a song I was supposed to release last week.

It's been kind of nice actually, starting over. Xenu knows I've accumulated a lot of shit on my HD as time passes, at least now, I can be like "OK, I NEED that one". Hopefully TF2 and all my other games run better. 

SO, here's what to expect the rest of the week:
Monday: NEW SONG!
Tuesday: Echo Chamber Podcast Recap
Next Sunday: Another Update

And other updates in between.