Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Status Quo Is Getting Ready For Summer


First thing's first! My first CONFIRMED set of the season is Megaplex in Orlando, FL!

It's shaping up to be a big stage, Main Events, Saturday Night!

And, by the time you read this, it'll be made public that I'm playing Mini Iwai, in Ft. Lauderdale!

I will be having a concert at 1 PM, AND will be part of the 3KB Preview Show! What will it be this year? Fiiiiinnnnd oooout!


"The City of Waterdeep has seen crimes punished and committed by the party, but how will they deal with horrors?"

As esoteric as my naming schemes are, the descriptions mask the amount of insanity deep within these hallowed MP3s.

THE NEXT EPISODE IS NAMED "Skulking In The Streets!" and that's about as normal as it gets for quite... a... while...

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Tiger Mask" by Rocket From The Crypt

All right, so one time, I was looking for the theme song to the Tiger Mask W Anime on Spotify, because Tiger Mask W is a fucking banger. Naturally, a lot of the titles were in Japanese, and I couldn't tell one from the other. So, I clicked on the only one in English, and this came on.

Fun fact: This song appears in two forms: the first on Dope, Guns, 'n' Fucking in the Streets, Vol. 11, a compilation album from Amphetamine Reptile Records in 1997, which is considered the "final" version, and All Systems Go 3!!! a compilation of the bands B-Sides and oddities, which features an instrumental version.

I am obsessed with this song. It starts of dirty, like an assassin wearing a Tiger Luchador Mask wearing an all white suit speeding down a Miami Highway, covered in blood, head out the window.

Then the saxaphones come in.


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Status Quo A Lot Of Shit Hasn't Been Confirmed Yet So Here's What I've Been Into Recently

Now, here's the thing about my silence: It's not that I HAVEN'T been working, it's that what I've been working on either:

  • can't be talked about (legally)
  • can't be talked about because it isn't done
  • can't be talked about because it isn't confirmed.

So, here's some stuff I CAN tell you:


Not much to say YET, but if you're a fan of old wrestling games, you might want to check this out.

I got to do a song for it! That is the most I can comfortably say I'm involved with it, AND THAT'S GONNA BE A RUNNING THEME.


I was at Mizucon in May, and it had a REALLY good comeback! The hotel they used is beautiful, there were a lot of people there, and my panel, Mizu-Mania II (Under New Management)! had a full house!

Also, I invested in a new type of goodie: BADGE RIBBONS!


1. Buy at least $5 in merch at my table

2. Return 25 MTG Cards that I threw out into the audience

My next cons are Mini Iwai (with the 3000 Brigade) and Megaplex. WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE?

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Godzilla" by Bear McCreary feat. Serj Tankaran

The intro makes it sound like they're either announcing the coming of a God or at least erecting a big-ass statue of them lest they have their thatched roof cottages burninated. Serj Tankaran has a unique, operatic voice and it suits the song well, since it takes a more "HERE COMES THE FUCKING APOCALYPSE" take on the still great Blue Oyster Cult originial.

Some of the production in the way certain notes hit makes me feel this was produced to make it seem more "trailer friendly". For another example of this, see Gary Clarke Jr.'s version of "Come Together" for the movie Justice League, and how some of those guitars sound like the Inception BWAAAAA.

Still great workout fodder. Moreso than the original.


If you want to see a bit evolve over the course of 25+ minutes, watch this.

All I want to say is: Fuck The J-Haters.


First, nice Marching Band cover of Ke$ha's "Die Young". Second, nice Zebrahead cover.

This is an example of just throwing shit out there, and seeing what people latch on to. It's over an hour, but surprisingly consistent in all the bullshit it makes up.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Status Quo Monthy? Nah, Just Busy


Not that I haven't been active, I've just been busy, and the site just works as an aggregate of what I've been up to, and since I've been flying by the seat of my pants for a lot of it, I haven't focused on the site as much. A lot has happened since the Spring Update video, and I will share it all with you...

This was the return of Ultracon after a couple years, coming back to the MACC. It had a great turnout, even though the layout wasn't that good, with panels on a top floor where other events went on at the same time, and the dealer's room was on the bottom floor.

Thankfully, I was helping run ULTRAMANIA! on the same floor right before my event.

I made a lot of new fans that show, but like Omni Expo, I hope it can learn to use its space better.

So a couple weeks ago I ran a 12 hour stream to raise money to help fix my car. To recap:
1. A bunch of friends and fans were eager to help me out in a time where I could use some help
2. I organized a big event with minor technical fuckups.
3. I put on a damn good concert
4. I made Twitch Affiliate.

So there was a broad swath of games, and a broad swath of guests, and here's the recap of the schedule:
12:00 - 1:00 PM - Fallout New Vegas w/ Steven from S15 Costuming
1:00 -  3:00 PM - Torchlight 2 w/ RPG Pals Club
3:00 - 4:00 PM - MTG: Arena w/ WeffJebster
4:00 - 5:00 PM - Dicey Dungeons w/ Hupfen
5:00 - 6:30 PM - Diddy Kong Racing w/ Ben Briggs
6:30 - 7:30 PM - Sunset Overdrive w/ John GM
Concert at 8
Halo and Rock Band 4 Open play afterwards

Special thanks to everyone who watched and everyone who came on to play!

I really want to do another one sometime in a couple months just for a "Hey, let's build a warchest and hangout with all these cool people I know"

So far it's just Mizu-Mania on Monday, but we are working hard to bring you an excellent event! It will be on the main stage, and since we've got a couple of these under our belt, we can deliver high impact digital wrestling action with MINIMAL technical fuck ups!

JAM OF THE... WEEK? "Rose Colored Boy" by Paramore

So, new Paramore kinda rules actually? More poppy, and apparently they don't want to play "Misery Business" anymore, but who cares?

Hayley Williams's acting in this REALLY sells the story as she becomes more and more detached and disinterested with each segment of this cheesy 80's news show. "Rose Colored Boy" is also about a rarely expressed sentiment: "No, I'm not happy, and fuck you for thinking I could just get over it"

Monday, March 25, 2019

Status Quo Sunday Is Going To Conventions!

NEW SONG: "Preacher Of Lonely Street"

The Goon, one of my favorite comic series is back! In Comic Form! So now the song is on YouTube and Soundcloud and all o dat!



As you may have seen on the sidebar, I have a couple new cons on the horizon:

Ultracon Of South Florida! (April 12th-14th, 2019)
This was a con that's been away for a bit, but now it's back! I'm not sure what else is on the schedule yet, but if you're a collector, it's a really good con for that since the dude that runs it is notroious for having a big G.I. Joe Collection.

Mizucon! (May 26th-27th, 2019)

Mizucon I've had a lot of good times at in the past, but they went away last year, and are now under new management, some of whom are from Anime Iwai. There's a lot I can't confirm yet, except that I do know they will give me a show, and another panel that we're going to bring back!

Hint: Mega Ran was part of it.

Other Convention I've Never Played Before!
For an audience I never played before!

What am I looking forward to?

PAX East Rumble! It's a royal rumble at PAX East! It will be an absolute clusterfuck.

DJ Roborob! All his stuff! He, Ben Briggs and other friends are going to be at the Jamspace at 10 PM on Saturday for a big VGM Dance Party!

The Improvised Post Mortem! Pat Baer is always good for an entertaining time, and he brings some improv fun times to PAX East in one of my favorite panels in any con ever. The premise is simple: Given a game title, these people make up a game and how it could have gone better/worse.

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Tempted" by Squeeze

This song is my goddamn white whale in Rock Band 4. I have YET TO FULL COMBO IT!

But it's a nice song.