Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cliche About How I Watched The Watchmen

Long story short: I really liked it, some things were a bit off, but this was the best movie we're going to get that still remains faithful. I can't wait for the Driector's Cut, because there was a few things that they left out that might have made it more complete. I still reccommend reading the book above all else. *****

Some observations:
-I can see why they got rid of the squid. They removed that Tales Of The Black Freighter side stuff, and all the prose at the end. Max Shea wrote TOTBF, an article was written about him and his disappearance, he was on the island with the writers, scientists and artists to design the giant squid alien. No TOTBF, no Shea, no squid.
-They justified the ending pretty well, but didn't allow it to hit you. Instead of a squid, Operation S.Q.U.I.D. was to drop Dr. Manhattan-esque bombs in major cities and kill everyone, so they'll clean up their act, 'cause the Dr. be pissed. Dr. and Silk Spectre just show up at the aftermath, go "Wow" and then Manhattan bails.
-DAMN that was good casting (except for Veidt. He looked too scrawny and started talking in German for some reason). Rorscharch and Comedian were spot on, Night Owl was great, but the psychiatrist was scarily accurate. Seriously, me and friend were like "Holy crap! That's the guy." It shows the level of commitment to NOT messing this up.
-Malin Akerman's got a nice rack, and we get to see it.
-Dr. Manhattan's wang. Eh, he was talking alot, so I kinda wasn't paying attention. But there were some places where it was kinda swinging there...
-Rorschach stole entire movie. Comic too. Deserves some kind of Oscar.
-MCR cover was good, otherwise I WOULDN'T HAVE COVERED IT.

Saturday Morning Cartoon Intro Of Watchmen
Dance Nite Owl II, DANCE FOREVER!!!

Also, there's some image from The Simpsons that has a parody DVD "Watchmen Babies: V for Vacation", is that from a real episode?
EDIT: Yes it is. Watch it.

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