Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Greatest Moments In Rock Band (and Guitar Hero)

Yeah, yeah, I got one of three possible songs comin' down the pipeline, with two more originals to post, but I figured I'd make this worth it.

Might as well spoil what I have left of the RB update:
-This Post
-Green Day "Holiday"
-Other Tier 5 song update.

The tabs will be put up as I find time, a little bit with each update.

Anyway, I got to thinking: smell is the sense most tied to memory, right? What about music? I figured it would be worth it.

-One I already posted about, my 21st birthday. To recap, everyone played Rock Band, most for the first time, and my 4 year old niece tried out the drums. She failed, and I was more upset than charmed, but then again I'm not at that age where the pinnacle of my life is to watch a baby. Still it was nice to have everyone playing and the whole point of Rock Band is the group dynamic, with everyone keeping each other in time. But most important was everyone coming in to my world, in a sense, and common ground. I don't really follow sports, so it was nice to gather around some rock n' roll.

-There was also the time I first played GH and the DigitalLife Expo. First off, with the DLE, the entire cost around 20 bucks, tickets and food for 4, seriously. Second, I remember seeing an ad to have your song in the Guitar Hero game contest, and I didn't think it would go anywhere, just sort of have this little niche appeal like DDR. Then I actually got my hands on one and took a look at the setlist. I've heard all these songs, I know all these songs, and it was a big imporvment going from Amplitude's control scheme to something more real.
Plus I got to see other new games (at the time, this was 2005) like Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Marvel vs. Some Idiots EA made up.

-Me and my girlfriend were playing "Won't Get Fooled Again", and made out through the entire organ solo. I don't think I should have to elaborate, but as a sidenote I find it refreshing when a girl actually has a taste in music, and can explain why she likes it, instead of just going along with the Top 40.

-The first night I brought Rock Band 1 (PS2) home, I got my friend and little brother, and we played for a few hours, getting pretty far along the setlist. The joking around, humiliating ourselves singing, and I learned something that night. My friend can be pretty gay while singing "Ballroom Blitz".

So, there you have, a short little filler. Tomorrow, I'll try and have a song lesson for ya.

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