Sunday, November 6, 2022

Status Quo Sunday Spooks


I've been though it the past couple months: day job rough, losing main twitter account, depression at the state of the world, etc. But basically I still managed to do SOME things, and all my weird furry art shit was my brain keeping productive when I couldn't find the motivation to pick up a guitar. 



This song I covered at Megaplex 2022, and I figured since I had to do the backing track from scratch, might as well finish and make the whole version. It's a tricky mix of the original Wall Of Voodoo and the cover by Authority Zero, taking the delivery of the former and the punk feel of the latter. 


 Ever since I got booted off Twitter, and my phone got good by accident, I decided to use my TikTok account more, and my proxy, Instagram and Youtube.

Mostly it's been smaller things, like game recommendations and tiny skits, but keeping up can be a bit exhausting, whenever I get the urge, I might need to run a couple backups whenever I'm in the mood. 


My friends from the 3000 Brigade have a podcast called "Taste Of Dragons" where they cover gaming news, and talk about a weekly topic, and this week I was that weekly topic! (alongside the Resident Evil and Silent Hill news) It was great seeing these guys again, and I got to do the "Dragon Of The Week", a figure in gaming they feature, and I chose Mark Mothersbaugh from Devo. MY NOTES WILL BE IN THE PATREON AHAHAHAH!


Elon Musk is probably going to make Twitter unusable, either by racist bullshit or by getting rid of the people who do the work.

I have a Linktree that shows you everywhere I am.

Cohost - This feels more like Tumblr than anything, but it's where a lot of professional people are on, and you can "pin" a post with all your relevant tags on it. 

Mastodon - So this one is also kinda eh since it seems like people are also joining this enmasse, but it's more decentralized and it's easy to feel like you picked the "wrong" server when all you want to do is fire off quick shit again. And no threads.

I've appealed to Twitter, but my account will likely be reanalyzed after the elections.

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Busy Sim" From The Sims 2 Composed By Mark Mothersbaugh


Yup! I could have covered Devo, but I might as well look at a full composition by Mothersbaugh. 

It's a slow build and if you change around a bit of the instrumentation, it works as a Devo song. Now, this is one of the Build Mode songs, and while Sims 2 didn't eat up as much of my time as The Sims, or the Gamecube Version, the soundtrack never got to "heavy" preferring to have most of its compositions sound like they could be played on your grandma's old piano, and/or from a 1950's instructional video about the Home Of The Future.

 Either way it makes for very good working music


Sunday, August 14, 2022

Status QuOwO Sunday




Last weekend, I went to Megaplex, Florida's one and only furry convention, and it was a BLAST! 

 Since I'm still new to my current job, I'm scant on PTO, so I had to work longer days Monday thru Thursday, then leave Friday morning.

Check-in didn't take long when I got there (maybe about 11:30 AM?) but parking at the Caribe Royale is a gamble where the  BEST you can hope for is to break even. Every was set up in enough time for me to go audition for Furry Jeopardy. Got the perfect score on the quiz, and made it to the MAIN SHOW!

 The biggest project I had to worry about was of course, Megaplex Megafest. I noticed they put me in Main Events, as well as three smaller artists (going solely by Twitter numbers) all afternoon, and Cassidy The Civet, a pop singer who's actually been on Canada's Got Talent (fuck you Howie Mandell) on Saturday.

I've been down this road before, and it would have sucked for each of us to beg for people to show up. So, I thought why not just present us all as a unified front? We're all going on one right after the other, so this is our opportunity to make our own festival!

The moment I struck gold.

Plus the line up we had was diverse:
Jane Drolf: Metal
Me: Punk
Atlas Coyote: Singer/Songwriter
ZandZ: Filk
Cassidy: Pop

It didn't take a whole lot to organize everyone and they were down from the word GO. I also suggested Zack Loup of Psychopomp to do the poster art, since I love his work, but never got to commission him yet. 

I kind of envisioned it like a Warped Tour parking lot, with people coming and going, with plenty to do, but the logistics weren't possible and mine and Jane's shows were age-gated. 

Everyone had a good show, especially considering it was the first live performance for Jane and Atlas. "Run Over Ronnie" continues to go over big, and my covers of "Hungry Like The Wolf" and "Mexican Radio" went so well, I can add them to my repitoire. 

At the end of ZandZ's show on Friday, everyone got up for a rendition of "Don't You (Forget About Me)", a nice little cap to everything! 

And it felt GOOD to elevate other people! It felt GOOD to be part of something bigger and it felt GOOD to not have to feel like we were in competition!

even though I won. I'm the best at everything.


Well... uh... Still had fun.

I did INCREDIBLE on merch this weekend! I'm almost out of Swoletariat T-shirts, and the new CDs, Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock did incredible!

It's like everything I've learned over the past 10+ years of doing cons has finally come to fruition!


Started the morning at the Fitness Furries panel where I began the day with a nice sweat! Cassisy had her concert the day before, and over the weekend everyone's been signing the poster. We donated it to the charity auction where it netted over almost $400 for the C.A.R.E. Foundation!

I got home in PLENTY of time to unwind, and overall, a kick ass weekend! 

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Song For A Beer"

Z n' Z use this as the "summary" song, where they also include lyrics from other songs, and they had us come on stage and sing a little bit from ours. It's a fun little acoustic jam that gets stuck in your head SO bad.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Status Quo Coverage

Hey did you know I have an album out now HARDCORE NERDCORE PUNK ROCK?

In the lead up I was interviewed by a couple places, and let me show you them!

Dogpatch Press
Rhythm Bastard and His Music: Support Your Local Swole Punk Rock Furry!

This was done over text with DogPatch Press, furry online periodical of record. They've done good interviews and features before, especially when it comes to the fandom within larger societal issues, such as queer pride and "furry panic" in schools.

Patch was very easy to talk to and VERY complimentary with my whole ouvre, so it was really fun to do!



Ongaku Overdrive
Nerd Music Meltdown #98: Rhythm BastardMania

This one was good to update some stuff I had in the previous podcast, 3 years ago. Most of the conversation was focused on making sure everything WORKS when you have a convention setting. It was just nice talking with Kent who knows the scene and knows my career where we can focus on putting myself in front of people and making me look good. 

Either way, both interviews had me indulging in my furry side, so with

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Cool Patrol" by Ninja Sex Party

Ninja Sex Party's been hitting different since Game Grumps Dan a much wider audience and a bigger budget, but they manage to make the song SOLID first and foremost. The verse are the setups, the choruses are the punchline and they evolve as the song continues, and the Cool Break is just... so cool.Very reminiscent of 70's pop-funk, which makes sense considering the music video takes place in a roller rink.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Status Quo Is Bullshit, Travel More

Shit, this was where I'd put links to all the news coverage of people protesting pride parades, that one where that far right militia got caught, anything that idiot Ron DeSantis has done, and drag events interrupted everywhere because neanderthals are more concerned with the children they both live vicariously through AND treat as property are going to be "traumatized" when we all know damn well that their WASP Mom and Dad are showing up to every school board meeting to bitch about "CTR" or whatever they heard from Newsmax or some shit.

Anyway my fellow queers, get a gun.

N.B. I didn't release this last week, since I was waiting on getting back from AFO, but reading the Roe V. Wade shit, castrate any and all Pro-Forced Birth Man, knock up their daughters, mothers and wives, and then set them on fire at the 4th of July party and say it was a Fireworks Accident.



The link will let you preorder it on my Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple Music pages! I'll also put out a pre-order page for CDs when I have a better idea of when those come in.

1. Future Endeavor
2. Status Quo Radio
3. Pass The Class
4. Cliffhanger
5. Radio Days Pt. 1
6. Thrash Panda
7. Force Of Nature
8. Space Tambourine
9. Hunting Bigger Game
10. Imminent Doom
11. Fire In The Hole
12. High Noon
13. Fuck Terfs (But Don't Have Sex With Them)
14. Hell Yeah
15. Take The Oath
16. Bastard's Reunion
17. Imminent Doom (AKI Version)
18. Fire In The Hole (AKI Version)


My show was at 8:30 PM in one of the panel rooms, which wasn't NECESSARILY the worst thing, but uh...

i wasn't sure i'd have a mic until 20 minutes before the show

and i didn't have a mic stand

So, I had to have one of my friends hold the mic while I played, and it WORKED. It gave the show more of a punk rock feel, and people even VOLUNTEERED to hold it! Still not ideal, but it just goes to show that my strength as a performer is to be able to improvise with what I've got, and NEVER give up. I put on a DAMN GOOD show regardless!

I just hope next year everything's sorted out, and I can get me some MAIN STAGE time!

Also I met up with a couple artists I've only contacted with through Twitter!

STEM Meetup- Now, this is a type of panel I don't normally see at other cons I usually play at, and it was nice to have something that's more or less for ADULTS. Not an 18+ up panel, but just a panel that doesn't make me feel like an old man. Met a lot of cool people there, and did get to learn from others who are in varying specializations and points in their careers

Cassidy The Civet's Concert- She's been doing a lot of cons, and I finally managed to catch one of her shows. She has great voice, but her set was mostly did Eurovision covers, so I couldn't quite get a good idea of her sound.

Survifur: FWA- Yes, it's a dumb pun, but it was an interesting competition, even if the stakes aren't a million dollar cash prize. It was also run by Cassidy the Civet!

Cut Content Panel- This one was run by one of HELLBREAKFAST's Friends and it was about cut content and the like in retro games. It covered a lot of ground in mostly NES-era games, but I can see how someone can get LOST datamining these older titles and how it helps us all better understand how they're put together. They're hard to make, even back then.

Anyway, 10/10 would go again if I had a mic stand. Between this and MAGFest, I'm starting to shy away from the smaller anime cons in my area and am trying to aim higher, or at least more specific. The crowd there are more passionate, and are more eager to share and create, rather than consume. It's cynical at my age, but I found a con that I 100% vibe with.

Furry cons are Ren Faires mixed with Pride Parades. That was my go to shorthand anytime any one asked what was going on, so take that nugget of wisdom with you! 


 This one I was 1000% better prepared for, since I... could bring stuff. I also debuted "Run Over Ronnie", and given that my show was on the same day a bunch of old crackers decided they were the coochie boss, the crowd was 100000% behind it.

It's a live staple alongside Fuck Terfs!

Also I had a merch set up, and even though it was out of the way, A LOT of people came through and picked up a shirt!













Given section 1, you all deserve something for Pride month going into Wrath month.

Honestly it was about time, and I FINALLY decided to it. I do have a copy of this shirt myself, and have worn it to the gym several times. 


This is the PUBLIC release of the RPG Pals Club Visual Novel I've been working on! Currently it's in Godot, but eventually I might transport it over to something where I have a little more freedom to do whatever.

Right now this is the first 3 "Acts" of Episode 1. Each episode will have 5 "Acts", and I'm writing the fifth one right now. When? I dunno. 

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Stop, Drop, Roll" by Can't Stop Won't Stop

So "The Bad Guys", the Furry Movie Of The Moment, came out on DVD on 6/21. 

They fucking knew.

Regardless, the movie itself was an enjoyable watch. The plot, although predictable, was charming enough so that I was along for the ride, the animation style was slick, and the voice acting was done, not by big name celebrities, but character actors!

What kicked off the movie, was this big car chase set to this song, "Stop Drop Roll" by Can't Stop Won't Stop. It's not an easily recognizable pop song, it's funky and the action syncs up to the beats well. Even in small moments like a sharp turn, or when the crew buckles their seatbelts.

Funk is one of those genres I've never sought out, but I always enjoyed when it's on, because musically it's so interesting. Layers on layers on layers, AND there's rapping. Nothing concrete thematically, more like "Scenario" by Tribe Called Quest where it's rappers flexing. Again, nothing terrible impressive, and it all flows the same, but fuck it, I still had fun.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Status Quo Sunday TRAVELS?

*blows dust off this place*

All right then!


First up, the Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock shirt!


Featuring the INCREDIBLE cover art by Hellbreakfast, this shirt comes in red and black, and all kinds of fabrics.

Next up, Kick Drum Vans!











Enbiety helped design these, and WOW they look nice! Also pairs well with the Rhythm Bastard skateboard...



You can see ALL of the segments on Youtube, save for the concert and the freeplay stuff at the end. Like I said at the outset, even though I didn't raise much, it still was a fun day! It was a chance to reconnect with people I haven't spoken to in a while, and I got to dip my toe into games I either haven't played in a while, or have always wanted to try

This ran A LOT smoother than the last Bastardthon I ran, since I now know what I'm doing, and I figured out a pretty good flow to how to run things.

What I'd do for next time?
-LONGER SEGMENTS-  Even when segments were feeling long in the tooth, some of the stuff we wanted to do was cut off RIGHT THERE, and it was like "OH, OK NEXT ONE!" Maybe an hour and a half slotted out instead of just an hour.
-Test the sound levels for my concert before hand and then MARK EVERYTHING FOR LATER
-Wider green screen. My current Green Screen is just two pieces of green fabric clamped together. Please give me money so I can afford a third.
-More crossover opportunity! I did have someone want to do Left 4 Dead 2, and others can join in, but the weekend I rescheduled it for didn't work out.


Not ALL of these dates are set in stone YET, but I am working on the logistics SO:

Furry Weekend Atlanta- May 5th to May 8th
Mizucon- May 28th to May 30th
Biggest Little Fur Con- June 2nd to June 5th
Anime Festival Orlando- June 24th to June 26th

Mizucon's an annual mainstay and AFO I've played a few times, and am happy to go back to, but FWA and BLFC are brand new to me! I just hope I can be able to afford them, and at least get some decent buzz going. There's still A LOT to be sorted out, but I just hope I can make it worth the trip!

JAM OF THE... TIME I'M WRITING THIS: "Fancy" by Orville Peck

I've said for a while now that all the good country is being made by weirdos, like Trixie Mattel (drag queen that can put out fun pop-rock jams), Sturgill Simpson (MY ALBUMS AN ANIME, FUCK YOU) and Orville Peck (deep voice, cool mask, all atmosphere) because most of the mainstream stuff is either:
1. Trying to get a commercial crossover hit by being LITERALLY in a commercial
2. Boyfriend Country, which isn't BAD perse, but it's Pop or Adult Alternative but twangy
3. Facebook Grievance Country, aka "I'm a Boomer Dissapoointed in My Country (aka my kids are different entities than I am)

Orville Peck has this bassy voice that is just haunting. Not deep in the way Anthony Fantano would make fun of singers who ape grunge rock, but legitimately otherworldly, and he uses that to great effect in his songs.

"Fancy" is a cover of a Bobbie Gentry song that was made famous by Reba McIntire in the 1990s about a girl who gets sent away to whore herself out to escape poverty. It's a compelling story, which is at the center my favorite country songs, and Orville Peck by just changing one word, ("There stood a woman where a half grown kid had stood", replace kid with "boy") makes it sound more desperate. When it's all backed by a sparse, but well utilized instrumentation adds this gothic layer to it all.

Orville Peck is good.