Tuesday, October 16, 2018

This Week's Status Quo Sunday Has A Picture Of Me Flexing In It, You're Welcome

Let's brake it down day by day:

FRIDAY! 3000 Brigade Presents: Iwai-vor Series!
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM, Panel Room 3

A Tag Team Throwdown where you and a partner can pummel your way through the competition to win the Championship Belt in some old school N64 Wrestling games! There will be thrills, chills, spills, and maybe one of the commenters will wear sly costume! Flashy outfits and ridiculous promo cutting encouraged.

We will also be playing Smack Talk Showdown to break any ties.

The belts are looking really nice this year, and actual effort is being put into them!

This year's 3KB Extravaganza! A smashing Smash Bros. Show! Who will show? You'll have to go to know! Sexy dances, pulse pounding action, and a beloved Nintendo Character may or may not die!

Also, here's me as Wii Fit Trainer from last year's show:
I look even better from behind ;)

I can't say who I'm going to be in this year's show, but it will be making the most of my beefiness. There is a piece of fanart I would like to recreate if I got 1000 Facebook Likes or something like that, but it's too close to do such a thing. 

Afterwards, there will be a Meet and Greet where we can answer all your questions in character.

There will also be another event on Saturday I Might be a part of, but that's All tentative.
SUNDAY! Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock (aka my concert!)
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM, Panel Room 1

I've been working on A LOT of new stuff, and I'm going to be playing it live to close out the show!

I'll also have copies of Dino Hunter MD: The Sound Track back on sale, and of course the usual headbanging madness that ensues. A lot of stuff I did at Mini Iwai worked well, so I think I might have done something right for once... 10 years in...

This Saturday at 8 PM, I'm going to be doing what the original purpose of this blog is/was:

Playing through all of the songs from the original Rock Band on a real guitar...

 ...via Rocksmith 

That way it's all organized, less stressful, and I can even level up certain parts if I want to git good as a little incentive.

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Hellbent" by Mystery Skulls

The latest in the "Mystery Skulls Animated" Series, this covers a track from Mystery Skulls's 2014 album, Forever, "Hellbent". The rest of Forever is slower paced, meant to let the lush tracks more room to breathe and be felt. "Hellbent" is WAY MORE AMPED UP, but it doesn't suffer at all.

Even the music video, animated by an independent team lead by MysteryBen27 is able to keep up. What I loved about previous animated outings, "Ghost" and "Freaking Out" is that there is movement on every beat, even if it's a simple head bob. Obviously, it's a faster song, so the actions are going to be closer together, but it's all spaced out enough to where it's not confusing.

HOWEVER, the same is happening to this series as what happened to Kingdom Hearts: The first one starts off on a simple premise, the second introduces more elements, and the third builds on it even more as it goes deeper and deeper into its own lore.

Also, here the song doesn't start until about 2 minutes in. The story is still easy enough to follow, and everything is clear enough on a careful watch. 

Even if you want ALL THE LORE, you only have to watch 12 minutes of well done music videos, instead of 100+ hours of gameplay.

Monday, October 8, 2018

JAM OF THE WEEK: 10/7/2018

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Immigrant Song" by Hotei

Hotei is Japanese guitarist best known for his instrumental song "Battle Without Honor Or Humanity" that's been featured in numerous movies, most famously "Kill Bill Vol. 1".

Here, he has covered the song "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin.

AND IT GOES SUPER FUCKING HARD. This isn't a "Jam Of The Week" so much as a Public Service Announcement. The EDM flourishes make it feel more intense and have the song hit harder, as it shoves the rest of the sound spectrum out of the way to make some room for that iconic riff.

Led Zeppelin's version doesn't feel weaker after this, it feels sweeter. There's WAY less going on in the background, and it gives Robert Plant's vocals more room to shine. You can barely hear Hotei in the cover, and it doesn't matter because

Sunday, September 30, 2018

JAM OF THE WEEK: 9/30/2018

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Break The Contradictions" by Man With A Mission

Man With A Mission are the Jam Of The Week again, and this is another one you can blame on Owen.

I was telling him on Discord about how Little Boots was a previous JOTW, and recommended him a few recent bands I was into, like Studio Killers, Mystery Skulls and Man With A Mission. MWAM he was familiar with, as it was the theme song for the G1 Climax, New Japan Pro Wrestling's major tournament. There's no music video here to really talk about, just some NJPW footage. It's great, and that scene has me way more interested than what's going on in the WWE.

On to the song itself: Man With A Mission knows how to build. First, the bass riff. Now, it's a mighty fine riff, and you could ride on that for quite a while. But then come the kick drums that sound like the rest of the song is about to burst out of the ground. In come the snares to round out the beat, and the first verse begins. I want to give Tokyo Tanaka credit here: for a band that's primarily Japanese, the guy can do a solid rap in English, and his delivery becomes stacatto, it makes each syllable hit like a bullet. Everything fade out before the chorus, save for the hard hitting precussion, and then:



Just when you think it get into a flow you can follow, at 3:22 in, the DJ goes absolutely nuts! The only other song where the bridge is this disparate and made me just as hype, was "Get Up" by Unwritten Law.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Monday, September 24, 2018

JAM OF THE WEEK: 9/23/2018

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Voyage" by Leningrad

A couple weeks ago, I covered "Ju-Ju", another Leningrad/Ilya Naishuller joint. This week brings you "Voyage".

When I first researched Leningrad, they were described as a "ska punk" band, and being used to 3rd Wave American Ska, I didn't see it in "Ju-Ju", since that was more . It's a lot "dirtier" than what I'm more familiar with, and it works with the band's more aggressive style. The bass sounds more intense and electronic, the band curses, and the female singer has a background in jazz, so you know she knows how to belt out that chorus.

The song is about taking selfies, and going on lavish trips and shit for the Insta, but the language barrier and the electrifying chorus keep it sounding from too cynical.

Alexander Pal, plays the main charach brings it all together with his chain-smoking and "I Am Beyond Dead Inside" Eyes, and it sells the notion that this is all a little "off". Also, that lead in to the final chorus is so perfect. Naishuller knows how to give transitions a bigger impact, and his calling is these shorter features, if he's going to be this ambitious and intense with his concepts. Then, a piano explodes.