Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Status Quo Is Getting Ready For Summer


First thing's first! My first CONFIRMED set of the season is Megaplex in Orlando, FL!

It's shaping up to be a big stage, Main Events, Saturday Night!

And, by the time you read this, it'll be made public that I'm playing Mini Iwai, in Ft. Lauderdale!

I will be having a concert at 1 PM, AND will be part of the 3KB Preview Show! What will it be this year? Fiiiiinnnnd oooout!


"The City of Waterdeep has seen crimes punished and committed by the party, but how will they deal with horrors?"

As esoteric as my naming schemes are, the descriptions mask the amount of insanity deep within these hallowed MP3s.

THE NEXT EPISODE IS NAMED "Skulking In The Streets!" and that's about as normal as it gets for quite... a... while...

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Tiger Mask" by Rocket From The Crypt

All right, so one time, I was looking for the theme song to the Tiger Mask W Anime on Spotify, because Tiger Mask W is a fucking banger. Naturally, a lot of the titles were in Japanese, and I couldn't tell one from the other. So, I clicked on the only one in English, and this came on.

Fun fact: This song appears in two forms: the first on Dope, Guns, 'n' Fucking in the Streets, Vol. 11, a compilation album from Amphetamine Reptile Records in 1997, which is considered the "final" version, and All Systems Go 3!!! a compilation of the bands B-Sides and oddities, which features an instrumental version.

I am obsessed with this song. It starts of dirty, like an assassin wearing a Tiger Luchador Mask wearing an all white suit speeding down a Miami Highway, covered in blood, head out the window.

Then the saxaphones come in.


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