Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Discussion Topic: Gradual vs. Tier

I was attempting to play "Ten Speed" earlier, and it occurred to me: these songs are kinda getting easier. Now, I'm not entirely placing the blame on bad tier organization or whatever, but this makes me question whether or not progress is gradual as opposed to "levels". Am I just better than when I started, so these things aren't as daunting? Experience? Or did something just click?

I mean, look at most (decent) webcomics. Most times the art looks gradually better over time, with giant leaps in design changes. The ability is there, but it's reflected more or less every year.

Change is usually just the main catalyst. Without a new challenge, things become stagnant. It's like filling a cup with water. Once you reach the top, it's time for a bigger glass. The water's still there, now you just have more to improve on.

So, what are your thoughts? Is learning to play a staircase or a slope?

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