Monday, September 24, 2018

JAM OF THE WEEK: 9/23/2018

JAM OF THE WEEK: "Voyage" by Leningrad

A couple weeks ago, I covered "Ju-Ju", another Leningrad/Ilya Naishuller joint. This week brings you "Voyage".

When I first researched Leningrad, they were described as a "ska punk" band, and being used to 3rd Wave American Ska, I didn't see it in "Ju-Ju", since that was more . It's a lot "dirtier" than what I'm more familiar with, and it works with the band's more aggressive style. The bass sounds more intense and electronic, the band curses, and the female singer has a background in jazz, so you know she knows how to belt out that chorus.

The song is about taking selfies, and going on lavish trips and shit for the Insta, but the language barrier and the electrifying chorus keep it sounding from too cynical.

Alexander Pal, plays the main charach brings it all together with his chain-smoking and "I Am Beyond Dead Inside" Eyes, and it sells the notion that this is all a little "off". Also, that lead in to the final chorus is so perfect. Naishuller knows how to give transitions a bigger impact, and his calling is these shorter features, if he's going to be this ambitious and intense with his concepts. Then, a piano explodes.

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