Sunday, June 9, 2013

Status Quo Sunday Gets Hyped For The Heroes

Obviously, no work on the album was done, but I did get to play "Status Quo Radio" live. SO TECHNICALLY IT COUNTS.

So, Hero Hype Con has come and gone, and I sit here at my desk almost 24 hours later, looking at the pictures I took and the (many, many, MANY) fliers and business cards I collected, thinking about all I have to do this coming week.

For their first year, The Hero Hype Con, despite some technical stuff everyone had to work through, was at least a fun day out for some local people and some promotion for the local vendors. I'm sure next year, now that the awkward inaugural year has been out of the way, everyone knows what to expect, so things will go a lot smoother.

As for the show itself, I saw a fan film "Thor: Legacy" which featured a really good Thor, played some Mario Kart 64, got a The Misfits belt, and even helped judge the costume contest!

Maybe next year I could get a table to sell my wares, but I was able to exchange some information and talk to some really nice people. 

There are a ton of people I want to give shout outs to, but honestly, I just want to get my thoughts down, and start playing Duels Of The Planeswalkers editing the recap video.

Many thanks to Carlos Soto, Alexander Priddy, Stephanie (never got her last name but she'll know who she is) and the rest of the crew for letting me perform, and they both deserve major props for setting up their own convention, and even in their costume contest, promoting a DIY attitude.

1. "Status Quo Radio"
2. "Cliffhanger"
3. "Heroes Die"
4. "Axe Punk"

I would/could have gone for longer, but it was my first time playing live in a while, AND I only practiced for a 15 minute set. Toes were tapping, people were clapping, I'm invited back for next year and that's all I really need.

While not quite a Gig Of Legend, it was not recorded because of reasons I'll put down in the recap video.  


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