Saturday, September 13, 2014

Echo Chamber Post Game Episode 95


-You see this clutch? THAT WAS FUCKING CLUTCH!

-Animal Crossing has always been a weird game, because who exactly is it for? Everything about the gameplay implies some kind of asynchronus multiplayer, but there's no online, and it's not quite deep enough to be this living, breathing world all on its own, ala Persona 4 (which I'll talk about next week). Online play, moving into certain people's towns can work like a guild or clan or what have you. Server side it wouldn't be too intense since you can limit it to groups of four, which is enough data to manage whenever someone does something.

You can still interact with other people as you would the Gamecube original, but now the multiplayer is way more convenient.

-Nintendo and the word New have a weird relationship. Ever since games stopped being made for the Nintendo 64 and they could stick "64" on the end of everything, they seemed to be at a loss for what to name their games. "NEW xxxxx" could only work for so long, and then what? DS worked for a while, but adding 3DS to everything seems awkward.

For something like the Mario series, it's hard to do, since subtitles aren't inherent to the Mario setting ala The Legend Of Zelda Series or Metroid (where subtitles are very common in the fantasy and sci-fi genres). I don't see why they just can't use the 3D Land/3D World thing, but then again, I'm part of Nintendo's Marketing department.

-"They buy 4 of them and try to sell them"  Like this guy?

-Final Fantasy 7 8-Bit

-Sanctum Polis is an upcoming RPG that adapts the old school style ala the Chrono Series. I met up with them at Orlando Nerd Fest and it looks to be pretty good.

-Brian Reagan Fig Newtons


-The closest Fudruckers is in Penbrooke Pines, FL. Which is hella far away from me. Smash Burger is way closer and way better, and their fries look like Onion Rings. Also, an honorable mention goes to Steak N' Shake, which has hella good shakes.

Crystal Burgers are inferior to White Castles. Granted, they're both kinda shitty, but at least White Castle doesn't use MUSTARD on their burgers. Then you have Chick-Fil-A, which has pickles on their chicken sandwiches.

-Regarding Robin, I forgot Stephanie Brown, the first female Robin, and the fact that apparently Damien Wayne died, so technically there is no Robin anymore. I will go commit nerd Seppukku now (has sex with a girl)

-Now, as far as Cici's Pizza vs. Stevi B's, someone actually put together a research paper regarding this great debate.

-Timmy, Age 5:
Rodyman, the Italian robot able to make a perfect Neapolitan Pizza Margherita invented by Bruno Siciliano

-For those of you further behind, this is what Professor Shyguy looks like:

This is Justin Timberlake:

I REPORT, YOU DECIDE!!! Mostly Mystakin decides. If he wants to fuck Professor Shyguy.

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