Monday, September 8, 2014

Status Quo Sunday Recruits You For The U.M.I.

I'm patting myself on the back for that one. Show went as best as it could be. A little harried from the early morning drive, but I got to meet up with everyone, play some Magic and shoot some pool, which I haven't done since sophomore year of college.

It's another week where RAW's on, and I was too wiped out Sunday to do this, so let's go with two sentence recaps, shall we?

UMICON MUSIC INITIATIVE- While it wasn't that big, I loved working with all of these people and I feel that if they advertise it as a "Big Event" for next year, even with the same lineup,

S.S. HANAMI- Solid as always, and ended the last song with James, their bassist, played the ending with a violin bow. It's good when bands let the rhythm section let loose.

RHYTHM BASTARD- Obviously the most talented and best looking act on the card, who can lift 2000 pounds and had sex with ALL the groupies. Even with a small crowd and a broken string, RIDE IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT.

THE COG IS DEAD- Good crowd, good music, good times. Covered "Still Alive" and "Firefly Theme", but if they REALLY wanted to play to the crowd, they would have played "Freebird" when I yelled it one of the 80 times because I really meant it and wasn't trying to be obnoxious I swear you guys.

GEEKAPELLA- They perfectly rounded out the U.M.I. Where everyone had a mix of genres and instruments, they had none and switched on the fly. YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!

MAGIC THE GATHERING CELEBRITY DRAFT- Played some Limited Magic with Aaron Dismuke and Justin Cook, alongside some newbie drafters who passed me some AWESOME stuff to where I could make a UB Constellation Deck. Played against Aaron in the Semi-Finals, lost, but he gave me two packs of Journey Into Nyx.

SATURDAY NIGHT- One arrest, like, seven very awkward drunk people, and a million rounds of pool. An older drunken gentleman showed me where he got stabbed, which did make the night feel pretty badass.

SUNDAY- Didn't catch much actually, played a couple guerilla shows then read "Half Life Full Life Consequences" for a group of people. Was told I had a voice for radio and a face for TV by one of the voulenteers.

Also, I met one of the guys who I met up with last year before the Quiton Flynn Panel. They ended up get super drunk and loud.

Music coming next week! Just sent out the e-mail to all the artists.

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