Wednesday, September 15, 2010

REPOST: NinjaGamerGeek Reports on the Announcement Of My Announcement

So anyway, news of the announcement of my announcement has already hit the major game blogs. Or at least one of them, Unfortunately, due to this economic clusterfuck us Yanks find ourselves in, it had to file for bankruptcy, and no longer exists. Still, I need to highlight such outstanding journalism:


Sup dawg, I herd u liek announcements? The Rhythm Bastard announced an announcement so he can announce annoucements while he announces announcement. Lol. What a fage.


NEW YORK, NY. Person who does a thing on internet Rhythm Bastard has announced today that he will make an announcement. When asked about the nature of said announcement, he said this:
"Well, it's certainly not because I'm finishing up work on a song, or some other cool stuff I was thinking of doing and didn't want to go a week without an update"

His accountant, Phil, claims "He stole my last name and then beat me with it."

As to why The Rhythm Bastard has announced an announcement instead of waiting till the actual date: "Because as much as I enjoy reading "Game Journalists Are Incompetent Fuckwits" I'm not a games journalist, just a music player. And I don't see no website called "Game Musicians Are Incompetent Fuckwits" and even then it would just be one page that says "DragonForce""

The Rhythm Bastard's only claim to fame was posting the Guitar Hero: Arcade setlist.

He also has a song about Axe Cop available for download.


See how good of an article it is? You can tell it's great because they copied and pasted the article straight from my site. And I'm a good writer, so by transitive property, this is one of the greatest pieces of news of all time. Also, how the headline made assumptions, instead of reporting that I only announced an announcement which may or may not be cool stuff instead of actually doing it, was a nice touch.

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