Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Round 2, Part 2

Round 2, Part 1 was Hero Hype Con (for those of you further behind).

-Anime Festival Orlando 2014 Flickr!

-Last year at AFO, the concert venue was super out of the way from everything else, but this year, since it moved back to Wyndham, everything flowed a lot better. Improvement? Yeah, I'd say so. The gig was opposite the AMV Contest though and on Sunday, so the time was... inconvenient. However, with the location being better, I got a lot of walk-ins.

Some highlights from the show:
-Giving away a copy of Nagano Winter Olympics '98 for the Nintendo 64.
-Improvising NOT ONE, but TWO SONGS!!!
-Giving away some Magic cards from my Jank Tank (a.k.a the shoebox where I keep all my extra commons and uncommons)
-Playing "Boston Boom Bringer" and a BRAND NEW SONG!!! live

Let's see... I played a LOT of Magic, got to flex my improv muscles at a "Whose Line Is It Anime?" and see people yell over hentai. I also saw a bunch of people from Omni Expo, such as the cool dudes at Geekapella.

PLUG TIME: It's A Trap. Room Escape games brought to life! 

There was 3 minute demo "level" in the Dealer's Room, and it was a lot of fun. It's in Winter Park, FL, but if they're able to get a bigger city like Miami or Orlando, or even as a pay to do thing in conventions, I can see it being very popular. There's something similar in New York that I want to try when I head up there in the fall.

-As I came back from AFO late (FLORIDA TURNPIKE ARRGH!!!), I couldn't edit together the song, or one of my famous recap vids, so that'll be its own separate post.

-That AND the podcast recap, all coming this week!

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