Sunday, August 18, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Gets Back From OMFG at AFO and Listens to AFI

HEEEEYYYY MISS MURDER CAN I? Please? No? That's cool... Yeah. no, I'm fine. Actually, I'm not that hungry anyways...

Right, so I just got back from Orlando where I played at Anime Festival Orlando and KILLED both sets. None were particularly full, but the venue was a bit out of the way, this was OMFG's first year, AND the sound system, while great in the venue itself, couldn't be heard beyond the hall.

But honestly? I've never felt more on top of my game as a performer.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, shout out to Emilio, the sound of OMFG, who caught both of my sets, as he was the sound guy, and who I also met at PAX East, running the MAGFest Jam Session.

I also took a crap ton of pictures, and will be doing one of my famous Con Recaps. There's going to be live video for sure, but I'll see what I have to got through.

SO, I'm going to do the Cool Dude (TM) thing and give y'all a brief rundown.

First, the bands!
-End Hibernate was actually the last of the groups I managed to see on this list, as their set was on Sunday. They were cool enough to give me a couple CDs, which are currently filed under "Give A Listen To On My Commute To and Possibly From Work"

A rap duo consisting of a rapper and keyboardist/DJ, they put on an energetic set, and the raps were faster than my commute home on the Florida Turnpike, which has another name that deserves its own bulletpoint. They were kind enough to give out lyric sheets with the chourses on them, which is good, due to aforementioned hot rhyme spitting.

-Final Weapon I caught the tail end of their set. They're all the way from Alabama (a 10 Hour Drive!) and they play video game composition inspired rock music. Defintely the kind of stuff you want to see live.

-HD Ninja is a nerdcore duo who dress in fine suits and/or straw hats. Split MC Chris in half, put them both in ninja outfits, and you're only halfway there. They even covered some old-school gangsta rap, which well appreciate in the quickly progressing techno-future we're all living in. During the song "Sarlacc Pit" the audience walked around in a circle (because we were digesting Boba Fett over 1000 years) and they joined in.

-Philonius Phunk went on right after me on Friday. A nerdcore trio, that uses all different kinds of beats, and, like me, appreciate the subtle genius of the "Super Mario Bros." movie, especially how boss a song "Walk The Dinosaur" is. They get bonus points for having inflatiable Ghostbusters gear.

-S.S. Hanami who I'm also going to be playing at with Umicon and Sands Of Anime, rock a koto, because the lead singer though it sounded awesome. AND they claim their songs are not music, but the soundtrack to their own anime, which is called S.S. Hanami, which is band that plays songs, except they're not songs, they're part of the soundtrack... TERMINATING TEMPORAL LOOP.

It's one of those sentences that make you say either "Ohhh...", followed up by a "Got it!". It's melancholy, it's intense, it's got a koto!

P.S. That would sound wicked good on a cover of something like "Bohemian Rhapsody" or "Are We The Waiting", in which case I would like to volunteer myself as the Freddie Mercury and/or Billie Joe Armstrong

Now the other stuff!
-Divekick is the hypest game ever, and works really well when everyone takes it seriously. A fighting game with two buttons: dive (jump) and kick (kick).

-The Florida Turnpike is also named the "Ronald Reagan Turnpike". Fuck that guy, thinking this trickle-down bullshit would work.

-Reborn! is about a teenager that becomes a better hitman under the tutelage of a gun-toting infant.

-I went to this thing called the "Kanto Region Challenge". Basically, was the game of Pokemon stripped down, where you'd do battle with gym leaders, and Pokemon would battle using Rock, Paper, Scissors. Catching new Pokemon and evolving them cost money, which you earned by battling or playing Blackjack with Team Rocket. I lost at both.


-Also participated in a random Magic Draft (2014 Core Set). While one WOULD assume that I'd be satisfied for a good long time so I wouldn't have to spend my 15bux on FNM this week... NOPE! Maybe...
I don't know. Though I DID come to the conclusion that Simic would make a pretty sweet Commander/EDH Deck.

-Saw a couple people in Welcome To Night Vale cosplays. Between Slenderman and WTNV, Something Awful's been owning Popular Scary Internet Things.

So, you know the drill guys: Podcast post tomorrow/Tuesday, Minimum Wage Gaming stream on Tuesday. I'm editing together the highlights from the first episode of all my big fails/combos.

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