Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Comin' Down The Block

Unfortunately I couldn't get a very good preview of the pre-Xbox stages, but I'm finished with the early draft of my new RBN song, "This Gigantic Robot Kills" by MC Lars:


In other news, Akira The Don's "Steven Wells (He Was The Greatest)" is in Peer Review.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Juggalos Attempt To Kill Tila Tequila

You're fuckin' weird, God.

BTW, Green Day said HEY-O alot at the PNC and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was a pretty cool movie.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Is Punk Right-Wing?

In this whatever-it-is, I'm not necessarily talking about bands have conservative leanings, but whether the Johnny Ramone quote "To me, I think punk is right wing. " holds any truth to it.

First off, let's take a look at the music: Punk Rock was made in opposition to the mainstream prog rock of the 1970's. While bands such as The Who, Yes, Led Zepplin, Rush, etc. were making long, complex songs filled with deep concepts, played with virtuosic skill, punk rock was short, simple and loud. Jimmy Page and Pete Townsend were Guitar Heroes in their own right, but Joe Strummer of The Clash proudly proclaims "You're my guitar hero!" in their song "Complete Control".

Given that the intent of punk in the first place was to change both attitudes and rock itself, it's about as liberal as two black Islamic men getting gay married (What is that? I don't even-)

However, there are underlying ideologies that are associate with the Punk rock movement: namely, the Do It Yourself ethic. Now, the key here is the interpretation. Some examples provided by the Wikipedia page for DIY Ethic give such as examples as fixing your own clothes, starting your own record label, fixing your own bike, etc. The notion of self reliance is more or less the conservative view of government, all other factors aside. Self reliance implies that those who are skilled can be successful in a system where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. Politically, this means free from government control (i.e. why Republicans voted down the Health Care bill, and spend more on defense than social programs).

Originally the DIY ethic was meant to avoid corporate interference. When President Reagan took office in 1980, his "Reaganomics" focused mainly on tax cuts and removing oversights on big business. In essence, this gave the corporations more power, the opposite of what punk tries to achieve. Couple that with the fact that most punk rockers come from middle class or lower class backgrounds, then clearly, the conservatives have done nothing for the punks.

But my opinions mean jack shit without Johnny's original statement. In full:
To me, I think punk is right wing. What happened in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s was a lot of disaffected kids – the kind who would’ve been hippies a decade before – drifted into punk. But, when you think of who punks are, they’re greasers, people who didn’t fit in, but they didn’t back down either. Who above all, love America. I’ve voted Republican ever since 1960..."

So, going back to my earlier statement about the change punk provided to the music scene, in a sense, the Republicans provided that change he wanted from what he saw as the norm at the time. In fact, Trey Parker, one of the creators behind South Park said that: "[We're] all based on saying the shocking thing. We used to have a great time going to Hollywood parties and saying 'I think George Bush is doing a great job.' We'd clear out the room. I used to love it."

So if it's only used as a means to an end, then punk isn't right-wing in and of itself. Punk doesn't care. Punk just does.

Except Michael Graves. I've never heard much from The Misfits, but he reminds me of Taskmaster and I like that guy.

You can read Conservative Punk's Interview with Johnny Ramone here.

Friday, August 6, 2010

New Song For RBN?

Just got the stems for yet another rapper to put in #RBN. BUT WHO???

I dropped a couple hints on Twitter:
@The_Ozone OK, OK, I'll drop one hint: Remember that band I "thought" you got for #RBN the other day? He's worked with them.

Another hint, I've mentioned this band on this site before.


We now know the FULL Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock soundtrack, due to a YouTube video that has since been taken down. Regardless, some standouts for me:
"Cryin'" by Aerosmith- THis one sounds like it'd be a fun number. It alternates between between hard and soft, and the vocals will be hard, but it's not jumpy.

"Burnin' For You" by Blue Oyster Cult- Hey, this guy was at my school! Although it sounds like one of those songs better suited for Rock Band 3 than Guitar Hero, unless they're doing the whole "WHAT KEYBOARD? IT WAS GUITAR THE WHOLE TIME" thing.

"Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival- Meh. It's already in Rock Band DLC, so I'm not terribly excited. Not even a hard song either.

"How You Remind Me" by Nickelback- Fuck. This. Noise. Next Topic!

Scrappy underdog Power Gig: Rise Of The Six String also released some more of it's tracklist, let's check it out!
P.S. The Expendables looks awesome. Looks. That's the keyword.
Video 1-
The Black Keys- "Strange Times"- Meh, indie's a big risk in these games. It'll either be really interesting, or... gulp... shoegaze!
Paramore- "Ignorance"- They're going for some deep cuts, huh? At least I can remember hearing it somewhere before. also, at 0:54 in the first video here, grafix fail.
The Academy Is...- "His Girl Friday"- Sounds like Fall Out Boy.
Bad Religion- "I Want To Conquer The World"- Boy, for a Bad Religion song... you think there would be a lot more intensity.

Video 2- "Be prepared to have a Mangasm?" Really Ain't It Cool News?
Black Sabbath- "The Devil Cried"- Boy, for a Black Sabbath song, you think there would be more intensity.
New Found Glory- "Listen To Your Friends". At first it looked boring to play, but then they showed a shot of the fingers on the fretboard and it looks a lot better than Rock Band 2. 3's what you need to worry about.
Superdrag- "Aspartme"
Mastadon- "Crack The Skye" These trailers are at least showing us some other guitarists, but he looks more like an art critic than a metalhead.

Video 3- "This movie [The Expendables] has ALL THE HEROES" NO WAY!!! Too bad I'm already seeing Scott Pilgrim the 13th and Green Day the next day. Shit, I think I might be a pussy.
Queens Of THe Stone Age- "Long Song Name"- Now, I SWEAR I've heard this in a Tony Hawk or something. I guess with Guitar Hero and Rock Band already so huge, the "I think I heard this in another game" is the best they can get.
Surfer Blood- "Swim"- See my comment on The Black Keys
The Get Up Kids- "Martyr Me"- NOPE.
3 Days Grace- "Break" My little brother likes this song, therefore I've already heard it 100 times today.
Mute Math- "Chaos"- Well, at least they named the song right.