Monday, September 17, 2018

Status Quo Sunday Lets You Know About Upcoming Fall Conventions!

Anime Iwai (November 9th to November 11th)This weekend is going to be a VERY busy one, because:
  • I'm playing Hardcore Nerdcore Punk Rock! Time is yet to be determined, but I will have a concert, and given the big show I had at Mini Iwai, I'm looking to make it even bigger and better! (Currently slated for 3 PM on Sunday)
  • The 3000 Brigade Show For 2018! I'm serious, it doesn't have a name yet. This is my second year as part of the 3KB and it is a big, awesome extravaganza filled with sexy dances, raunchy jokes and more violence than you can shake a Switch at!
  • Iwai-vor Series! A Tag Team Throwdown where you and a partner can pummel your way through the competition to win the Championship Belt in some old school N64 Wrestling games! There will be thrills, chills, spills, and maybe one of the commenters will wear a silly costume!
    Flashy outfits and ridiculous promo cutting encouraged. (Currently slated for 7 PM on Friday)
  • Still PLENTY more to announce, but I'm getting EXHAUSTED typing ALL of this up, and I MIGHT let a hint or two slip out.
Not quite a concert, but I'm having some fun with friends in Philadelphia for PAX's Table Top only event. If you know anyone from Philadelphia who wants to put on a nerdcore punk show, sent an email to!

Holiday Matsuri (December 14th to December 16th)
Panel Room 11, Saturday 11:15 PM to 12:15 AM (tentative)
You've heard it here first, folks! I'm playing at Holmat again, and at a late night show! What can I do to hype up this incredible performance, to make it out to be the Science Fiction Double Feature Grindhouse Sexploitation that we all know it can be? Find out *WINK*!


A song will be happening this month, and I am doing another MTG song, so that'll happen either this or next month. STAAAAY TUUUUNED!

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Headphones" by Little Boots

Blame/Thank Owen for this one.

I didn't have much planned for this week, (hence why I missed last week), so I pitched it out to my discord for help.

The first thing I thought when listening to this was "Blondie, but more disco". It doesn't do a lot new, but it's really catchy, and the bass work, while not complicated, is a really good hook. Usually for these I only try to listen to the songs a couple times to get a basic feel for them, but I'm typing this on my 5th replay, so it's doing something right.

Also, I like the concept of a music video: people watch their "Party Selves" when they hear Litte Boots's song on their headphones. It ties into to the song's attitude about dancing to your own beat.

"Headphones! At The Disco!" is the name of my EDM Panic! At The Disco! cover band.

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