Monday, May 13, 2019

Status Quo Monthy? Nah, Just Busy


Not that I haven't been active, I've just been busy, and the site just works as an aggregate of what I've been up to, and since I've been flying by the seat of my pants for a lot of it, I haven't focused on the site as much. A lot has happened since the Spring Update video, and I will share it all with you...

This was the return of Ultracon after a couple years, coming back to the MACC. It had a great turnout, even though the layout wasn't that good, with panels on a top floor where other events went on at the same time, and the dealer's room was on the bottom floor.

Thankfully, I was helping run ULTRAMANIA! on the same floor right before my event.

I made a lot of new fans that show, but like Omni Expo, I hope it can learn to use its space better.

So a couple weeks ago I ran a 12 hour stream to raise money to help fix my car. To recap:
1. A bunch of friends and fans were eager to help me out in a time where I could use some help
2. I organized a big event with minor technical fuckups.
3. I put on a damn good concert
4. I made Twitch Affiliate.

So there was a broad swath of games, and a broad swath of guests, and here's the recap of the schedule:
12:00 - 1:00 PM - Fallout New Vegas w/ Steven from S15 Costuming
1:00 -  3:00 PM - Torchlight 2 w/ RPG Pals Club
3:00 - 4:00 PM - MTG: Arena w/ WeffJebster
4:00 - 5:00 PM - Dicey Dungeons w/ Hupfen
5:00 - 6:30 PM - Diddy Kong Racing w/ Ben Briggs
6:30 - 7:30 PM - Sunset Overdrive w/ John GM
Concert at 8
Halo and Rock Band 4 Open play afterwards

Special thanks to everyone who watched and everyone who came on to play!

I really want to do another one sometime in a couple months just for a "Hey, let's build a warchest and hangout with all these cool people I know"

So far it's just Mizu-Mania on Monday, but we are working hard to bring you an excellent event! It will be on the main stage, and since we've got a couple of these under our belt, we can deliver high impact digital wrestling action with MINIMAL technical fuck ups!

JAM OF THE... WEEK? "Rose Colored Boy" by Paramore

So, new Paramore kinda rules actually? More poppy, and apparently they don't want to play "Misery Business" anymore, but who cares?

Hayley Williams's acting in this REALLY sells the story as she becomes more and more detached and disinterested with each segment of this cheesy 80's news show. "Rose Colored Boy" is also about a rarely expressed sentiment: "No, I'm not happy, and fuck you for thinking I could just get over it"

Monday, March 25, 2019

Status Quo Sunday Is Going To Conventions!

NEW SONG: "Preacher Of Lonely Street"

The Goon, one of my favorite comic series is back! In Comic Form! So now the song is on YouTube and Soundcloud and all o dat!



As you may have seen on the sidebar, I have a couple new cons on the horizon:

Ultracon Of South Florida! (April 12th-14th, 2019)
This was a con that's been away for a bit, but now it's back! I'm not sure what else is on the schedule yet, but if you're a collector, it's a really good con for that since the dude that runs it is notroious for having a big G.I. Joe Collection.

Mizucon! (May 26th-27th, 2019)

Mizucon I've had a lot of good times at in the past, but they went away last year, and are now under new management, some of whom are from Anime Iwai. There's a lot I can't confirm yet, except that I do know they will give me a show, and another panel that we're going to bring back!

Hint: Mega Ran was part of it.

Other Convention I've Never Played Before!
For an audience I never played before!

What am I looking forward to?

PAX East Rumble! It's a royal rumble at PAX East! It will be an absolute clusterfuck.

DJ Roborob! All his stuff! He, Ben Briggs and other friends are going to be at the Jamspace at 10 PM on Saturday for a big VGM Dance Party!

The Improvised Post Mortem! Pat Baer is always good for an entertaining time, and he brings some improv fun times to PAX East in one of my favorite panels in any con ever. The premise is simple: Given a game title, these people make up a game and how it could have gone better/worse.

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Tempted" by Squeeze

This song is my goddamn white whale in Rock Band 4. I have YET TO FULL COMBO IT!

But it's a nice song.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

Omni Expo Recap And What To See Soon

Geek Tank did an incredible interview with me at Omni Fandom Expo this weekend! Very in-depth and if you want to

We talk about:
-My music
-My process
-The 3000 Brigade
-Resident Evil
-Alt-Right Incel Lucas Baker
-Capitalism interference in Nerdery

So. Omni Fandom Expo was pretty good! The concert, despite some sound issues, went well! Thanks to the crew behind Geek Tank and Roy from Omni Expo's staff for helping me out!

Part of the difficulty came from not wanting to be a dick during Paul St. Peter's voice acting panel, which was pretty good. I've seen him at a lot of local Florida cons, and while he's not SUPER prolific, the few panels I've seen him in have been a good time, and worth seeing.

Since I've had a lot of downtime, here's the skinny on what to expect:
Saturday, March 23rd- I'll be at the Mizucon Beach Party!

Sunday, March 24th- Status Quo Sunday with a new song made public, and a look forward at PAX East

April- More details on my show at Ultracon!

Sunday, February 10, 2019


On Bandcamp!

On YouTube!

On Soundcloud!

Cover Art by Fernando Dolagaray

This song came to me not long after seeing someone do a One Page RPG called "Crash Pandas", and between that Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 calling Rocket Raccoon a "Trash Panda" and that nickname catching on, it was only a matter of time before I did this.

Oh yeah, and they also named a Minor League Baseball Team after the nickname "Trash Panda".

Why this didn't come out sooner? Well, I was looking to do a commission of the titular Thrash Panda, and Fernando Dolagaray did a great job on the character!

I always like doing songs that tell a little story like this. I should do it more often!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "I Don't Care" by Fall Out Boy


Because it's a fun, bouncy song and I like watching Fall Out Boy commit G-Rated crimes.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Just Be Glad Status Quo Sunday Is Here After All This Time



Saturday, March 16th, 2019
Panel Room 1, 8:00 PM

I'm making a GLORIOUS return to Omni Expo! This is my first con set of 2019, and I'm really excited to be back, since it seems like they leveled up everything since the last time I was there.


I'm part of a new DnD 5th Ed. Actual Play Podcast called "RPG Pals Club", and I play Oi!, a punk drow monk. 

You can listen to our first two episodes here:

Episode 1 - Bar Fights!

Episode 2 - Dock Danger!

 It's DMed by Luke Herr, aka Koltreg, a long time internet friend of mine, and while we're realllly far ahead of the episodes released right now, I look forward to every play session :)

Anyway, here's the backstory on how both A. Got into punk music and B. Left the underdark

Every night, as he’d check on the slaves in their quarters, Oi noticed something odd developing. It started off innocently enough: a slave would bang out a beat on their walls, but then others started joining in. Eventually one of the slaves fashioned a guitar and bass out of some enchanted webbing and various bits of wood. It was crude, but it was incredible how it all came together. Normally it was Oi’s job to keep these people in line, but he couldn’t help but be enraptured by harmony of it all.
And then they started singing. 
They sung about their pain, they sung about their feelings, they sung about those from the surface they had missed after being brought down to the underworld. Each night, a different tune of loss and hopelessness and while most drow would revel in such pain, Oi only asked them this:
“Could you do it faster? And louder?” 
For a while, the band of slaves acquiesced to Oi’s requests. The music filled Oi with raucous energy; he could move twice as fast, lift twice as much and when he was on “errand boy” duty, he, uh, ahem, provided much better “service”. While the slaves didn’t mind so long as Oi didn’t cause them any trouble, they still longed for the lives on the surface world. 
“You know,” said Pubrin, a half-elf bard from Waterdeep, “I used to be part of a band before I was captured and brought down here. If you let us out, I can reunite with them and you can join us.” The offer, while incredibly tempting to Oi, was bittersweet: the Underdark was all he knew, and he had heard that most surface dwellers despise the drow. “I’m sorry,” he said with a frown, “but this is all I know…” 
To which Pubrin replied, “Have it your way”
The next night, there was no music. 
This continued on for at least another week. With each night of silence, Oi could feel himself slipping more and more; his mind was always somewhere else, his body not quite working right, as if it were only a puppet. The high priestesses kept scolding him on his shoddy work and he knew if this kept going on, he could be executed or worse, relegated to clean up duty. 
Purbin awoke from his usually frenzied slumber with the sound of his cell door being ripped open. Oi was there in the doorway, covered in sweat and his Mohawk in shambles atop his head. 
“We’re leaving tonight.”
 Shit yeah! I get to do self indulgent writing again!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "The Man" by The Killers

OK, after the overwrought bombast of Battleborn to this, it feels like The Killers are going "WELL FINE!". It manages to be both simpler then what they usually put out, but still has all this largess to it.

The music video is great as it shows Brandon Flowers, lead singer of The Killers, failing over and over again in different hats. The video does reflect the intention of the song, which is "Yeah, all this machismo bullshit has to go away eventually".

Nothing too grand about it, sometimes you just want something to make you boogie.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Better late than never! I'm 31! Wooo...

For me, 2018 was a year where I tried out a lot of stuff and it worked. As shitty as things were otherwise, and at times, I felt like I was just spinning my wheels, I have a better idea of what to do going forward.

The con front was quiet, but the few shows I did put on (Mini Iwai, Anime Iwai and Holiday Matsuri), went over very well, particularly because I've got my shenaniganing down pat. I've also put out quite a few songs out on Patreon, and managed to get to a few conventions I wasn't required to play at. Like, I can just hang out and shit.

So I have a better feeling going into 2019.

Here's to 10 More Years! Yeah, I've been at this for 10 Years.

MOST RECENT SONG: "Death's Blossom"


I JUST rendered the video and cover out today so I can have this for you guys. You're Welcome!

A song that's still Patron exclusive, but I feel REALLY good playing this song live. The ONLY reason I haven't dropped it yet is because I do want to make a cool piece of art to go along with it.

2017's 3000 Brigade Show is finally out!

This was a good one. I still have the Wii Fit Trainer stuff, in my closet.

2018's show was even better since I had more to do! Amanda if you're reading this I still have all of your acoutrements in my closet

I've also joined a DnD Campaign long time internet friend Luke Herr is running, which leads me into...

RPG Pals Club- By the time you read this, it'll be out for the public!

My character is Oi! A Drow Monk who chose the punk life over the underdark. So now he's a punk monk.


I'd Rather Not- The last episode was... not fit for human consumption, but we're nearing on 100 episodes, so the shaningans will Pentuple!

TREND I LIKED THE LEAST: Coddling Bigotry Being A Cottage Industry
Oh, wait? That was last year? And it still persists this year since all social media companies worry about is "engagement", content be damned, since 4chan Nazis have nothing better to do all day than harass transgender people and other minorities?

TREND I LIKED THE LEAST PART 2: Articles About "Going Too Far"

You've seen these articles a million times shared by friends on Facebook, usually accompanied by a "WTF?", and in the comments go something like "I'm not racist/sexist/hating on x group here, BUT..."

These stories serve a purpose to make you think that a certain marginalized group is going "too far" in the pursuit of equal rights. And when you have the fear of going "too far", its two fold:

1. You're afraid of anything being tried in the first place

2. It leaves the door open for someone more agreeable to the status quo to come in with an ineffective solution.

So the only response is to drag them to the main point kicking and screaming, "Well don't you think X should have the same rights as the rest of us?"

TREND I LIKED THE MOST: Furries Being The Comrades We All Need In This Shittastic World

This year's Internet Hero was not a man, but a fox.

A black, gay fox (everything Republicans hate) who was really, really good at fighting games.

Second place goes to a guy who shat on Elon Musk:

I've mentioned that the furry fandom/subculture is more creator focused than anime fandom, which means that is is decentralized, and all media considered "furry" is not produced by a singular entity. There may be pieces of media popular amongst furries, like Disney movies, Star Fox, etc., but the fandom itself owns the means of production, meaning it's socialist as hell, which is a good thing.   

Since there's no singular entity that produces the art, there's no reason for them to ignore bad actors in the name of profit. Video game and comics companies and the like can look at bullshit like Gamergate and Comicsgate and go, "Hey, their money's just as good as anyone else's!

But since the talent pool is widely distributed, and everything is done on a person to person basis, you can tell the Nazis to fuck off:

And yes, there are Nazifurs/Altfurries. When the entire pull of a fandom is "You don't have to be the default you", it can be a good, like a safer space for LGBTQ+ people to express themselves and feel more out (i.e. their fursona is a different gender than the person was assigned, sexuality is different, etc.). Or it can be a bad, meaning "Hey, I was kicked out of my usual group because I was a dipshit who kept making holocaust/attack helicopter/racist jokes, SURELY these people will accept me!"

As mentioned earlier, you can kick out the latter group. It's fine.

When you've been an internet punching bag for so long, you can either be a shittier person, or keep on keeping on and learn to be better on your own.

Same for the juggalos. LET'S COMBINE THE TWO, SHALL WE?

FAVORITE SONG OF 2018: "Make Me Feel" by Janelle Monae

So, the runner up for this was "She's Kerosene" by The Interrupters, but while that a lot of energy and I crank up it my car all the time, "Make Me Feel" wins out because it has sexiest buildup to any song ever, and of course, Janelle Monae at her most fun.

TOP 40 SONG I HATED THE LEAST: "Thank U, Next" by Ariana Grande

My thought process:
"Ugh, OK, like, I haven't listened to a lot of Top 40 Radio, so I guess 'Feel It Still' is in the running, but let's see what Todd In The Shadows thinks..."
"Thank U Next? That Ariana Grande song? It's a meme, but I'll give it a listen."
"DAMN THIS IS SO GOOD! Her voice is so soothing! And the song expresses a sentiment so unique! Haha! I wonder what movies I'd parody for my thank u next equivalent?"

THE "WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME ABOUT THIS SOONER?" AWARD: The Shadowrun Games by Harebrained Schemes
Shadowrun is a TTRPG setting that's basically when two designers didn't want to decide on making a cyperpunk game, or a fantasy game so they're like "FUCK IT, WE'LL DO BOTH!" and have a game where you can play as orcs who can cast magic and elves who can hack into shit.

Since 2013, Harebrained schemes have been making games based off the brand and have done so with X-Com style combat mixed with Neverwinter Nights style exploration, and while not very long, they've been fun to play and get into. Dragonfall is the best out of the three with a better story, and more connections to your usual shadowrunning squad.



Tuesday, January 8, 2019

First Status Quo Sunday Of The Year!

Since the next State Of The Bastard will be for my 10th Anniversary of Doing This, I'm making a Q&A video!

Have a question about my music? Cons? Any of the dozens of other things I've got myself into? Workout Regiment (don't lie)?

Taking questions until January 11th!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "The Day My Powers Arrived" by Kirby Krackle

Hey, look at me posting shit again!

This week's jam is from one of my Senpai's in the Nerd Music Scene, Kirby Krackle, a nerd rock project from Kyle Stevens.

The song is all about the intro and the build up, but this is one of the few songs where the VERSE is my favorite part, because the riff and the beat are so interesting, but give the vocals a lot of space to work with. Yet, the chorus can't be ignored, because the first time I heard it, my tears reflexively started jerking.

Dude's a huge X-Men fan, and the song "The Day My Powers Arrived", off his 2015 album "Mutate, Baby!", is written from the perspective of a mutant who discovered their powers and is introduced to the Charles Xavier School For Gifted Youngsters. Though someone HAS to have made a My Hero Acadmeia AMV of this somehow.


I've been streaming on Twitch every night when I can, but I've set up episodes to release every Friday on my YouTube.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

VIDEO: The Average Rhythm Bastard Live Experience

Yeah, partial nudity, and flying objects sounds about right.

The sound sucks, but I figured I can still use the footage here.

Thanks to Geek Tank for the camera work!

Also thanks to Mega64 for inventing aggressive caroling!

Songs that were not mine used here:
"Santa's Coming" by CKY
"Magic" and "Hellbent" by Mystery Skulls